How the Oak Fire exploded so quickly in size

The Oak Fire burned over 15,000 acres within two days of it sparking near Yosemite National Park. Scientists explain factors that contributed to its rapid spread.

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23 thoughts on “How the Oak Fire exploded so quickly in size

  1. can't we preemptively use the fire retardant in key burn areas???
    How many generations will it take to recover what is lost?

  2. next generation firefighting vehicles (off road, self protection systems, + crew protection)
    iveco magirus TLF 3000-W
    renault iturri TLF CCFM 3000

    need more firefighters, more vehicles (more fire trucks), more firefighting helicopters, more pilots, new pilots (education?),
    undestroyable water reservoir tanks? water storage tanks (across the country, near streets, near forests, inside forests etc + GPS tracking?), many of those,
    additional equipment? handheld thermal cameras? (detection of hidden hot spots etc, + mobile infrared cameras could locate people or wounded animals in smoke-filled areas), infrared cameras with extended temperature range?, flying camera drones? (wide area surveillance), wearing portable radios for all firefighters.
    become a financial supporter?

    become a volunteer firefighter? (+ driver? (pump operator), become an instructor? (fire and rescue?, emergency medical services?, advanced driving techniques?, advanced first aid? animal rescue?)
    + caution corona etc?

    water springs and drinking fountains (in switzerland) = less dehydration.
    many water dispensers? = less dehydration.
    bird baths or fresh water fountains? thirsty animals need water 2?

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    + caution corona etc? keep distance etc?

    passive fire protection? (for buildings etc)
    fire protective coatings? (or anti corrosion?), intumescent paint or coating?, fire retardant paints or sprays?, heat-resistant coatings?,
    cementitious waterproofing coatings? (these coatings can prevent damage from mold, mildew and water infiltration)
    fire suppression systems? smoke extraction? fire doors? fire-resistant Construction materials? cavity barriers? fire barriers? (prevent fire and smoke from spreading) fire partition walls etc, hose and cable sleeving protection? (thermal insulation for electric wires, cables, hoses, tubes and hydraulic systems)

    smoke detectors with LCD display? (batteries working? detectors working? checked?), + CO detectors?, fire blankets?, fire extinguisher? (the right one), fire beaters? sprinkler systems? (near buildings? in parks? farms etc), water hose?, bucket? ( + caution electricity)
    SPARS New High Rise Rescue Solution? or fire escape hoods + fire resistant clothing?
    Highrise rescue solutions: 4 Fire Escape Chutes? (locations: north east south west side of a building)

    animal rescue solutions? (farms, barns, shelters etc) smoke detectors? loud enough? will you hear it? Industrial Emergency Fire Alarm Systems? + Surveillance Camera Solutions? improved fire escape routes for animals?! systems? (in barns, horse barns, + animal shelters etc) (directions: north east south west) away from fire !

    Revelation 16 NIV – The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath ?? read it ?

    forest management? (pre crisis phase / crisis phase / post crisis phase)
    natural firebreaks + fire barriers
    gigantic partition walls in forests? (fireproof) + some passages (for animals etc)
    watering vegetation? = slow down the spread of fire?
    maintain your wild lands, brush, forest floors etc
    use bulldozers to remove flammable materials?

    causes of fire
    space junk (radiation or heat), glass bottles, broken bottles + shards, old trash, waste?, cigarettes (drivers who throw their cigarettes out the window, cigarette butts thrown into nature, + cigarette butts are toxic plastic pollution + cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals into water), matches, braziers, barbecues, cooking in nature etc, lightnings, tractor, truck exhaust pipes, + other vehicle exhaust pipes? mufflers? or other vehicle parts?, railway brakes + wheels, motorbike, scooter, motorcycle catalyst converter, exhausts = causes of fire?? (in dry areas + vegetation) (residential areas, roads, avenues, freeways, country roads, forest roads, farms, farm roads, train railway roads etc)

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  4. I've been a firefighter for over 60 years in the past decade the policy has been let it burn get emergency Federal funding the bigger the fire the bigger the profit I have investigated several of these fires and it found evidence of direct energy weapons being used honestly this is ridiculous the temperatures have been dropping down into the low 60s with the 80% dew point no wind this fire should have been put out a week ago

  5. These are not natural fires!!! Look at the buildings and vehicles burnt to a crisp! But trees still standing in between them?! This is being done by advanced weaponry!!! Wake up people. How do you burn whole towns to nothing but ash but all the trees are standing around it all? Not a forest fire. DEW at work here!

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