Jan. 6 committee releases new clips from interviews with Trump aides, advisers | ABCNL

Committee members say the footage shows former President Donald Trump seemed reluctant to rebuke supporters after attack.

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34 thoughts on “Jan. 6 committee releases new clips from interviews with Trump aides, advisers | ABCNL

  1. I think that the Democrat-far-left are still terribly afraid of Donald J Trump and some may "run Red-traffic-lights" to bump him.

    Their Far-Left political satires should not be sold for anything real of truthful. First, using our judicial & Legal system to win in politics or to sway, persecute, oppress or impugn anyone is despicable and a tactic down in the sewer-gutter and un-becoming of an American to stoop that low. Gossip Mongering has no real substance!

  2. Screw you leftist pricks with no life, no job, and no values other than what CNN and MSNBC tell you to have, who no one watches anyway…..this is going to all come back on ya'll big time, but you are losers already so no real impact on your sorry, miserable lives…..carry on, miserable creeps!!!!

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    king of kings and lord of lords.

  4. Pop Test: what does this statement mean – "There was an insurrection because of the recession".
    Trick question!!!! lol The Biden people have totally changed the meaning of these 2 words making this statement jibberish!!!!

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  6. Where is all the videos of ray Epps?!?!?! Why is he Free man??? They keep saying they want to hole everyone accountable for what happened there is alot of video evidence of ray Epps telling people to go to the capital an telling people to go INTO THE CAPITAL. Why is he not being held accountable?!?!?!

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  8. The damn police let the people in there. It's funny how any left protest is fine and any right is bad. Democrats are the biggest hypocrits of all time.

  9. Witch hunt is too kind. It is the Inquisition – torture people to confess. How about some liquid lead poured into one's eyeballs and ears and other place. Or may a few more hours/days on our custom rack. Confess and we will let you die a quicker death.

  10. THis is just one more false narrative to add for the many thta have been submitted by the DNC and leftist media: DO you still think that the CCP is a friend of ours and is no big threat as Biden has repeatedly said, fairly recently, especially in his 2020 election campaign? ? DO you think that Russia is no threat to us as Obama vehemently stated in the 2012 election? DO you still believe that Nick Sandman was a racist bully? DO you still believe Smollet? DO you still believe that Trump had a connection with Alpha bank? DO you still think that Trump and CArter PAge are "russian assets?" DO you still believe all of the BLM and ANTIFA riots were "peaceful?" DO you still believe that the covid 19 virus did not come out of the WIV and that Fauci was NOT sanctioning gain of function research there? DO you still think that a "pee-tape" exists? DO you still believe that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have no connections to CCP corporations and never received tens of millions from Burisma, Moscow and the CCP? DO you still believe that the HUnter Biden laptop does not exist, or, if you believe that it does, do you still believe that it is "russian disinformation?" If you DO believe ANY one of these things, then you are a mindless, progressive DRONE who parrots leftist propaganda.

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    NO ON 45 🇺🇲

    let's go BABBITT
    rip sheep


  13. 13.3 million subscribers, 2800 views, 54 "likes".
    You guys still don't get it, do you?
    ABC=All Bullsh!t Corp.
    I bet your stockholders are really happy these days.

  14. The January 6 committee is a sham and a shameful display of democrat leadership desperate to keep Trump from running in 2024. Everyone sitting on this committee voted to impeach Trump not once but twice. They know he will win should he run. Pelosi and all members of this committee are a disgrace. They will lie, cheat and steal. Democrats are grandstanding, a Hail Mary attempt to stay in power. A cheap dime show circus act.

  15. We now are listening to Trump white house aid who he has never spoken to. These aids haven't said one single thing about January 6 until now. These people really wanted the truth then why bring in Hollywood producers because truth matters. Democrats you put every single egg in your basket on Jan 6. This could be biggest political mistake in history.

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