DOJ charges current, former officers in Breonna Taylor’s death |ABCNL

The Department of Justice has charged four current and former Kentucky police officers with civil rights violations in the death of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman shot to death in her home.

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30 thoughts on “DOJ charges current, former officers in Breonna Taylor’s death |ABCNL

  1. American Media it sells to prosecute the two dozen bad cops every year on TV but let's forget about the $
    240,000 murders and rapists in the same communities that claim to be victims… People getting away with murder in Chicago in Las Vegas people getting away with rape… But no they're the victims because they're Brianna and her wonderful boyfriend… They're the same color so they must be the victims because their great great granddaddy was a slave! American Media is nothing but brainwashing this is almost like Russian media

  2. It's just another sad scenario but there's hundreds and this is just another political pawn for the current administration to get the vote out for the Democrats/and when is anybody going to focus on the reality that these women with jobs always have some hoodling boyfriend that has no job and has a criminal record and deals drugs and has guns and is in trouble with the law?! When is there going to be a focus on the fact that black culture is so warped by hip hop and movies that women turn to these thugs as boyfriends they think they're tough tough and you know it's killed by association and worse things in this happen/worse things than this have happened to women because of association with these men in fact they get killed by their own man look at the statistics of black women killed by their black boyfriends that have trouble with the law-and the handful of incidents where it's the police are just so shocking to these people because in their delusion somehow the police are perfect people-that just shows this mentality of being captive to authority and obedience to authority and this flawed perception that a military or a police would be perfect people-and the continual scapegoating of law enforcement by the black community for the couple of dozen terrible incidents a year that occur with 1.5 million officers escape going in order to overlook the fact that 1.5 million black men are in jail and they're not innocent and it's not all external factors there is such a thing as personal responsibility-and this is why the Republicans are saying the vote is stolen that's just a code word for saying these people have taken a right to vote that they don't deserve and they don't know what's good for them and they don't know what ought to happen and they shouldn't be qualified to vote and they're not competent and they can't make decisions and it's just a code word for saying that Mexicans and black shouldn't have equality in the country and shouldn't have that right to suffrage and it's not just based on some fictional concept of white supremacy-if you read the Breitbart media you realize that it's based on the fact that blacks and Mexicans are largely overlooking the horrific reality of their failed cultures and the enormous crime problems and social problems and social ills caused by the undignified behavior of people in inner cities and gangs-etc etc and they're not able to solve their problems and it's the belief that the Democrats are simply coming to power through their votes and that they're not competent to vote and that's what they mean by stolen elections … While the family of this person will certainly be aggrieved the reality is that millions of people now scapegoat the police and failed to look at the incredible crime problems in their cities where homicides are through the roof and people have failed in school and college and failed as good citizens and failed as good human beings and are really just terrible criminals and you can't blame the prison industrial con Plex and you can't just blame social factors for the fact that half the black men in their 20s are in prison they made choices in a country that has a strong social safety net of food and clothing and shelter etc where it was not life and death either it was just sure greed and a warped hip hop culture of evil-the families of these people will always take this very seriously but the problem is 1 million other black folks in America are scapegoating the police in Kentucky rather than looking around them in their warped inner city communities just looking in one mile radius around them at all the evil and all the sex offenders and all the rapists and murderers in their communities-and they'll March in solidarity with them as if there's just nothing wrong with them but there is something wrong with them-they're the type of people that set a house on fire in the Oakland hills and a man in his 2 year old child died their child Killers they're rapists they're murderers and now they're not coming over the border for Mexico in fact the majority of that population is very agreeable-crooked Trump scape go to them because a lot of them can't vote so who cares they're undocumented say whatever scapegoat them and it's not going to cost you at The ballot box because he still wanted the black vote at that time-but the reality is that the prisons are filled with blacks and very little whites though the whites are a majority and blacks are disproportionately responsible for crime in this country and Latinos and all the blacks marching for black lives matter should be looking around themselves and realizing that evil lurks in their communities-and Trump really should have said that the murders and rapists are here locked up in prisons and the majority are Black and Hispanic-they're not the police…

  3. Maybe now sell-outs like shaq & charles barkley will learn to keep their mouths shut before proclaiming that these dirt bags were justified!

    Until freedom TRUE brothers & sisters we march on!🖤🖤🖤

  4. side of her house emptying clip through a covered window that murderd as black EMT then lied and said her boyfriend opened fire first so the city can by her house for cheap because they are trying to complete the gentrification of an area

    I just see a white cops being white cops in America.. what’s the big deal right?

  5. 👽👁🚴‍♀8 🕸 simple concept basic logic if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper it's not. So the question one may wonder is the spiritual cost to one's own soul and spirit for having lived and died to the lowest standards of quality for so many years now global pollution has diminished the quality of life to the point where today's people are living, dying and yielding the worst spiritual kickback that has ever been manifested since the beginning of life only getting worse. The polar opposite extreme to that is today's people should be living and dying to the highest standards of quality which would make each and every moment physically, mentally, financially and spiritually beneficial. S.R.F.

  6. Finally! Not that anything can bring justice for the death of Breonna Taylor. However there needs to be real protection from the corruption of law enforcement and not allowing them to break the law and murder innocent people. 😞

  7. Get ready to see police quit in great numbers.. As if it wasn't enough with the media enabling criminals and hate groups like BLM that put cops in danger everyday, now you have the federal government attacking police for doing their jobs, going over local courts that already cleared these officers of any wrongdoing.

    Democrats really want to turn our country into a dystopian hellscape. Take a look at Chicago and San Francisco to get a little glimpse into what awaits the whole country if these activists get their way.

  8. So these cops are being charged for doing their jobs? The cops can’t do their jobs with out their departments throwing them under the buss to make the public opinion happy. Kenneth shot at the police knowing it was the cops! He should be charged… NOT the cops!

  9. What does all this demonstrate, prove and show? It demonstrates, proves and shows police officers are malevolent liars, manipulators and con artist, not to mention cowards, that CANNOT be trusted on any level. We have criminal liars patrolling our streets. Very scary. The police views the public as their enemy. We cannot trust law enforcement because they cannot even trust themselves. Most, not all, law enforcement are criminals, without a moral compass, who just never got caught. Don not trust a man or woman who are called police because it may cost you your life.

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