Don’t buy the Google Pixel 6a… (alternatives)

In this video we go over five smartphones you can buy instead of the Google Pixel 6a.

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27 thoughts on “Don’t buy the Google Pixel 6a… (alternatives)

  1. If you want to be good to your community I would not recommend a Motorola just because of updates my Motorola Ace 5G from T-Mobile still has not gotten any meaningful update out of android 10 or 11 I might have just gotten 11 I’m not sure who cares boo

  2. What kind of battery life are you looking for? I've been getting 11-12 hrs of screen-on time with a solid mix of gaming, video and browsing the internet. I also couldn't care less about the camera in my my phone. I might take a dozen photos a year if that. I want performance and battery life and, so far, the 6a is delivering both.

  3. Short battery life? It is giving me 7-8 hours of SOT on an average.
    60Hz display? True but it is as smooth as my iPhone 12.
    Outdated camera hardware? It still takes better pictures than most phones in midrange or even premium budget.
    Let's look at the alternatives :
    1. Pixel 6 is obviously a better option but at a higher price.
    2. Samsung A53 5G has serious performance issues and its camera is nowhere as good as Pixel 6a. Is A53 giving more SOT than pixel 6a or are you just comparing battery specs to conclude that A53 has better battery life?
    3. Moto G Stylus 5G? How much SOT does it give or are you again comparing mAh to conclude it gives better battery life? With a LCD panel, terrible cameras, poor build quality and fewer updates how do you even consider it as a Pixel 6a alternative?
    4. Nothing Phone 1? It certainly looks different but glyph interface is just a gimmick. Rest of the phone is pretty average. Processor is not as fast as Tensor, cameras are not comparable to pixel and we don't know how good or bad will be software/updates in the long term. It is an alternative to Pixel 6a but not for someone with cameras as a priority.
    5. iPhone SE ? ROFL. That is a shit phone. I you wanna recommend an iPhone, atleast recommend iPhone 12 and not that garbage called iPhone SE.

  4. I have a pixel 6 pro. I had the opportunity to buy a new phone for work. I went with a Samsung instead of another Pixel just because of the bugs. Even with the more complicated UI and extra BS pre loaded, it is already more reliable.

  5. I honestly don't believe that a 60 Hz screen is really a problem. I find it quite ironic that no one has made a single complaint up until now since all smartphones had the standard 60 Hz since their inception over a decade ago and now all of a sudden reviewers are all up in arms about it.

  6. The 60Hz display and the fact that it doesn't have wireless charging are absolute dealbreakers to me.

    Out of all the phones mentioned here, I would honestly just pay a bit extra for the regular Pixel 6 (it's honestly that not that much more expensive then the 6A at the point), or get the Nothing Phone.

  7. poco f4 with SD870 , 120Hz-E4 amoled , 4500mah+67w charging , ip53 rating , glass back design , dual speakers with Dolby support, great haptics , great "CUSTOM ROM SUPPORT" at around 350$ seems like a great option to me.

  8. Android Authority… I'm calling BS on your statement at @0:10 when you say the Pixel 6a is held back by it's short battery life. I say this is completely untrue.

    In your review of the Google Pixel 6. You said a PRO and something LIKED was LONG Battery life.
    Pixel 6 – 4,614mAh on a 6.4" Inch 90hz display
    Pixel 6a – 4,410mAh on a smaller 6.1" Inch 60hz display

    Now there is no way, a lower refresh rate and smaller display can make a 204mAh battery difference go from "Long Battery Life" to "held back and poor". Especially when they have the same Software & Processor. My 2c.

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