Arizona governor primary election too close to call

ABC News’ Zohreen Shah reports on primary election results in five states, plus the impact of the veteran’s health care bill passed by the Senate on Tuesday.

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27 thoughts on “Arizona governor primary election too close to call

  1. Oh fer sure…. it is going to take awhile to figure out how many extra ballots they are going to need to come up with…. : ) US elections… the only comedy act better than CNN!!!!

  2. One ballot is cast for all candidates. It gets counted all at same time.. If all other offices have been counted, how has gov primary not been counted yet? It looks like the deep machine is at work here..

  3. I guess with Joe having covid, and glug glug Nancy trying to starting a war, dems don't have a lot of guidance as to how to get dead voters votes cast , and ballot fixin tips. Anything to avoid DJT being reupped in 2024 huh?

  4. I don't understand why they have counted only 500 votes since Tuesday in the governor primary. I think I know exactly what's going on..They are manipulating the ballots. There is no doubt in my mind. All the other races are over but not the governor primary. How can it take two days to count only 500 votes? Dems cheating again.

  5. The Enemy Korea Who Didn't Meet Speaker Pelosi! It was a vassal state of the lawless nation China! Pelosi was a politician with a great history! Recognizing Taiwan as a country and confirming South Korea as an enemy country! We are just waiting for Trump Pompeo to appear! Only Trump Pompeo can save humanity!

  6. Smell Democrat fraud in Arizona AGAIN!

    Whoever the real person is in charge of the country is scared to death of white supremacists. There answer? is to literally flood the country from all over the world. Democrats then fly the illegals all over the country distributing them to states. Next on the Democrats wish list is to give illegals the right to vote, "Voting rights" or at the least voting with no ID (another Democrat favorite). Have you seen the pictures of all the pregnant woman crossing the border? $15K for EACH child birth with no complications. Schools- from K-12 it costs taxpayers on average of $122,000 for EACH illegal alien student. This does not include the millions spent on bilingual ED, instructors, daycare. School class size's are negatively impacted and our students suffer as a result. Crime- $3Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate, process Illegal aliens in the Criminaljustice system. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance program. Emergency services- every police, fire, paramedic for city & states increase dramatically. Taxpayers pay for all hospital visits, emergency room treatments, ambulances.

    It's a great plan! Allow an invasion and the American taxpayers pay for the invaders families health care, education, etc. As an added bonus, children born here get automatic citizenship, and young children brought here stay because of DACA. This is a collaboration between the Biden Administration and the group 'country's with out borders. Make no mistake, this is intentional. Our children and grand children will be pay for this in the future as we will now. To date, 2.3 million have crossed

  7. Crime a problem? Do you have a liberal Democrat as state Representative listed?
    Many of the names listed below were financed by socialist George Soros who for decades is committed to open borders and elimination of the Military and Law Enforcement of any type. Congressional Progressives (Socialists) is the same group that is soft on crime, early release, no bail, voted to de-fund the police, Gun control, Convicts the right to vote from prison, taxpayer funded college for illegal aliens, support transgender sports for women, the indoctrination not education of very young children in CRT, who is a racist, transgender, bisexuality, homosexuality, gender identity, and support open borders, amnesty, benefits to illegal aliens. These are the worst of the worst.

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    KATE HOBBS 7/12/22 AZ Republic "A leading voice in the national media defending the 2020 election and Democrat Joe Biden's narrow win ⁠in a traditionally red state, Hobbs wants to make it easier to vote, give lower-income residents a leg up through various economic programs.

  8. "Too close to call"
    Translation: She was not supposed to win and Maricopa county could not smuggle in enough fake ballots to turn the results – so now they want to keep on counting and "finding missing ballots" until the RINO can "win". Only problem is that there is not enough votes left to turn it. She must win nearly 60% of outstanding votes to turn it around – and it is just a bit too far.

  9. So Maricopa county counted 5,000 votes out of 150,000 election day drop offs in the past 24 hours .. At this pace it will be September before all the votes are counted, I could have counted 5,000 votes myself.
    It's clear Kari Lake has a dominating lead but these petty, childish Democrats are going to slow walk her victory just to aggravate her, Katie Hobbs is nothing more than trailer trash who stole enough money to move, Lake will be the next governor and Democrats will sabotage the state on their way out the door like they always do.

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  11. How I can find out who I really vote for? What kind of the country of America now? Since obama, the country is getting worst. It seems he just wants to destroy america. People ! wake up ! don't let steal happen again !!!

  12. I am an independent voter. I know most people vote for Kari Lake. If she is not the winner, there must be dirty things happen again. What is going on American? Did I come to the wrong country?????????????????????????????????

  13. I'll tell u!!! U propaganda baffoons r irrelevant, I don't think u baffoons think some lying racist hypocrite lunitic criminal = the BIG guy got 80 million legal votes.

  14. It's not election denier!!! U baffoons!!! It's free and fair elections for every person. U probably believe some lying racist hypocrite corrupt criminal lunitic n his basement got 80,000,000 votes!!! Yea right

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