Huge sinkhole appears near copper mine

Aerial footage shows a mysterious, huge sinkhole that appeared near a Chilean copper mine, with specialist personnel sent to investigate.

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Author: Rafael


23 thoughts on “Huge sinkhole appears near copper mine

  1. These sinkholes are becoming more prevalent and it is all because of what people are doing to the planet now days. The Earth is turning against us and we are not prepared for what is to come. The problem is that the animals have been put in danger because of people's arrogance, their greed and their egos. Volcanos erupting all over the planet, flooding every where, droughts, the Colorado River drying up, lakes drying up, etc. People what in the hell is it going to take before everyone understands what the so-called human race had done and is still doing to the Earth?????? Sterilization could have stopped all of the things that are happening right now, but people the world over just don't give a damn about this planet.

  2. Its round because a round ufo flew straight up from where it was buried… I work in soil… Seen thousands of real sink holes… These anit them…jk lol… Maybe

  3. The fallen Angel's that have been chained up until a certain time are getting ready to ascend. Time is running out! Repent, and ask God for forgiveness.

  4. “Near copper mine” they were probably mining and messed up and the ground started collapsing and just kept collapsing. Mines have been a big cause for big holes so who know

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  6. Heh, I recently watched season 1 of the TV show "Laguna" (the show is actually called "LaBrea", thanks Brenda Caldwell 🤗🤗) where huge sink holes open up and turn out to be portals to prehistoric times. People fall through and aren't killed and have adventures in the past and see an occasional large critter. 😆 Pretty far fetched and somewhat low budget but I enjoyed it for what it was.

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