Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan prompts outrage from China l GMA

The House speaker arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday despite repeated warnings not to from mainland China, which claims the island as its own territory.

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46 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan prompts outrage from China l GMA

  1. My God, Nancy should not have gone to Taiwan. She talks about Democracy yet disregards the sovereignty of a nation that she supports on in so many economic fronts. Really, who could take Nancy seriously?

  2. Now you LISTEN up! Psalm 24:1 this whole earth, world, and everything in it BELONGS to our CREATOR GOD ALMIGHTY! JESUS CHRIST is HE! China got nerve to tell Nancy where she can and can’t go! Fear and threats will NOT be TOLERATED!

  3. Thank you Nancy!! So happy you went to China. China's communist leaders are cold-hearted, murdering, lying thugs. China has stolen maritime territory from Southeast Asian countries. China has stolen land from India, Nepal and Bhutan. And now they complain about Peolsi's trip to Taiwan. Taiwan is an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY that has never been ruled by communist China. America needs to do two things. First we need to remind Xi Jinping that our nuclear arsenal can KILL every person in China in two hours (or less). Second, we need to give Taiwan a nuclear deterrent. Let's give Taiwan a couple of submarines filled with nuclear missiles. If we do that China will NEVER be able to take over Taiwan.
    F_ _ _ Xi Jinping! F_ _ _ China's communist party. They are worthless pieces of human garbage.

  4. This world is a disgrace, I wish I never heard of this world, there is no opportunity at all in this world.

  5. China is playing with fire. Let's not buy any Chinese goods. Joe did not even response to the fire and fury of Xi. Joe cannot even say anything
    White house cannot even say a strong words. The US has the strongest military in the world. And just kept quiet. Unreal.

  6. Biden spending billions en Ucrania and Taiwan giving them weapons, while our southern border is completely under the control of the drug mafia. there are bridges and roads that have not been fixed for 30 years

  7. I was expecting her to sneak there in a submarine or something because the Chinese Air Force would block any planes from entering the airspace. Instead she just flew in like normal while they made a lot of noise around the island.

  8. An “old mentality” will not solve the world problem. World has evolved, countries have changed. No one system will work on every country. Don’t mess with other countries’ matter. Go solve your own problems instead.

  9. China is so fucking slow and indecisive. If they want to in-force one china policy they should invade now. They think time is their ally but its not.

  10. Republican/conservative here. Hate everything else Nancy stands for but love her for this and gotta give credit where it's due. Get 'em bitch!

  11. Chips are China's biggest import at more than $400 billion a year, ahead of crude oil. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) is the world's biggest chip manufacturer and a vital supplier to the United States and other Western nations. It is by far the largest of Taiwan's chipmakers, which together produce more than 90 percent of the world's highest-tech chips, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association. We use these chips for all our fighter jets, warships, medical ,iphones, autos, consumer electronics, etc. There is no place where chips do not touch your lives. I do believe that if China invades Taiwan and takes control of the chip industry, strategically speaking, that is world dominance. I am not normally a Nancy Pelosi fan, but bravo to her. This should be a wake up call.

  12. this old lady escalating the problem rather than de-escalate. For sure these American politician never want peace in any part of the world. They always want to keep the war alive somehow. Please let the world be peace, restraint yourselves fingering other countries and race. live your life within your territory. if you are not fit to do any good towards the world and its people then at least do not do anything bad.

    Nancy is a 82 years old witch, I think its time for to retire from her witch-ship. Let the world live peacefully without you !!

  13. It is US🇺🇸 and Japan 🇯🇵 responsibility to keep Taiwan 🇹🇼 free!!!
    Come on US🇺🇸 and Japan🇯🇵 !!!

  14. Nancy if your trying to get to away from Paul you may want to send Him to Russia for a day or two see if he can get they airport security with a big fatty.

  15. In Taiwan, as in Ukraine, the West is flirting with disaster.

    The Guardian published an op-ed with that title, written by writer and BBC broadcaster Simon Jenkins.

    According to Jenkins, the actions of Western countries, primarily the United States, represent a "strategic ambiguity": on the one hand, Washington declares its readiness to provide military assistance to Taiwan, but on the other, it continues to support the "one China" principle.

    A similar uncertainty in the actions of the West, Jenkins believes, is observed in relation to the situation in Ukraine: the US and Britain are talking about the need to defeat the Russian Federation, but do not realize that the growing support of the Kyiv authorities leads to an even tougher reaction from Moscow.

    Can Russia really be counted on to put up with even more destruction of its troops without escalation? The West seems determined to keep Ukraine tied, hoping to delay a horrific penalty shootout.

  16. What ever happened to the doomsday clock? This administration has pushed the world to the brink! The clock should show 1 second to midnight!

  17. Pelosi… Pelosi. what a mess did you created. Why not stay here with us instead of immediately left Taiwan? So at least china wouldnt attacking us while u are here. i hope…. Such a cowardice display.

  18. This is another World War III scenario, if Russia succeeds and takes Ukraine, Putin will most likely keep going and invade other independent countries that used to belong to the Soviet Union during the days of the Cold War and cause major intentions between NATO and Russia! If China ends up invading Taiwan, they most likely will invade Either South Korea or Japan in the process and therefore causing major intentions between NATO and China! It wouldn’t be called World War III, it would be called “War for Independence!”

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