Primary election results bring new clues about Trump’s power in GOP l GMA

ABC News’ Whit Johnson shares the latest results from the primaries in Arizona, Michigan and Missouri.

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39 thoughts on “Primary election results bring new clues about Trump’s power in GOP l GMA

  1. They’re up to something with the AZ governors race, Kari Lake won. It doesn’t take this long to count the votes but it does take this long to manufacture them.

  2. How do you like them apples, little georgee–porgee!!!! The American people are not as gullible, as you bias, elitist, so-called reporters think we are!!!! Just give me the news, spare me the noise!!! Semper-Fi!!!!

  3. I thought Trump had lost all his power and influence according to the CIA Mockingbird Media, AKA the Fake News!!@ Lol!!

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  5. we know the the computers are corrupt.. Even democrats KNOW!!! HAND COUNT EVERY vote .. WE know you are and have been stealing elections for decades.. HAND COUNT and validate SIGNATURES again!!! We're not backing down on VALIDATION!!!

  6. Whoever started it, we can thank the MSM for hating TFG so much that it parted the Country like the red sea and now we're ALL dealing with the aftermath.

  7. Let me explain how a steal is stopped in it’s tracks.

    Last night, Kari was down big. We all saw the steal happening. We were all certain [they] were about to slide another RINO on in there.

    Then something happened.

    Kari Lake took the stage and said: “We won. We know we won, and we’re gonna show it”. Around this same time, Gregg Phillips makes a post speaking of “contingency plans” in case she were to lose.

    It was after this that her numbers began reversing and she came out on top.

    The day of voting turnout as well as everyone’s vigilance absolutely crushed their ability to keep the steal on.

    And that’s why we vote, frens.

    We have them on their heels. To the point that they are being forced to stop the steals in their tracks.

    Well done, Patriots. I couldn’t be anymore proud of this movement right now.

  8. Duh…lol, gee, you think? He received more votes than any other President in history, has huge events with packed crowds, no President has ever been as popular, except the senile guy who ran his campaign out of a basement I guess…lol, super popular now, what a joke.

  9. Election workers in several states are still being threatened by Trump's mobsters. Change the laws throughout America so these punks can be arrested, taken to court and given 5 to 10 years in prison. Trump is also setting up Secretary's of State so they can deny election results for the Republican Party. Trump's lies has destroyed America. It will never be the same as long as he's alive. He is the most dangerous man in the world. You saw plenty of proof of that on Jan. 6,2021 when he attempted a coup. He's still not finished yet. ):

  10. These trump lovers just have Nothing Positive to Do in their States I guess. They have no clubs or ball teams worth supporting, they have no charities to involve themselves in, there is Nothing taking up their time except to support idiotic claims and those running for office pretending to support false ignorance. Is there anything to occupy their minds, anything to keep them busy? They seem like a bunch of folks with way to much time to sit on the internet don't they? It's very sad the effort they put into falsehoods instead of using that effort to help others. I come from a farming family and yes they were die hard Republicans, because they thought they should never have to pay taxes. Any tax was to much for them. But they also had lots of time on their hands, farming is hard work, but it's not a 9-5 job or an executive job where you are always on business for hours. No Farmers do have hours of down time. Makes me wonder how many farming families are in these states. I lived this life, fishing & hunting & fairs & shows & auctions & TV were the down time go to.
    Now they have the internet & cell phones to alert when FoxTv says something mean about democrats. It's a national shame and history will back it up, FoxTv almost overthrew our Government. They started it and they screamed horse crap Daily for years, lies upon Lies. They transformed our Nation into hating each other, into families divided. FoxTv & trump conned our Country, with Putin behind the jacket of trump. I have no regard for Pence, but he along with Hundreds of Police Saved America! History has recorded all the sins to light so far & more will come out. Shameful Shameless Republicans take a bow you are front & center on Jan. 6th.

  11. These primaries are rigged, I want a recount!. I want all these primaries investigated! It’s a witch hunt! They cheated. Thousands of ballots were secretly switched!. Call in the ninjas! I will not certify these primaries! Lmfao

  12. Will these people ever understand that 100 thousands of Americans saw election fraud in 2020… Once an American sees election fraud they will never be able to unsee it!! WE MUST STOP biden from giving voter IDs to illegal immigrants!!!
    Keep foreigners from voting for America's government!!!

  13. There is no "bad news" for Trump you irrelevant liars!

    I love how these liars try to use catchy titles to their stupid messages to try to make themselves look better when its their 6 plus years of 24/7 meltdown lying insanity that is the very real truth of fake, corrupt lying "news."

    You liars have incessantly railed uselessly for 6 plus years against President Trump and have gotten nowhere. You lie that Trump organized " a coup and insurrection" on January 6, 2021 when in fact it was an orchestrated and arranged lie by the deep state, shadow government and swamp using antifa and blm to make believe they were "Trump supporters." The police just stood down and even lead these liars in The Capitol as videos clearly show.

    You will never get away with this as The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who always tell the truth and sees all, is about to Act in such way that when all is said and done, President Trump will be back in our restored Republic and "democracy" in The United States will be a thing of the past.

    There is alot I could share but this is what God says,

    "Listen to Me, you mockers, look and die! For I am doing a work in your day that you would not believe even if it were told you!"

  14. Advantage ? Is fucken invading privacy foo what if is ur daughter or ur sister wife niece etc I am women an I feel unsafe with these fucken software media marketing

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