Washington county could be a window into 2022 midterms l ABCNL

ABC News’ Zohreen Shah reports from Clallam County, Washington, which some residents and elected officials say will be a bellwether for this year’s midterm elections.

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20 thoughts on “Washington county could be a window into 2022 midterms l ABCNL

  1. The questionn' Is the country headed in the wrong direction' is too vague. detail has to be added , like: Is the country headed in the wrong direction because of White nationalism and Neo-nazi racism?, that would be much more specific and useful.

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  3. Few Americans understand how the economy and govt work, let alone thr geopolitical situation.
    Then, there's science—climate, pandemic—which seem to elude too many Americans' grasp.
    The dumbing down of our nation is exactly how autocracy, grotesque income inequality, and authoritarianism takeover EVERY democracy.

  4. Biden needs to LISTEN… he is not giving voters confidence. His policies are going to be very helpful but his " presence" is so weak, voters are concerned he is too old and tired for the moment.
    They may be right.
    Dems may HAVE to nominate a different candidate for 2024.
    Voters are afraid he's too old NOW. How much faith will they have 2 years from now?

  5. AT LEAST I have no guilt. no regrets. because I did not vote for democrats including biden. I have nothing to do with pain, suffering and death of other people affected by bad and corrupt politicians

  6. So the GOP criminal party gets a vote because of inflation? News Flash this is worldwide…. The U.S. Isn't that special to be the only one suffering through this…. I rather vote to save democracy ( voting blue) than voting for the now extremist fascist republican party. I guess these independents do not care for democracy because they are more worried about their pockets… which yes, it's important but how can you have that resolved with a party like the GOP that lies and want to treat women like second class citizens by taking away their rights and pandering to big corporations instead of their constituents.

  7. An Asian woman who voted for Trump…could you lack any more self awareness? That entire party hates women and people of color. I guess she hates gay and black people more than she likes herself.

  8. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Exploited ex-wife's death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes.

    The World think the 'Big Lie' was just 'Stupid Americans'. Vote suppression in any other country is illegal.

    Trump's $250 million election scam really puts Hunter Biden's $3 million Fox TV distraction in perspective…

  9. Anyone can have a lucky row. People do it all the time. But why are you point at Biden when the Republican are trying to destroy the Democrats. Because this party has 2 Democrats are voting like they are Republican. Trump gave more stimulus checks than Biden. PLEASE .This was going to happen because of this virus that killed over a million people. Which Trump was responsible for. And dropped his response for. President Obama has set up a plan for virus and Trump didn't keep things funded. People want to point their point but we have to go back and see where this problems can from. When Obama took office in 2008 this COUNTRY was a Wreak. Because the houses industry and the economy was bad. Why can't this COUNTRY work together for the good of it citizens. And not for the 1% who is the richest. We needs to Stop letting the Lobbyist run this COUNTRY.

  10. People didn't vote FOR Biden. We voted to get rid of Trump. How is this so difficult to understand? Biden was a tool and he worked for the job at hand. If the DNC doesn't start listening to the people and ACTING like it, they'll be helping to usher in the elitist theocracy the GOP has been all out pushing for decades.

  11. When a deliberate abortion is necessary to stop the birth and life of another person, that's absolute proof that abortion MUST be considered First-degree murder, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
    End of debate.
    Mic 🎤 drop.

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