WNBA star Brittney Griner found guilty, sentenced to 9 years in prison

ABC News foreign correspondent Maggie Rulli, ABC News’ Patrick Reevell and Tom Firestone, former resident legal adviser for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, discuss Brittney Griner’s future in Russia.

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Author: Rafael


35 thoughts on “WNBA star Brittney Griner found guilty, sentenced to 9 years in prison

  1. This is why my mom use to say to me.10% okay I dought you did it. Then 90% I know you are guilty.
    This woman knew the rules so 90% shows she is guilty now 9 1/2 yrs. is really steep but you can't make me believe she accidently packed it ,that's like catching your child's hand stuck in the cookie jar and the child's reply saying : Mama the jar was falling and I was trying to stop it from breaking.
    People don't understand other countries don't give over and over forgiveness like the US does when someone comes and breaks their rules..And then those in prison in other countries want the US to get them out of those countries prisons when they did a crime in that country Some Countries don't play with foreigners coming and showing their country what they will do. I am still wondering how did the marijuana get by the inspection at the airport. I thought it was an illegal to carry there. AMERICANS NEED TO STOP THINKING THEY CAN DO WHATEVER IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. AMERICAN'S ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT .

  2. 1: Griners wife was just on TV begging BidenHarris to contact her. They waited months before doing so. Pretending they had it covered day 1 is laughable.

  3. 2: As a Dem, her party supports increased gun control. Trading a 3pt Shooter, for a Gun Trafficker/ Shooter, isn't conducive to their parties pursuit of public safety.

  4. 3: Being convicted of the same marijuana laws BidenHarris wrote doesn't make Griner "unlawfully" detained, anymore than someone illegally bringing California weed into Carolina being booked in county.

  5. Why is receiving media and even the president’s attention? Just because she’s a famous. Wow! So many other people arrested in many foreign countries and these people don’t even care about them.

  6. The case is in the headlines to cause turmoil. It only popular right now because the US has become a decriminalized drug country. Russia doesn't care about our family values, they feel American women are pets that should be treated like dogs. If you disagree with my opinion- BARK !

  7. Yk? I love weed. It may very well be the thing I enjoy the most.
    However, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than try to get a single roach into Russia.
    This is like someone dipped themselves in honey, grabbed a fresh salmon, slapped a grizzly bear in the face with it, and then went: 🤷 "idk what happened …".

  8. I don’t get it either. Can someone make it make sense?… in the US if someone like her had accidentally or whatever been found to have cocain in their luggage, the US would not care if it was an accident, they would have been charged guilty. Why is her situation different ??????????

  9. Why would our United States president say grinder is being wrongfully held when Griner admits she had weed in a country that is is illegal in? Maybe I should answer this myself? Biden administration are morons

  10. Most Americans would like to see him do his time in prison since he plead guilty. Just because it was “ accident”, that’s not a excuse. Be the man you are and take the punishment.

  11. We can all agree she deserved it, well except the stupid media who sees this as political injustice but torture and banns of Russian athletes for no reason over 8 years is just fine.

  12. Biden traded her for America's worse type of enemy. The guy was doing 25 years in prison for selling firearms to the Taliban. This women is no where worth the trade. She's not even a celebrity because women's basketball is not as popular as men's NBA. Only dam reason why they traded a guy who did treason against the United states for a person who committed a way less criminal charge without our enemy is because she's black. That's how f up the democrats are. Biden needs to go. He needs to be charged for putting our country at risk. The guy they traded her for is over there with Russia helping them defeat the United States now. ThY guy has business connections and associates in the Taliban. You wount even see BLM stand up to this and argue that you don't trade an enemy of our country, a country where the people are independent and free, with someone else just because they are black. I'm not surprised that piece of crap Biden would do this against the United States due to his past. He just keeps doing more damage to this country as time goes by. Impeach and put that guy in jail for giving Russia that guy.

  13. Aaaaahhh they lock up drug smugglers in Russia, in 'Merca that would never happen. Taking responsibility for smuggling drugs in Russia is 9 years, not saying your sorry. Criminal intend or not is irrelevant. She is lucky they didn't go to Singapore, there you get the death penalty for smuggling.

  14. I wish she could serve out her whole sentence and pay for her crime.. She🤡 is nothing but a low life disrespectful drug Smuggler..,😂🤣😂 Russia does not play that..

  15. Hopefully she'll appreciate America whenever she comes home. I actually feel bad for her. It's someone's power trip and not really about her.

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