1st ship carrying Ukrainian grain leaves Odesa port

The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain departs Odesa under an internationally brokered deal.

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Author: Rafael


45 thoughts on “1st ship carrying Ukrainian grain leaves Odesa port

  1. The mad men will eventually come for us, they always do. Thankfully the USA has the one ingredient that makes our defenses Impenetrable, freedom. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

  2. People complain that "Putin's unprovoked war" is to blame for everything, but they don't even know that the US printed money and bought up most of the world's food, now they blame Russia for all the crises.

  3. NATO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTING EVERY SHIPMENT WITH DEADLY INTENT. The world economy needs to be protected as do resources. Nato and all its allies should have already attacked russia and destroyed them from the east, west north and south at the exact same time while they are occupied with Ukrainian forces. Dont wait until they go to maldova or other places. Putins promises can not be trusted. Wipe them out with extreme prejudice.

  4. This is not the work of the Chinese. This is the work of globalists BIG BANKERS (US DEMOCRATS) who think you dont need to eat, who think cow farts are harming the environment. meanwhile they burn you out of your homes in California. this is the work of Zelensky's Policy, Plagued by US DEMOCRAT snakes.

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  6. And the BS continues. Lets make a big deal and falsely make the world believe how Ukraine is such a huge supplier of grain and now people are starving and at the same time push to lower fertilizer use elsewhere, which will decrease the ability for countries to grow that much needed grain.

  7. Its interesting to see that everyone is covering a ship of grain while they ignore the humanitarian crisis on the southern border of the United states.

  8. Did the Ukrainian sailors wave to the Russian sailors boating past, carrying Putin’s international arms dealer Biden and democrats released to him?

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  10. Excellent, now how about the Western nations grow up and try to negotiate an end to the hostilities instead of urging Ukraine to sacrifice the prime of their population in a Western proxy war. Sure Ukraine, you get in there and fight; we'll hold your coat for you.

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