California fire explodes to more than 55,000 acres

A fire burning out of control in a Northern California national forest is now the largest wildland fire in the state this year, officials said.


Author: Rafael


37 thoughts on “California fire explodes to more than 55,000 acres

  1. Timber sawed down should be gathered in long stripped areas. These areas should be wide enough so they can help stop forest fires from spreading and it would leave firefighters room enough to enter the stripped areas to fight the fires more easily. For the most part, timber should be cut down in the mountains that are closer to towns. I know that this would look strange but it could be very helpful to save people's homes and lives. It's like having a strategic war against forest fires. Most timber is selected individually to be cut down. That is ok as long as they cut the stripped areas out as well to prevent the spread of fires. When will they ever learn??

  2. California is always ablaze. This is divine judgement for the atrocities and persecution of gods chosen people the Israelites.

  3. Man cannot learn that trees that are in the decline stage of their life cycle are a virtual invitation to disaster. Don't touch that tree! Nature ignores mans declarations to save and cleanses the forest of the aged and dying in order to make way for new growth, as it has been doing since time immemorial.

    Saving a forest is ill conceived. Trees go through stages in their life cycle just like humans. If the objective is to prevent the harvest of trees in the wild then trees need to be treated as a crop. Trees planted each year may be harvested annually after the first crop comes on stream. Healthy, disease free, robust with uniform trunks. That is the way to save forests. Man has learned how to sow wheat instead of relying on gathering grain from wild plants, but is having extreme difficultyβ€”assuming that he is able to learn at allβ€”on grasping the same concept when applied to trees. A section of land planted in walnut trees would be worth a fortune. Each square mile of planted trees that produces superior quality lumber saves 100 square miles of wild forest, readily lends itself to efficient mechanized harvest and does not require the construction of logging roads or installation of bridges and culverts that impact streams and disrupts the environment.

    Increasingly, we see residential areas being developed where hazardous old trees approaching the end of their lives are left standing instead of planting new ones. Imagine a society comprised solely of octogenarians. Absent is the vigour and resourcefulness of youth, the pleasure of watching them grow and reach maturity. All that we have are old specimens covered in filth, collecting even more dust, incontinent, oozing sap, shedding limbs and tumbling over during windstorms. Missing is the alluring fragrance of fresh growth and the fluttering of new leaves on a green trunk that exudes beauty and grace, whose every emotion speaks love and the joy of living making one feel good just to be alive. Instead, these ancient behemoths lining the road to perdition shut out the sunlight leading to depression, driving a generation and its successors to escape with drugs and drink.

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  7. We are in the End Times and Jesus is about to take his world back πŸ”™ Believe in the one who can save you before it's to late these things on the earth are increasing in frequency and intensity as the time comes closer….God Bless Anyone Reading this May God open your eyes to what is happening

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