Nancy Pelosi expected to depart for Asian tour

The trip is sparking controversy because of mounting speculation that Speaker Nancy Pelosi might stop in Taiwan.



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48 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi expected to depart for Asian tour

  1. Konichiwa 🇯🇵 Pelosi…
    Let’s look after Taiwan 🇹🇼 together…
    Free, democracy,human right, laws and order…

  2. What the US wants is to create a local conflict between CHINA and Taiwan [as well as RUSSIA and Ukraine].
    USA would not get involved in that war directly with CHINA.
    Well, as we all know, the US cowardly only picks on small countries.
    Now it is important to see CHINA's next move after Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan.
    The best thing for Taiwan and CHINA is to unite as a single CHINA and thus united grow together and be Taiwan together with CHINA a world power.
    The only thing the USA wants is to DIVIDE and WEAKEN by creating conflicts between nations.

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  4. American representatives used to visit Taiwan before Russia’s war with Ukraine because China was afraid of America, but when China saw that America was afraid of Russia, it encouraged China and began to threaten America. America should have supported Ukraine from the start with advanced equipment. Ukraine should be supported with everything urgently, immediately and without conditions. Or America should have crushed Russia directly. China, Russia, Iran, India and North Korea are a danger to the whole world.America must crush them all and divide them

  5. 🇺🇸 US Is trying to make Ukraine to join NATO.. Which didn't happen because of putin
    🇺🇸US is trying to Making a good relations with Taiwan.. Which is not good.. Chine should involve this time apart from giving warning since 1960.

  6. ThE FaBoLoUs NaNCeY P. Arrives iN StYLe UnBothered & HaS WhaT iT TakeS To PuMp iN ThE Heels Of Democracy Off AiR ForCe 1 Onto The Soil Of Taiwan Unfazed By China’s Indirect Threats We LoVe ❤️ U Mrs. Pelosi LgBt Next Step Hr40 & Let Freedom RiNg🗽🏳️‍🌈 🗽📜 👠🗽🇺🇸✈️🤩🗽💯

  7. "Are members of Congress (whispered – Nancy Pelosi) becoming rich, because they are lucky, or is it because they have access to insider trading information that they then give to their husbands who trade on the stock market? Hmmm…" ~ Russell Brand

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  9. China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are just paper power. They are weak countries that follow a policy of intimidation, like a mouse who thinks that a lion is deceived, and when the lion stands in front of him, he falls into misfortune, he understands himself that he is just a mouse. America must crush these criminal states. China, Russia, Iran, India and North Korea.

    Let's just speculate for a moment…
    In my opinion – She is pushing for conflict…
    But it would be a blessing for America, the moment that a Chinese rocket strikes the plane carrying Pelosi.
    Since she's asking for it – Let her have it.!!!
    The rest would be unfortunate yet justified collateral damage, and on her account.

  11. As a Chinese living abroad, I am very concerned about this issue. I am also interested in knowing what Americans think about this matter. The sovereignty of Taiwan may be disputed, and the sovereignty of the territory is our bottom line, Nancy has to challenge our bottom line with this matter, so as to divert the internal conflicts in the U.S. Peace and Love

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