ABC News Prime: DOJ asks to unseal Trump warrant; Attempted FBI breach; Last fire brigade in Ukraine

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45 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: DOJ asks to unseal Trump warrant; Attempted FBI breach; Last fire brigade in Ukraine

  1. Just two days ago Garland, our Attorney General said he knew "nothing about the raid;" then come out and admits he approved the search. I'm sorry, this is our nation's chief law enforcement officer. Well, Garland just got caught telling us an outlandish lie!! How can any American (regardless of party) find that acceptable???

  2. How did the FBI treat Hillary Clinton when she had a computer full of classified documents at her home. . The FBI had it out for Trump even before he became president. This is about control and power not Justice. Transparency is exactly what it means everything on the table so everybody can see it. I'm not a Democrat or a Republican just somebody to see things just the way they are

  3. definitely trump up to no good as usual! just like Alex Jones the gullible will believe anything , and give there hearts and minds ang buy the crap vitamin tablets…so sad for America the world is laughing

  4. Sandy Smith is SUS. You were with your friend the* entire night and asked her for a ride home before realizing she was too intoxicated. . .and then you LEFT HER WITH WHO???

  5. I hope that 'FBI Team' will be ready to arrested 'Donald Duck Trump' at struck at 3pm for the search warrant, if not there is no excuse for Trump's Reasons.

  6. This man ,Merit Garland, represents a major contributing role to the problems the taxpayers have to content with. GARLAND and all his corrupt cronies in the Democratic party are definitely not any part of the solution. But I am thankful, the more these morons that represents the corrupt Democrat Swamp party and there petty abuse of power and wasting taxpayers money the more I am aware these corrupt Democrat Swamp Creatures need to be removed from office.They are not concerned with rampant inflation and what it is doing to the taxpayers and they are not concerned about the millions of illegal immigrants invading our country with illegal drugs that kill our children and devastate families. The sad thing is they have the nerve to collect a paycheck for failed projects, policies and corruption. WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE FAR BETTER THAN THIS SO CALLED REPRESENTATION. THE SWAMP HAS NEVER EVERY SMELLED SO PUTRIDE UNTILL ITS RECENT OCCUPATION OF CORRUPT DEMOCRAT SWAMP CREATURES.

  7. Vamos a jugar – ¡Dale nombre a esa fiesta!
    #1 Creó la Ley de Remoción de Indios de 1830
    #2 Apoyó la esclavitud y comenzó la Guerra Civil
    #3 Fundó el KKK
    #4 Sostuvo el látigo en los linchamientos
    #5 Baños segregados, comedores, escuelas, fuentes de agua y lugares de trabajo
    # 6 Creó Planned Parenthood para eliminar a la población negra (lo llamó The Negro Project)
    #7 Establecer campos de internamiento japoneses
    # 8 Comenzó Antifa
    #9 estatuas confederadas erigidas
    #10 Deja salir a los criminales
    #11 Dejar entrar a los inmigrantes ilegales
    #12 Perseguir a la policía
    #13 Perseguir a los cristianos
    # 14 destruyó la clase media
    #15 Historia comprobada de destrucción de la integridad electoral
    #16 Soldados Abandonados en Afganistán
    #17 Apoya el grooming de menores
    #18 Las ciudades tienen la tasa más alta de personas sin hogar
    #19 Las políticas destruyen todos los elementos de una familia NATURAL
    #20 Cita la tasa de suicidio per cápita más alta

    ¡Demócrata ES la historia del racismo y el odio, la deshonestidad y el asco!

    Las elecciones justas TERMINARÁN con el Partido Demócrata.
    ¡Se acercan los parciales! 469 de 535 escaños en el Congreso están disponibles. ¡Vote a los demócratas racistas, mentirosos, abusadores de niños!!!!

  8. Lets Play – Name That Party!
    #1 Created the Indian Removal Act 1830
    #2 Supported slavery & Started The Civil War
    #3 Founded the KKK
    #4 Held the whip in lynchings
    #5 Segregated Bathrooms, Lunch counters, schools, water fountains & workplaces
    #6 Created Planned Parenthood to cull the black population (Called it The Negro Project)
    #7 Set up Japanese Internment Camps
    #8 Started Antifa
    #9 Erected Confederate Statues
    #10 Let Criminals out
    #11 Let Illegal Immigrants in
    #12 Persecute Police
    #13 Persecute Christians
    #14 Destroyed the Middle Class
    #15 Proven History of Destroying Election Integrity
    #16 Abandoned Soldiers in Afghanistan
    #17 Supports grooming of minors
    #18 Cities have the highest homeless rate
    #19 Policies destroy every element of a NATURAL family
    #20 Cites the highest suicide rate per capita

    Democrat IS the history of Racism and Hate, Dishonesty and Disgust!

    Fair Elections would END the Democratic Party.
    Midterms coming up! 469 of 535 Congressional Seats are up. Vote the racist,lying,child abusing, Democrats out!!!!!

  9. Garland has a right to be angry. He’s being accused for doing his job, on Trump who caused his decision, on himself , (Trump) Trump was the President of the United States. He thought, he was above the law, lone before he became President, and he raised his ego, when he had so many, Republicans lifting him higher, especially after he became President behind a great 1st black President. They didn’t want anything good beside Obama’s name. They tried to undo, all that Obama got done, and were trying to do. While knowing that the Republicans were holding him back, from much of his work. Then the Republicans didn’t speak on Obama’s good work. They used sly, racist lying, “Fox News, to come out speaking against Obama, claiming that he did nothing for black peoples. That weak news, affected many, but not all. They couldn’t’t stop Obama from becoming The President, so they made his stay, “a living hell. Mitch McConnell, and his old gang of Republicans, hated Obama. They couldn’t control him, so they tried to hold him down, the same as they’re doing Biden. The Republicans allowed this country to suffer, because of their own selfish mean, and they’re doing it again under Biden. But God has other plans for Biden too. Now! Who do you think will win? This country has got to pay, for all their evil, that was done to blacks, and other nationalities, by the white man, and their “white laws. Now they’re in war with each other. White against white. It’s sad to say, if Ukrainian, or any other nationality came over here, and at war, American would want all that’s in this country to fight with American, why, but all Americans, wasn’t treated as Americans, now you want them all to fight. This is where we are in this one sided country. Now! Can’t you finally see, “equality is gravely needed, “in this country? We need laws to cover all, not just white people. Laws to be enforced on all that’s guilty. Laws that no one’s above. No one should be above the law, if they break the law. There have been too many people set free, crimes covered up, because of the color of the victims skin. I’m also speaking of the killing of Emmitt Till. And the lack of justice, in that case. Why in this day and time, we’ve to say, “if the victim were black? If this country don’t get their laws right, just, and equal, America’s going to hell in a hand basket. I pray not, because I’m here, and many good peoples. May God have mercy, on us all. Look! Lock Trump up, and all the rest, in his cover up. 🙏❤️

  10. Salvation prayer :
    Dear God, I know I am a sinner.  I believe You sent your son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my sins, and the sins of the whole world.  I believe He was buried and rose from the dead 3 days later.  I confess with my mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in my heart that You rose Him from the dead.  Today, i repent for my sins known and unknown, and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  In Jesus name I pray, amen

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  12. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Exploited ex-wife's death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes.

    The World think the 'Big Lie' was just 'Typical Americans'. Vote suppression in any other country is illegal.

    Stupid's $250 million election scam really puts Hunter Biden's $3 million Fox TV distraction in perspective.

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