‘It won’t be very illuminating’: Prosecutor on the search warrant

ABC News’ Phil Lipof spoke with former federal prosecutor Kan Nawaday on the updates on DOJ’s motion to unseal the search warrant, further classified documents and more.

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Author: Rafael


35 thoughts on “‘It won’t be very illuminating’: Prosecutor on the search warrant

  1. No matter what they throw at us !! They did not win the election. Google posted 12/19 Million undetected bogus ballots. Arresting Scandal Pichai will happen !!

  2. Boo-hoo
    I didn't get my dream nomination for Supreme Court Justice because Comey,Strzok and Page's " Insurance Policy " was a fail

  3. The feds let Trump keep America’s most closely guarded secrets on nukes at Mar-a-Largo for more than a year. Then 91 days before midterms and one day before DOJ internal policy calls for no raids, they raided Trump’s home for the secrets.

    That’s what they want you to believe.

  4. As Trump endorsed political figures keep winning in States all over our country, the leftist party, that includes the FN industry and politicians, certainly starting to get very nervous of what’s inevitable come November. This illegal raid that was approved by this slim ball just shows how deep the leftist corruption actually is. Red wave coming, and it’s to late to stop. The Republican Party just continues to grow, even more so seeing the display of heavy corruption coming from this administration. God continues to bless this great nation

  5. All GOP, especially McCarthy , should be held personally responsible for any and all attacks on law enforcement from here on out!! Absolute insanity over a search warrant that was done ACCORDING to the law!

  6. As an observer to the American political process through 13 presidencies, President Trump made me nervous, but only because he was a lay person, and did not always abide by the established etiquette accustomed to the office. His personality is very outgoing, and he is in truth a strong alpha, and a successful business man which has served to give him a dominant personality that had not been filtered through the sense of career politics.

    However, when you look at his ability to form working relationships with foreign governments, you can see clearly: 1) How essential to good governance that is; and, 2) How excellent he was to the task, unprecedented. 3) The very personality that was needed to be able to do that.

    It is doubtful to me that if former President Trump were presently President that the Ukrainian-Russian War of 2022 would have ever been provoked.

    Also, America's southern border would not represent a breached flood gate to every outside evil.

  7. It certainty should happen that the DOJ/ FBI give former President Donald Trump, and the American public a detailed itemized inventory of documents, and items seized in order to be transparent, and ensure this is not simply a witch hunt because he dared to be a president, and challenge the established norm to do better.

  8. "… won't be very illuminating." Of course not… just more proof that the Biden camp are so incredible evil, that they would weaponize the DOJ to go after his political opponent and continue to cast a wide shadow of "doubt." All the while without having to show their "evidence," and I guarantee we will hear words like "we cannot comment on any on-going investigations" in the days to come. It's sickening what has happened to America.

  9. The FBI has been corrupt to the bone since Hoover. It’s time to defund them and let them die. Then reform the DOJ from the ground up. The bureaucrats or the media don’t run our country “We the People” do. THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL

  10. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Exploited ex-wife's death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes

    The World think the 'Big Lie' was just 'Typical Americans'. Vote suppression in any other country is illegal.

    Stupid's $250 million election scam really puts Hunter Biden's $3 million Fox TV distraction in perspective.

  11. President Joe Biden has had a stellar 3 weeks of legislative accomplishments. What if Trump had colluded with DOJ, FBI, and his appointed judge to have this done this week to distract attention away from Biden's achievements. Trump jumps on a plane for up north, gets all the attention. There's plenty of cash all around from his suckers(donors), the warrant stays in denial by his cult, his numbers are back up, and Joe is second fiddle. It also takes attention from imPACTed Republicans using insulin prices for de-population of people who possibly do not vote for them anyway. Well played Mr Ex-President !
    (Sounds as cogent as any of the cockamamie right wing conspiracy theories).

  12. Vamos a jugar – ¡Dale nombre a esa fiesta!
    #1 Creó la Ley de Remoción de Indios de 1830
    #2 Apoyó la esclavitud y comenzó la Guerra Civil
    #3 Fundó el KKK
    #4 Sostuvo el látigo en los linchamientos
    #5 Baños segregados, comedores, escuelas, fuentes de agua y lugares de trabajo
    # 6 Creó Planned Parenthood para eliminar a la población negra (lo llamó The Negro Project)
    #7 Establecer campos de internamiento japoneses
    # 8 Comenzó Antifa
    #9 estatuas confederadas erigidas
    #10 Deja salir a los criminales
    #11 Dejar entrar a los inmigrantes ilegales
    #12 Perseguir a la policía
    #13 Perseguir a los cristianos
    # 14 destruyó la clase media
    #15 Historia comprobada de destrucción de la integridad electoral
    #16 Soldados Abandonados en Afganistán
    #17 Apoya el grooming de menores
    #18 Las ciudades tienen la tasa más alta de personas sin hogar
    #19 Las políticas destruyen todos los elementos de una familia NATURAL
    #20 Cita la tasa de suicidio per cápita más alta

    ¡Demócrata ES la historia del racismo y el odio, la deshonestidad y el asco!

    Las elecciones justas TERMINARÁN con el Partido Demócrata.
    ¡Se acercan los parciales! 469 de 535 escaños en el Congreso están disponibles. ¡Vote a los demócratas racistas, mentirosos, abusadores de niños!!!!

  13. Lets Play – Name That Party!
    #1 Created the Indian Removal Act 1830
    #2 Supported slavery & Started The Civil War
    #3 Founded the KKK
    #4 Held the whip in lynchings
    #5 Segregated Bathrooms, Lunch counters, schools, water fountains & workplaces
    #6 Created Planned Parenthood to cull the black population (Called it The Negro Project)
    #7 Set up Japanese Internment Camps
    #8 Started Antifa
    #9 Erected Confederate Statues
    #10 Let Criminals out
    #11 Let Illegal Immigrants in
    #12 Persecute Police
    #13 Persecute Christians
    #14 Destroyed the Middle Class
    #15 Proven History of Destroying Election Integrity
    #16 Abandoned Soldiers in Afghanistan
    #17 Supports grooming of minors
    #18 Cities have the highest homeless rate
    #19 Policies destroy every element of a NATURAL family
    #20 Cites the highest suicide rate per capita

    Democrat IS the history of Racism and Hate, Dishonesty and Disgust!

    Fair Elections would END the Democratic Party.
    Midterms coming up! 469 of 535 Congressional Seats are up. Vote the racist,lying,child abusing, Democrats out!!!!!

  14. According to a bombshell report from the Washington Post this evening, when the Feds entered Mar-a-Lago, they were looking for “classified documents relating to nuclear weapons.”

    What, exactly, was Trump planning to do with this information, sell it to the highest bidder?

    Trump is a criminal, and a traitor, and is going to prison, if he doesn't get "Epsteined" by his shadowy foreign backers first…

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