LIVE: AG Garland delivers first statement since FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago | ABC News

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Attorney General Merrick Garland makes a statement at the Department of Justice

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Author: Rafael


21 thoughts on “LIVE: AG Garland delivers first statement since FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago | ABC News

  1. These republicans will go down in history along with their fearless cult leader as cowards & liars who neglected American democracy for their own personal agendas. Way to make ur families proud. smh

  2. Despite all of the Public Jibber-Jabber that "Trump is now on the spot to release his copy of the MAR Raid Search Warrant" it makes legal sense to compel the DOJ to release what they claim is the Warrant so Team Trump can compare the two for possible discrepancies …

  3. The biggest "domestic extremism" problem we have is the unequal application of law and the weaponization of the DoJ against political opponents.

  4. Summarizing the analysis of legal and constitutional experts, Dershowitz, Jonathan Turley, Greg Jarrett, and commentators Sebastian Gorka, Tom Fitton: The DOJ and the FBI have lost credibility with the American people because of their history of 1, uneven application of the law, 2, committing acts of fraud, and 3, engaging in thuggish acts against Americans.

    #1: Hillary Clinton maintained a computer with classified records, and destroyed up to 30K emails and destroyed phones when discovered. The DOJ never moved against her or Hunter Biden for his illegal acts or even J. Biden for selling influence to enrich his family. #2. The FBI submitted fraudulent evidence to a FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign officials. #3 The FBI raiding people’s homes at gun point, arresting and shackling Navarro in an airport, breaking into the home of Stone with assault weapons drawn, as if Roger Stone was a terrorist. Quoting: “Unconstitutional acts,” by Dershowitz, “The mafia of the Democratic Party,” by Gorka.

    As Americans we simply cannot allow a federal agency to engage in acts in violation of the constitution and our rights as Americans. There is no place in America for this conduct by government. These agencies must be dissolved and their duties taken over by the U.S. Marshals Service or some other arrangement.

    It is real sad that Trump has to worry about the FBI planting fraudulent evidence in the material recovered, or planting listening devices in the home. Trump cannot live in the home again until experts conduct a thorough investigation of every room, every piece of furniture and electrical outlet for listening devices. That will take weeks. What a mess!

    Former Democratic Voter and Veteran

  5. Donald Trump was subpoenaed months in advance, he took goverment documents, he was asked to return the documents… those documents are property of the united states government… thats why Maralago was raided….Trump had no right to them. The FBI had a right to retrieve the govertments property.
    Trump had ample time to return the property
    Evidently the document taken were significant
    The FBI took boxes of government documents from his home
    No one is above the law… even presidents or former presidents.

  6. I love how this is backfiring. This coward hides for 3 days after the most infamous raid in American history then comes out for a total of FOUR minutes. He refuses to answer one question then runs back to the rock he was hiding under.

  7. The enemy is within. Soon a one world economy, health, goverenment, also one world religion (Islam, believe or it's your head) will emerge. You must take a number 4 your food, your gas, freedom to speak, gun, money,everything. Here's the answer, God so loved the world He gave His son Jesus that whoever believes will have everlasting life. John 3:16 Please repent/believe before the rapture, think about it dont be left behind. Love Ya

  8. The Flag the Stand the Reason, The Man ( By Steven F. Gooden )


    No trifle  stripe doest grace this Cloth

    Each Band, each strand by blood, no froth


    Whilst noblest battles do rage and grow

    We stay the course for this we know

    No cost for cause tis too much too pay

    When freedom cries this too we pray

    That men will rise,  risk life & Limb

    For, Family, Country but most for HIM


    It's He who formed us by His Design

    So for His Purpose  keep this in Mind

    All men, no matter how  poor or rich

    Great or not were equally stitched

    Made in His Image, both mind and Soul

    To perform His will for the good of the Whole


    Kneel not for tyranny, in hate or Jest

    Stand up rather, for 2 feet are best

    Stand up give Thanks for those who cant

    Those who've died to give voice to rant

    Ever thankful for your rights by blood

    Thus Use it wisely for this they stood


    They stood and fell that we might rise

    Tis Now our turn, our fight to realize

    Freedom's cost tis always born in strife

    It's price is life and Sacrifice


    Remember and pause for all those before

    They were first  with less, did more

    This Flag we salute, this idea we cling

    It's for this idea we stand  and sing


    For No trifle  stripe doest grace this Cloth

    Each Band, each strand from blood, not froth


    Whilst noblest battles do rage and grow

    We stay the course for this we know

    No cost for cause tis too much too pay

    We answer freedom's cry and  say

    We all will rise, and  risk life & Limb

    For our Family, our Country but most of all for HIM

    but most FOR HIM!


    – Steven F. Gooden

  9. Garland didn't say a damn thing except the FBI is great the department of Justice was on sound footing for reading Mar-A-Lago bsbsbs. Garland's law degree ought to be pulled. Just like the commentators on MSNBC and not news reporters Garland's not a lawyer he's an advocate for the Democratic party. He does not care what the law is as long as he can make the Democrats appear to be in control. He ought to be removed from office and I am sure when the Republicans get control of the house and the Senate Garland may tell Joe Biden he's retiring

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