Thousands flee wildfire emergency in famed wine region | WNT

A wildfire is raging in the famed wine region of Bordeaux, France, and the prefecture of Gironde has ordered an estimated 10,000 residents to evacuate the area.




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  5. Self interest is for the past; common interest is for the future. D.Attenborough.

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  6. i have no sympathy for france after they bombed my country in the 1980s, i hope it destroys their wine industry. what goes around comes around.

  7. "We Are Stronger"

    A Poem by Steven F Gooden
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    We can run faster than on our slowest day. Reason better, and thinking it through all the way, regardless which direction our  emotions may sway. We can find our voice when speechless, our strong words with meekness and our Courage in weakness. Always patience not quickness. Silence for peace than loudness, quietness of fear, not hopeless, for time and effort  are equally unbiased. We are more than the stories we're told, we're the one's we write, each page unfold. We are the sum of our Lies and truth, fantasy, fiction, faith, and myths, no matter how uncouth. These are what shape us, our lives lived is the proof. We can be more right than wrong. More just than judge. More godlike than unlike. Reflecting Sunlight in our darkest night.
    Providing refuge. Never more alive until we die within and begin again. A Human Ark Divine in our human spark.

    Steven Gooden

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