Trump pleads the Fifth, calls NY attorney general a ‘failed politician’

Plus, former President Donald Trump and his allies accuse the Justice Department of coming after him for political reasons.

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Author: Rafael


34 thoughts on “Trump pleads the Fifth, calls NY attorney general a ‘failed politician’

  1. Please Lord Jesus, please remove this Trump from our lives. You already know he is a blasphemer, a liar, a troublemaker, a divider, a worker of iniquity. He is a poison to our lives around the world. We need love not hate. We need your love Jesus and Truth forevermore. Please help us make it through this terrible nightmare storm of chaos personified and manifested into what is called Donald J. Trump. Please stay with us Lord Jesus, Amen.

  2. I invoked the 5th I did it 440 times I did it like no other has ever done it. It was so beautiful so wonderful no one has ever done it like I did it. Blahahahah stumpy is a fool.

  3. White democrats is the enemy of black America?? They only put black people in position so they could used them as pond anything happens to trump please flee the country. This is real we told yall Dat we ate working paying bill Dat why yall don't see the real blacks

  4. The enemy is within. Soon a one world economy, health, goverenment, also one world religion (Islam, believe or it's your head) will emerge. You must take a number 4 your food, your gas, freedom to speak, gun, money,everything. Here's the answer, God so loved the world He gave His son Jesus that whoever believes will have everlasting life. John 3:16 Please repent/believe before the rapture, think about it dont be left behind. Love Ya

  5. Let’s investigate Pelosi, Ray Epps, Pipe Bomber and FBI involvement!
    Maybe look at Hunter Biden’s laptop that the FBI had for two years showing Biden family and China

  6. Don't forget the probable cause for the fake dosier and russia russia russia. no faith in that warranty what so ever!!!!

  7. americans need to learn history, and recognize how the dirty dnc tries to 'fight' after they cant legitimately influence or command any valid consensus. this woman is a fanatic and solely in place to try and discredit and sabotage trump by any corrupt means necessary. her public comments about her obsessions should have warranted an immediate investigation. instead shes exactly the sort of corrupt political abuse of office that democrats now cling to. as their authority, as their guide, as their institutional expertise. needless to say, when americans finally do learn that theyve been far too tolerant and much too naive, beijing joe will have already sold out most of their best interests.

  8. Trump is smart. He wouldn't go in there and let democrats do to him what they done to his lawyers on the fake Russia collision. Democrats are the most unhappy people I ever seen in my life. DTS.

  9. Let’s see… 4+ hours and 440 times pleading the 5th, that’s approximately 110 times per hour. That’s about 1.83 times per minute.

    “So there are five people taking the Fifth Amendment, like you see on the mob, right? You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?" ~DJT

  10. It’s sad that the Democrats, Justice Department and the FBI are willing to let our country spiral down the tubes in their effort to find or facilitate something, anything Trump may have done wrong. So far he is only guilty of being innocent.

  11. Under new york law trump corporation could be dissolved in a similar manner how the Trump foundation and Trump university were desolved. Remember that a Teflon coating doesn't last forever. Regardless of the political party of your choosing will sanity ever return to this nations political environment?

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! don the con marmalade mental midget calling someone else a failed politician! Now that is funny. The mar-a-lardo mango mussolini is the biggest failure in political history.

  13. “Like you see on the mob, right? You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” -Trump

  14. The Fifth Amendment is often used by those who are afraid of the truth there was a guy who once said if you did nothing wrong why are you pleading the fifth

  15. These. Intrusive. Criminal. Raids. Done. By. These. Wicked. And. Dirty. Rogue. Agencies, we're. Done. Out. Of. Vengeance. And. Malice. What. Worries. Me. About. These. FBI. assholes, is. That. They. Unlawfully. Planted. Spyware. Throughout. His. Mar a Lago. Home. I. Hope. My. Beloved. President. Donald. And. Melania. Trump and. Family 👪, de-bug. His. Entire. Home. We. ❤ 😍 💖 you. President. Donald. Trump. And. Trump. Family 👪.

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