Escalating violence in Middle East as Israelis airstrike Gaza | GMA

Israeli Prime Minster Yair Lapid, who was elected in November, said the attacks were launched in response to “concrete threats.”

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Author: Rafael


24 thoughts on “Escalating violence in Middle East as Israelis airstrike Gaza | GMA

  1. Elbit Systems, which supplies 85% of UAV’s (drones) used by the Israeli army. During Israel’s deadly bombardment and ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip in 2014, Israel used a range of Elbit Systems produced weaponry, including drones. The 51-day attack killed over 2,200 Palestinians, 551 of them children. Elbit Systems’ components are also found in Israel’s F-16 and F-35 fighter jets, used in repeated attacks on the Gaza Strip, most recently in May 2021, an assault which killed 260 Palestinians. In addition, Elbit Systems is also associated with the production of cluster munitions, which are banned under international law. 
    Because of its involvement in the production of weaponry used in human rights abuses, several financial institutions internationally have severed ties with Elbit Systems. In November 2019, KLP, Norway’s largest pension scheme, published a position paper outlining that Elbit Systems was excluded from its portfolio, stating that “it is clear that the company produces cluster munitions”. Moreover, in January 2022, Australia’s Future Fund banned investment in Elbit Systems due to its involvement in the production of cluster munitions, and other weaponry used in violations of international law.

  2. 2 UN General Assembly resolutions; 1] Egypt again controlling Gaza & 2] Partition Syria adding Kurdistan & Palestine. Reduce Iran influence (Turkish Delight May 2022 PDF) AND growing Turkiye & NATO's south-east border security (with reduced Russian influence) 🙂

  3. GOD gives respite, but never neglects. There will be a day where GOD tells them enough. They Zionists have done too much oppression and it breaks my heart to see the world ignoring it but GOD is there he sees and I have hope that he puts an end to all this suffering and unjust.

  4. when israel attacked palestine.. many people defended israel aggressor..
    inversely proportional to the ukraine-russian crisis.. i hope israel will perish..

  5. I saw this coming, wasn't long ago Gaza did this to Israel, this is simply retaliation. If no one saw this coming, then you clearly were not paying attention.

  6. They fail to mention that Israel casted the first stone by killing a Palestinian official. They also fail to mention that 6 children were killed by Israel in their attacks!

  7. Isreal wants to close the election, the party in power has to launch an attack to get the support of the people of Israel and the American lobby money by killing the people of Gaza.

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  10. God is with Israel! If you are literally surrounded by 6 countries which are your enemies with absolutely 0 relatively close allies and have survived decades of war where its 6 to 1. Then that definitely says something and not coincidence.

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