Fallout after FBI raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort | GMA

Republican attacks on the FBI and DOJ escalate as Trump is expected to be deposed by the New York state attorney general in the civil investigation into his real estate business.


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33 thoughts on “Fallout after FBI raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort | GMA

  1. Look what happened in White House some protesters destroyed in and then all this incident they’re accused Donald trump for no reason or false and evil lie.who’s behind that scenario???

  2. Look what happened in White House some protesters destroyed in and then all this incident they’re accused Donald trump for no reason or false and evil lie.who’s behind that scenario???

  3. They served an aggressive nature warrant without indictments awaiting this evidence?
    This shows us the FBI is full of sniveling cowards and bozos with worthless college degrees and they lied when taking their oaths, and regularly step off their insurance bonds.

    This is putting the cart before the horse and the reason you would plead the 5th.
    They have no incriminating evidence to charge him under Title 18, so they subpoena him for a deposition in pursuit of an incriminating statement that they can conform to the property seized.
    I say property rather than evidence because if it were in truth evidence, they would have indicted him the same or following day, aside from formally arresting him in front of the entire planet. The average person is now as dumb as a goldfish.

  4. The FBI could catch Donald selling nuclear secrets to the Islamic State, yet his BASE support would increase!! Obviously politically motivated and orchestrated by the Ds!!

  5. I dont really care for Trump but he is still better than the heavy handed dems. People need to remember that he didnt win in 2016 because he was so great. He won because the Dems are so so bad. Say what you want though, heck Ill probably agree with you. This is very heavy handed though. The FBI knew he had documents in Feb. Why wait until August to do anything about it?

  6. War is politics on fire while politics is war on ice. If the Democrat wants to play "f""k-around" with reality, then I say let's boogie!! I guess it's time to take the gloves off and play CIVIL WAR 2…

  7. Hey, have you heard the latest joke about a former President taking nuclear codes with him from the White House?

    Never trust an agency that is tasked with stopping terrorism but more often than not, they FAIL to FOIL the crime before it happens & the suspect(s) is/are able to carry out their plot(s) and as a result, many innocent people die all because the FBI & that's NOT a joke. Now that that's out of the way let me say… Let's refer to this as a "matter" & nothing else.

  8. When off-the-clock, the FBI may or may not prefer to put a vibrator in Trump's Butt and they would like to ask Trump a few questions.

  9. The Republican party has been discriminated against ! For year.! It's time to Stand With Donald Trump! With absolutely no violence ! Again no Violence! Your voice and your presence only ! We want equality ! And fair treatment ! Just like BLM ! RLM ! Too !

  10. We are on a precipice, of a group of truly evil people. These people are prepared to destroy the constitution, and the rule of law. They prove this every single day. We have to stop treating them as normal people. They are liars, Thugs and evil people.

  11. Yeah let's switch the subject to violence and forget all about the fact they violated this man's rights well I'M NOT FORGETTING! I INTEND TO VOTE FOR TRUMP OUT OF PURE F**** SPITE!

  12. Trump is the best president ever. He made the gas price low, food affordable, housing reasonable, boarder safe, world peaceful and he was rightly and strongly against communist party. People’s lives were a lot of easier In Trump era. However, democrats persecute him again and again and again. From the fake Russian accusation, to two impeachments, fake Jan 6 hearing….. now raiding his property… and more. They tried so hard to find him guilty. However they failed constantly. They publicly break the law, show their evil and desperately want to block Trump to re-run president in 2024. They hate Trump because trump is not part of the Washington DC establishment and won’t collude with them! Trump wants to make America great again, not to make himself richer or more powerful. Trump has the right heart to be a president!!!! The Democrat party, however, lie in mainstream media, mislead people, put false charge on people who disagree with them. They act as above the law. In nature, they are no different from CCP now!

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