Indiana passes near-total ban on abortions

The state’s Republican-controlled legislature became the first in the nation to pass such a measure.



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45 thoughts on “Indiana passes near-total ban on abortions

  1. I can't imagine or even try to even comprehend if I were being irresponsible out having sex with men and ended up getting pregnant and just saying well I'll go ahead and abort it because I don't want ant kids I've got my own life to live. Using abortions for some sick sorta birth control is beyond evil and disgusting. Stop being irresponsible having sex knowing what can happen. One of my best friends was pregnant and already had 2 children prior well she decided to give him up for adoption. She was almost 8 months pregnant and her extremely abusive mother came by her house drunk and started getting physically violent then proceeds to push her down. Cierra fell straight on her stomach killing the baby. Well she still had to got through regular birth having him. I was in there with her and watching the absolutely beautiful little angel come out was extremely heartbreaking knowing he's not alive. I of course was trying to be strong for Cierra. I was crying and she was balling her eyes out rocking back and forth holding him. Even her knowing for a absolute 💯% she was giving him immediately after birth up for adoption. So watching these women acting like they have in some of these videos on abortion is scary and very sad.

  2. Give the baby the same chance you would like to have had. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Matthew 7:12 If the tables were turned would it have been okay for your baby to abort you?

  3. HOLY BIBLE- 5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: 6 for which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience: 7 In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them. 8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.

  4. HOLY BIBLE- 18 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. 19 Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them. 20 Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord. 21 Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.

  5. Indiana is NOT big on womens rights. I went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor was horrible. I'm leaving. This does hurt and cause problems for women. We are receiving hate and discrimination. This is no place for a woman to grow older because my rights are not respected. It's not just this one issue.

  6. Let's organise a MGTOW float with an "asexual-aromantic" ribbon for the next gay pride parade!!!!
    The "movement" is just about disinterest… It's time for man haters to understand.

  7. Abortion mostly benefits men and let's them be free to do whatever they want. Most of the time it's guys threatening women to get abortions and pressures from family and friends for women to get an abortion. Then there's always the not so discreet abortion clinic locationing in black and Latino neighborhoods planned parenthood has done what Margaret Sanger could only dream…..Then there's the the regret and shame women face after getting abortions…

  8. Over the past 50 years, Roe has brought nothing but extreme promiscuity, depravity and Mores decay; this resulted to the destruction of the family as we knew it.

    We didn't know things would be so bad, but now we know. The 1st time when roe was passed we could claimed ignorance, but not this time. Passing any law that promotes or encourages abortion would undeniably be a curse. You don't have to be religious or a God fearing person to see how bad society has become. Life is sacred we should protect it, and cherish it at any cost.

    Thank you, Thank you Thank you.

  9. I thought people in Indiana were smarter than this. These unwanted children abused by the foster homes, orphanages will become the future mental cases, drug abusers, homeless, child abusers, pedophils and serail killers. In 20 years Indiana will be sorry!

    Religious people created the dark ages, study history, before you become the victom of stupid religious minorities.

  10. Imagine if American women were legally allowed to forego motherhood through abortion and adoption, without being legally responsible for child support; yet American men are unable to legally forgo fatherhood without permission from women and are forced to pay pay child support. Double standards and female privilege are fun kids. Hands off their bodies, Hands off our wallets

  11. The furor about abortion is well-intentioned, but is it well-uninformed? Millions of women still cry in the shadows, with marital breakdowns, premature births, and deep depression after their abortion, especially on the anniversary of the procedure. Many have committed suicide. Why? These are real people, with real pain, whose regrets you will never hear about, because it doesn't fit the popular sound bites. If you want to be informed, I researched this issue and wrote about it in "My Right to Choose," available online, wherever you shop for books. It is time for the facts to come through, if you truly care about women's rights and the issue of the unborn child.

  12. No good it's going to come from Banning abortions from any type of State it's pretty much going to ruin the country so they should just stop. And I love how they just want a bunch of babies or kids going to the system and pretty much their f*** for life so what good Banning abortion

  13. “Near total ban” means you can’t have an abortion simply for convenience sake. Here are the criteria for an abortion in Indiana:

    “Victims of rape and incest have up until 10 weeks in their pregnancies to get an abortion. Abortions are also permitted when the long-term health and life of the mother are at risk, as well as for fatal fetal abnormalities.”

  14. Indiana wake up this abortion ban is effen stupid our health care system is already overwhelmed but yet you have men women having children who can't provide for them this is stupid

  15. The States should determine this.,not the Supreme Court….the Federal Government has too much control in our lives…….DEFUND the Dept of Education and send this back to the individual States….stop taking Federal funds for education…..that controls what we can and can't do ie. CRT. Transgender bathrooms…equity and inclusion…sexualizing young children…NOT GOOD FOR CHILDREN

  16. I would sooner abort than ever raise a child in this country. And none of you can stop me 😊 You can't stop me from having sex. Can't stop me from getting an abortion. But it's cute that you think you can lecture me about my life choices.

  17. As Republicans Rejoice, if you are a Man and your wife is having a Miscarriage, you're in tough luck finding a Doctor willing to Risk his or her license to Clean her out in your Red State while She's Bleeding and in Pain. Miscarriage is Abortion.

  18. I can’t understand why so many women are angry about this ban. Aren’t that exception like rapes.. etc already exisiting?

  19. The liberal hypocrisy is hilarious. According to them black lives matter….unless they’re babies. Learn some personal responsibility you dirty hippies. Abortions aren’t performed on the woman, they’re performed in the baby. Honestly I’m down for your right to choose, however I’m still going to call you a murderer. Ya’ll called me baby killer when I was a soldier, looks like you people are the baby killers.

  20. Pelosi arrogance and vanity , Inept and negligent some times very stupid

    Rather than be focus on what is important to American people

    1-Ghetos all over the country

    2-Poverty everywhere the country

    3-Medicine prices very high for Americans

    4-more than half of million people living in the street around all USA

    5-Inflation Ramping

    6-Gas prices skyrocket

    7-Universities tuition we can not afford

    8-Illegal emigrants. border out control. etc etc etc

    9-street full of Drugs

    10- war of drug dealer amount the cities all over the country

    This trip is about her , about her legacy-arrogance – Blind to see what is important to American People -selfish way- Using years in politic for her own benefit.

    There is nothing to show to American people

    The decision by House Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) to visit Taiwan was, as Thomas Friedman wrote earlier this week, “utterly reckless, dangerous and irresponsible.”

    Pelosi’s trip neither improved Taiwan’s security nor strengthened global democracy — in fact, it does the opposite. The trip raises fears of conflict in the region by needlessly provoking China, and it directly undermines the West’s goals in Ukraine by bringing Beijing and Moscow closer together.

    Moreover, the Speaker’s decision was politically unwise, uncharacteristically so. By making the trip, Pelosi publicly thumbed her nose at the Biden administration — which repeatedly indicated its desire for her not to visit Taiwan — at a time when President Biden is already struggling to present himself as a strong, capable commander in chief.

    Simply put, Speaker Pelosi should have known better.

    Given the United States’ and China’s fragile and, at times, antagonistic relationship, it was clear before Pelosi made the trip that China would use her visit as a pretext to take provocative military action in the region in retaliation.

    In response to Pelosi’s visit, China launched live-fire military drills, firing intense barrages of ballistic missiles and artillery off Taiwan’s coast. This forced commercial flights and ships to change course and amounted to what the Taiwanese military has called “an air and sea blockade of Taiwan.”

    On Friday, China also announced that it would cease cooperation with the United States on numerous policy areas, including military relations, defense maritime safety and climate change.

    Moreover, by antagonizing China for senseless self-promotion, Pelosi undoubtedly will bring Beijing and Moscow closer, directly undermining the West’s efforts to isolate Russia and aid Ukraine amid the ongoing war.

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has facilitated an axis of authoritarianism which includes Russia and China as well as Iran. These authoritarian countries have made known their intentions to bring down the Western-led liberal world order that has prevailed since the end of World War II. The timing of Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan only strengthens this unholy alliance.

    As tensions between the United States and China intensify, Moscow is already seizing on the opportunity to deepen its relationship with Beijing. At some point, Putin could seek even more Chinese support for the war in Ukraine, possibly including military support, something China has so far avoided providing.

    Leading up to Speaker Pelosi’s visit, the Kremlin reprimanded the United States and reiterated its support for China in a statement: “We want to emphasize once again that we are absolutely in solidarity with China … Washington is bringing destabilization to the world.”

  21. I hope abortion is illegal everywhere I mean the you should at least just have the child and the put up for adoption but everyone is here for a reason

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