‘We’re getting burned by inflation’ even as jobs grow: Diane Swonk on jobs report | ABCNL

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth spoke to KPMG chief economist Diane Swonk on the current state of the economy following the latest jobs report amid ongoing concerns over inflation.

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Author: Rafael


24 thoughts on “‘We’re getting burned by inflation’ even as jobs grow: Diane Swonk on jobs report | ABCNL

  1. Nothing new in this discussion. Everything has been on the news for the last 12 months. All people in Fed and most economists have failed to confessed QE is the root cause of inflation. The fix must start from fixing QE leftover. Also, inflation is not a function of only employment and salary. Other than foods, almost all of our goods are dependent of foreign countries. Focusing on US only is not on the right path.

  2. This anchoress is either woefully short of the necessary intelligence this conversation requires or she presumes her viewers are unenlightened Fenians lacking the grand wisdom blessed only to the children of Greenwich, soho, and Bel Air. likely it is both

    GDP growth hasn’t ‘slowed,’ you slimy worm. it has decreased for 2 full quarters now, as the entire past week of news cycles focused on

  3. This is not "inflation". This was brought on mostly by the greedy Fossil Fuel Industry. We got sponged, people. Check out corporate profits to understand what has happened. The rest is BS. Don't be fooled by this crap.

  4. There is no greater joy in the world than watching EVERYONE suffer as a result of their OWN deviant actions. ABSOLUTE ZERO EXCEPTIONS. ABSOLUTE ZERO EMPATHY.

  5. Purchasing power is all that matters. Wages, prices…all arbitrary numbers…it's their relation that matters. And you've been losing, american gerbil, ever since that foggy morning on August 13th, 1981 when Reagan signed the ERTA on his ranch. Get educated…or get used to ramen. burp

  6. Sure glad I'm retired, none of this job crap is of any concern.
    I only work for myself on my land, for my benefit. Tax free.
    All my labor hours are my own. Don't have to pay tax on your labor if you pay yourself with your own labor.
    1. NEVER use/let usury credit control you, zionist invention.
    2. NEVER go to a bank to ask for money. LOANSHARKS
    3. LEARN to SAVE if you didn't learn as a kid.
    4. "A lender nor a borrower be, and you'll lose no friends."
    5. When buying a car or a house pay cash.
    6. Don't gamble, casino or Wall St. the odds are against you.
    7. Use a local Savings and Loan as opposed to a bank.
    8. Too late now but I would advise NEVER get a "can you hear me now/tracking device" with all your life on it. Real dumb.

    You shouldda bought gold after Y2K when it was $200 bucks.

  7. Biden the wizard on the shining hill: Pay no attention to what you are seeing behind the curtain, it is not inflation. America is doing well and dandy.
    Democrats: Yes all knowing and wise wizard. 😵‍💫😵‍💫

  8. 11 of the top 12 states with the highest poverty rate are the Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas.

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    I will be at the pool and Sun in Fun RV Resort in Sarasota by 10 AM. Please have someone who could use the money and willing to talk go to the open Mic and get the ball rolling! Thanks
    So much!

  10. Let me break it down for ya. Peeps dont dig being paid minimum wage! Peeps dont dig on no health care! So all us regular people who use to do your cleaning and the like. They went and got online jobs and or only fans! 😆 So if yall richies want your factory/labor and especially food service people back, yall need ta start paying more!!! We dont care if yall get your mocha cappuccino!

  11. STOP VOTING SOCIALIST MARXIST DEMOCRAT! This party WILL destroy America! We have foreign body in power and they are not working for citizens they are working fir themselves illegals and criminals! It’s time that criminal party was purged.

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