A house fire in northeastern Pennsylvania kills 10

A house fire in northeastern Pennsylvania has killed 10 people, including three children. A volunteer firefighter arriving on the scene discovered many were his family members.



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  1. Investigators have said the fire started on the front porch. I would bet there was a sofa on the front porch and careless smoking lit it up. I have seen this multiple times. So sad. People, do not have indoor furniture on your porch. It IS a fire hazard.

  2. Awful, just so horrific, words cannot express my sorror for this poor man and the loss of his dear family members and pets. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

  3. living in a flood zone? heavy rains? better be prepared. buy inflatable dinghy boat + oars + pump? + life jackets??

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  4. the front porch exploded into flame like a firebomb smoke detectors you are seriously delusional at this point to blame self negligence read the article you stupid trolls 13 dogs could not escape, did the lack of smoke detectors break down their instincts or something to a noisy hot fireball consuming the front of the house in seconds?

  5. Fron't porch explosion with flames fire that could not be put out, and it was not the house gas line no one was bbqing no one said they were. Cluttered porches don't just explode. If someone wanted to "go to war" on a fire fighter with arson and s***, they would fire bomb the front porch of their house. Not one mention by authorities that this could be arson, firebombing, and a method in which firefighters are often targeted. So sick of the way they always putting firefighters in danger even when there is no forest fire. This is unacceptable, we know it was arson it was a flame cocktail or a firebomb. There is no way an experienced fire fighting family just dies in mass accidentally to and accidental fire. For one we know they did not cause the fire themselves and we know it was not electrical cause it started with an explosion on the porch which points to an attack from the street. No one saw anyone setting fire to anything either, if you chuck something drive off who would necessarily see you when they don't know what your up to to expect it? Its infuriating that they act like this case isn't already suspicious from the getco. Prayers for our firefighters, everyone is not watering like government tells them when fire risk is high which is completely counter productive to responding to the threat of fire. Irrigation keeps things from burning in the bush and around towns, but instead the government send them in once the fire has already started using over 10 times the water, and only to buy time to evacuate cause the hosed area's burn all the same once they let things get that dry.

  6. WTH is going on💔🥺😶😶😶 We aren't even safe in our own house nowadays, be safe ppl🙏 This is heartbreaking 💔🥺😶😶😶

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