Anne Heche hospitalized

The actress remained hospitalized in “stable condition” after slamming her car into a home, a representative said. ABC News’ Will Ganss has the latest on the crash.


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  2. Well wishes my ass she needs to go to jail. Well wishes to the one she almost killed in her own home. Because she's a so called celebrity she suppose to get a pass. Hell No!

  3. Anne Hache is a strange person. Years ago she walked into a stranger's home in New Mexico and started a conversation with them, making them drinks and giving the couple both a foot massage. They called the police to have her psychological evaluation. Reports of hit and runs and now this crash, it sounds like she needs serious therapy.

  4. Burns requiring surgery, she was intubated…dude, that's N O T "stable"
    Condition. That's critical condition.

  5. She's probably been given the COVID vaccination and may have fainted while driving the car. You know, people don't only do that when they're performing stand-up comedy, they do it when they're driving, flying planes (almost all airlines forced their pilots to be vaccinated), and even walking, though who does that in LA? Also, some batches of the vaccine have graphene, when, when near power lines can irradiate a person. I believe that that is why there has been such an increase in car accidents since the vaccine rollout.

  6. Friends don't need to launch a go fund me they need to launch a go sue me along with a drug test… Authorities are "trying to determine if alcohol/drugs were involved…" So they didn't take a blood test after a wreck like that? Crazy

  7. Of course Alec Baldwin supports Anne Heche. He probably doesn't feel it is her fault that she was driving under the influence, crashed her car into a house at high speed, nearly killing someone. He doesn't feel he is responsible for when he took a firearm, without checking it, pointed it at someone and pulled the trigger, killing them. He blames others for it, even though firearms safety tells you to always check a firearm that is handed to you, even if ten people before you have checked it. And if he didn't have firearms safety training, he shouldn't be handling a firearm. Anyone with common sense will tell you not to handle a firearm without firearms safety training. Hollywood and the liberals want more firearms regulations and control, but don't feel it applies to them. I am sure if a normal citizen had done shot one of his friends under those circumstances, he would be screaming for more gun control and for the person to be held accountable.

  8. So sad for Anne, so sad for the homeowner. Thank God the homeowner survived this mess. She is Sooo…blessed. Sounds like Anne has some horrific issues. Didn’t anyone see this coming? So sad that this could possibly end her life. If not she has a long road ahead of her. Wish them all the best.

  9. She drove right through a house! Destroyed everything. Sixty firefighters. I don’t know what she was on. Alcohol, drugs? It looks like a kamikaze action. Totally nuts.

  10. I agree with so many commenters here that it sucks that all the limelight is on the disgraceful driver that crashed senselessly into two homes of innocent people, I feel bad for the lady who lost her home and belongs because of the reckless act of the driver if she deliberately crashed into the home. Although if it was something accidental and not under the influence of intoxication, then I do hope for a full recovery of the driver too but I 100% send prayers and thoughts to the victims that owned the home that got destroyed. I do hope they get a lot of support.

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  13. So funny how media covers for these hollywood drug addicts! She could have killed alittle kid driving through that subdivision! She could have killed anyone in the house and yet msm says “ our thoughts and prayers”. Screw that entitled fool! She belongs in prison

  14. Heche isn't going to make it. Severe burns like that are usually fatal after a couple of days. She'll appear to stabilize for a day or so and then downhill very quickly..

  15. Best wishes to Anne Hecht (wtf??)….how about best wishes to the person whose home she crashed into while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol!!

  16. These celebs are so sweet. You got the guy who shot and killed (accidentally ofcoarse) a person in a film set.. wishing a raging drunk driver a speedy recovery from her attempt at being the next formula 1 top driver.


  17. FULL ACCOUNTABLILITY and enforcement under the law – prison and fines. L.A. District Attorney Do Your Job! "No Kangaroo Court Style Justice, No Perks, No Privilege's and No Impunity because of Heche's celebrity status. Provide the Public Full Transparency and Access like was done in the Depp vs Heard Trial in Virginia."

  18. LITTLE SYMPATHY for HECHE. The greater sentiment is that Anne Heche was criminal. Multiple reports, caught on video and eyewitness accounts, of high speed reckless driving thru other neighborhoods that same morning. Then Heche hit and fled the site of an apartment complex before raining terror and the complete destruction on the home of a long time resident and her beloved pets, two dogs and a tortoise. They are true victims, they lost everything. Pray for them.

  19. You can clearly see her behavior as it appears she's under the influence of alcohol / drugs or both. Selfish act on her part. My prayers certainly will go to all involved 🙏

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