Senate Democrats pass climate, tax and health care bill

The Senate on Sunday passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) along party lines, 51-50, handing Democrats a crucial legislative win.


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21 thoughts on “Senate Democrats pass climate, tax and health care bill

  1. Bipartisan cooperation, say what? I am a wildlife biologist, and I am witnessing the fifth biggest extinction level event in earth's 4 billion years. My purpose is to protect these cute little creatures and prevent their extinctions. In the movie "Man of the House" Jonathan Taylor Thomas teaches us about recycling. Jesse and Randolf go to great lengths to "Free Willy". Doug Smith of Yellowstone reintroduces the "Gray Wolf" in America. In the movie "Spirit Bear" Simon Jackson teaches us how to save and preserve habitat. Alanis Morrisette taught us to be "Citizens of the Planet". Vice President Al Gore WON the battle to save the Ozone and end harmful refrigerants plus many, many other pertinent things. Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov begged us to "Save the Vales". David Attenborough of the BBC taught us that the wild things are not only fascinating but worth saving! Jason and Nisa got up and danced "The Lambada" to save the rain forest from that nasty Petramco. We have had little victories since the 1990s, mainly about awareness of Human impacts on Mother Nature and Planet Earth. We can do this people!!!!!!!! Little acts of natural preservation add up to big things!!!!!!!!

    Today I am finally proud of Joe and Kamala (Thank You Ms. "Tie-Breaker" Harris for choosing LIFE) and everyone else for helping to save the planet. I cannot prove it but by reducing the burning of fossil fuels we as nation/planet can slow or even reverse climate change. Today many Americans and Citizens of the Planet celebrate a huge victory by reducing carbon emissions. Two weeks ago I parked my car and bought an E-Bike to get me to work. Tomorrow I buy a cheapy solar generator to charge it. I also bought a Train/Bus pass. I love fresh air and the critters of earth love a normal climate with normal rainfall.

  2. Historically bad bill ……….. Pay Up Suckers, and don't think for a minute they wont be coming after you also for your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. 39,000 views 300 likes. Like every other view about this topic. Democrats love to fail and really pass people off. This electric car thing is so cute US does not have the power grid for it and the BIGGEST PROBLEM. Each electric car manufacturer has a different power charger and that's just not going to work but shhhhh don't tell anyone.

  4. Enjoy yalls higher taxes sheep. Oh and you think those 30k new IRS employees were brought in to audit all the democrats rich buddies? Hollywood elite? Political elite? No they were brought in to audit YOU!

  5. We need people in our government who understand what it's like to live in poverty. People who are determined to develope ways for lower class citizens not to have to live from paycheck to paycheck anymore. People who are compassionate and selfless enough to see themselves in a poor person's shoes and understand how it feels to never have enough.

  6. More than 580,000 people were homeless in the U.S. on a given night. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, it would cost $20 billion to end homelessness in the United States. The government spends an average of $35,578 per year for every person that endures chronic homelessness. That's roughly $237,333.33 per proposed 87,000 additional IRS agents not including 74,000 current agents.
    Internal Revenue Service (IRS) pay? U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) pays its employees an average of $76,233 a year or $5,641,242,000 for the current 74,000 employees. The projected cost of the total 161,000 employees would likely exceed $12,273,513,000 more than 1/2 of the amount of money needed to end homelessness in America

  7. The IRA is a huge step towards creating a green capitalist industry that wrongly assumes the economic benefits will trickle down to low-income communities and households,

  8. My appreciation goes to Dr OSABA on YouTube for taking his time to cure me of my Alopecia after 3years, Dr osaba always have cure for other chronic diseases .

  9. Democrats have hired 87,000 new Gestapo agents to target Conservatives.
    Democrats are the greatest threat to Freedom in the world.

    The oppressive Biden regime is just beginning.
    The tyrannical despotic behavior of Democrats is on display for the world to see.
    MSM has pushed disinformation for years, and they can never be trusted.

  10. Self interest is for the past; common interest is for the future. D.Attenborough.

    Native: Your kids can name more KPop groups than trees. – S.Sherman

    Manchin: "I haven't done anything that isn't for my state or my country". That includes polluting the state and country for personal profit.

    Trump: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive"..

  11. This is the most irresponsible and ridiculous bill I have ever seen! This makes no sense, how will spending another 750 billion combat inflation? This is like a bad dream, the fact our congressional chamber of the USA is this corrupt should be the biggest concern of every citizen in the country! This will weaponize the IRS, giving them double the agents they currently have. They will be targeting not only the middle class, but anyone making more than $35k annually, all small business, gig workers and low income individuals. This is a blueprint on how to destroy the US economy and it's wealth. The fact so many are this blind to it scares me the most! They have some positive in the bill but the goal always was tax hikes and increases manpower. Please look at the big picture, as to what their end goal is and what they have done to it's own citizens over the last 18 months.. If we continue to vote in these progressive democrat/socialist politicians, our country will be the next "Venezuela".. Please think about your future but most of all the future of your children and their children! America is slowly becoming a socialist dictatorship that consists of one party rule with absolutely zero opposition. Lord help us!!

  12. Political victory, lol?…So where's all that electricity and 💰 supposed to come from?…Fire Marshall Bill and Laughing hyena are sending this country into hades fast…

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