Florida court rules 16-year-old girl not ‘sufficiently mature’ to get an abortion | WNT

A 16-year-old girl living with a guardian was told by a Florida court she is not “sufficiently mature” to petition for an abortion in the absence of parental permission.



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  1. Parentless….living with a relative…still can find a way to be responsible enough to say YES to sex…now doesn't want the responsibility of that outcome ❤️‍🩹

  2. Leftists: "We can abort babies because they're dependent on others!"

    Me: "Don't you advocate for others to take care of you regarding things like school loans, healthcare, etc?"

  3. The court's ruling is aimed at the doctor not the teen.

    Perfectly legal for the teen to take abortion pills without a doctor's prescription.

    Perfectly legal for the teen to travel to another state to procure an abortion then return back home to Florida.

    Of course the anti-choice out of control fanatical prosecutors would go after anyone involved other than the teen AFTER the teen procured a LAWFUL abortion.

  4. Not mature enough to have an abortion but mature enough to raise a fucking child? Make it make sense. Oh wait, you cant.

  5. So she's not mature enough to have an abortion, but she IS some how mature enough to carry a child to term successfully for the child AND her, and then mature enough to raise a child? Is she mature enough to make enough money to provide for the baby too? STOP TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE LIVE LIKE A "CHRISTIAN" !!!

  6. Each crisis pregnancy is an opportunity to reach beyond the immediate circumstances and to build life-respecting responses, where each new life is seen as an opportunity. It is up to us to show this in a loving and supportive way both to women facing untimely pregnancies and those who see the poverty, injustice, and brutality of abortion as a "cure" to poverty, injustice, and brutality.

  7. It is frightening to contemplate how easily people can separate the violence of abortion from the stories of family violence heard on the news. Perhaps that is why it seems kinder to them to kill a voiceless, unseen baby in the womb.

  8. She was grown enough to open her legs knowing the consequences right…They wanna run around and have a hot girl summer but don't want to take responsibility for they're actions, please. You knew you didn't have a job and still open your legs, you knew the guy you was sleeping with couldn't take care of a child but you still decided to have sex, you knew you was trying to get your GED but still that didn't stop you..girl bye

  9. Hmm a 16 year old girl with no job studying in school smart enough tho realize she isn’t prepared for whatever reason to have a child, but not wise enough to abstain from pre marital promiscuous sex… why don’t I see anyone in the comment section mentioning the lack of maturity/ legality on behalf of the male sperm donor, or parents ie: protection from a Father figure….

    No let’s just kill a baby.

  10. Just like this Florida law that protects fetal turtles from the moment they are laid, our governments also have the responsibility of safeguarding human life from the moment it is conceived (since humans don't lay eggs).

  11. An unemployed, impoverished, undereducated, single teenager will be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy because she could give the child up for adoption (and likely will be forced to.) But an educated, married couple will be denied adoption due to low income. And at several agencies – at least here in the Bible belt – you have to be a practicing Christian. Seems like the system is geared towards making money rather than helping children.

  12. As a male, I'm not going to worry about the abortion issue. If women want freedom of choice, they need only vote democrat. Women are more than half of all voters.

  13. Its strange that a 16 year old needs the parents consent for an abortion. Yes, its a medical procedure, but giving birth is more dangerous than an abortion so it should not be an issue.

  14. I'm pretty sure most women or young girls that decide to abort will live with that for the rest of their lives and that burden is probably like know other , in the end God will pass his judgement and know one else should do so. What would happen if rape or pregnancy due to incest increased that men would be forced to have a vasectomy or maybe over population would force this on men it wouldn't happen so why force women

  15. If she claims to be mature than why doesn't she just give the baby up for adoption instead of murdering it,, there is that choice everybody tends to forget about…

  16. – A letter from the voiceless-
    Dear Mom,
      I want to start by saying I love you, you were my first connection with another person. And I hoped I would get to see you face to face, hear your sweet voice sing to me sleep, But that never happened. Whatever I did I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you or cause you any trouble, I just wanted you to be my mommy. What I went through physically hurt me, and I hope no one ever has to go through that again. But what hurt me even worst was the fact that my mommy that I love so much hated me. So much that you wouldn't even acknowledge that I was alive(lacking the ability to breathe unaided), you called me it(a clump of cells). And after all that you threw me away(like garbage), you wouldn't even do that to a pair of old shoes. Now it's to late for me, but on my behalf can you try to stop this from happening to any other babies. PLEASE!
                      The Unwanted

    P.S. I forgive you.

  17. This is heartbreaking. A teen with no parents, doesn't sound like she is in school as she's trying to get a GED . I wish there was a way to help her. Can people donate for this teen to leave the state and get the help she needs?

  18. She's sufficiently mature enough to change gender, drive, get married with adult permission, have apps collect her private data, use social media, wear makeup, get a tattoo, use drugs, and shoot guns under supervision, but she's not mature enough to decide if she wants an abortion? 😂

  19. Everyone is talking about the girl suffering consequences for her actions, but there was also a guy involved. What kind of consequences will be forced on him??? How about we give him a painful std & withhold medical treatment for 9 months? For every woman forced to carry a child, there is also a guy that should suffer along with her for contributing to an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy.

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  21. Let me get this right. She is not mature enough handle the consequences an abortion might bring into her life. She is mature enough to handle the consequences of carrying and giving birth to a baby. The consequences of raising that child if she keeps it, or what consequences may occur to her mental health if she gives it up for adoption. And that is just the mental consequences and doesn’t address the physical complications and monetary drain that could affect her for the rest of her life.

  22. If you don’t have the mental financial in maturity to give birth then raise your child after pregnancy I would recommend more sufficient birth-control techniques!!

    The left are such evil sickos and this video is evidence that they will go to absolutely all lengths to kill unborn babies!!

    A former high ranking ambassador from the former administration had a theory that the United States specifically the entire left leaning political base is actually secretly controlled by communists!!

    He didn’t give any names or any specifics so they are all allegations but the tidbits of information and how he painted the picture was extremely compelling!!

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