1 year since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan | ABC News

ABC News chief foreign correspondent Ian Pannell reports from Afghanistan one year after the Taliban takeover on “This Week.”

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30 thoughts on “1 year since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan | ABC News

  1. The only wrong thing with Afghanistan is America trying to protect it from no one, majority of the people in Afghanistan wanted to be Taliban..

  2. Respect the culture and religious beliefs of Afghanistan. The women of Afghanistan will never wear Bikini and people of Afghanistan will never accept western culture. Leave Afghanistan alone . Support Afghanistan if you can.

  3. The ego of Americans is astonishing, after the shameful defeat they are still punishing the people they claimed to help by freezing their assets and funds.

  4. OF COURSE, We Americans are no longer interested in Afghanistan!

    We HAD to abruptly CUT 'n RUN, abandoning women and children, in order to prepare for a PROXY-WAR in Ukraine.

    But, don't worry. White or not, we will eventually abandon them too. Even if no American soldiers are dying there, since

    We got the Ukraine "Mujahedeen" fighting for US. 'To The Last Ukrainian!'

    Name ONE U.S. Ally we fought with, in the last 50 years that we DIDN'T eventually abandon. YOU are NEXXT!!

    As soon as we get the delivery receipts for the ARMS-EXPORTS. . .

    Then just sit back, and enjoy watching stock-value rise for our MILITARY-CONTRACTORS.

  5. One year since the first of many foreign policy failures by this bungling administration…and still the propagandists in the media try to cover for Biden.

  6. I remember Trump saying the Taliban was basically defeated. A year after the US removed troops, they look stronger than ever. What happened to the Afghan Army? They didn't want to fight for their country? US should've never went there.

  7. I am a believer in western values and morals. But I live in western civilization. Many people in Afghanistan do not believe the same as me. It is their country and civilization. I do want them to impose their beliefs on me. They should be left to sort it out for themselves. I was around when we abandoned Saigon. It was the right thing to do and seems to have turned out alright.

  8. What a load of bull dang… I am in Kabul and I do Not recognise 90% of the city he is describing. Fruits are sold mostly by a measurment of 7kg, unless you do not need that much. You can get 7kg of fresh tasty organic apples for as little as $1.50. You can get 7kg of grapes for even less. A dozen of bananas for as little as 40 cents. A nan bread for 13 cent. A double nan bread twice the weight for 25 cents. Of course if you only visit the posh end of the bazar frequented by westerners, prices might be slightly higher.
    Even the poorest of the poor, the beggers on the streets are estimated to be earning between 300AFN to 400AFN per day. That is between $4 and $5 per day.
    Now you do the maths. If the poorest in a country can go home at night with 5 large nan breads and 7kg of fresh fruits and still money to spare, would you call that a catastrophe? I am aware of some many so called better off countries where people eat tree leaves and add tree bark powder to their flour to make do, but you will never hear about them. They are not news worthy because there is no political interest thus not able to attract doomsday news channels. I won't even start mentioning the improvements in safety and security and other sectors.

  9. Its Americas fault (well rather, Bidens fault) we were there fighting as a response to 9/11 why we stayed for so long ill never understand… but the Afghan people greatly relied on us… we were there fighting for them on behalf of them at some point, I believe they seen us as THEIR police THEIR military… and then we just up and abandon them leaving them completely vulnerable even 13 US soldiers

  10. Afghanistan wanted the Taliban to be in charge, so now they can deal with it. Too bad if they starve. Not a US problem. If they starve, just less future terrorists. Can’t save all the puppies…..

  11. The Taliban are Freedom Fighters who defeated the American Invaders. As a proud Muslim, I support the Taliban. It was a historic victory.

    Now that the American cowards have realised that it is impossible to defeat the Afghans on the battlefield, they have resorted to economic sanctions and propaganda.

  12. Why would the world support the Taliban after they took over Afghanistan. Don’t take over a country if you don’t have the means and support to run it sorry.

  13. How can you call Kabul a takeover that land belongs to their people I would call it liberating their own country from the Commonwealth all they need to do now is take the commonwealth to war before they stave to death

  14. The afghan people got a flavour of living freely and hope for their daughters and sons to have a bright and equal future. When the West left in a catastrophic way millions of afghan men had the opportunity to resist the taliban but none did. Now they want the world to sort out their economic and humanitarian situation. What planet do you love on? You wanted this government or regime in charge and now they've got to sort it out. Make your bed you lie in it.

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