Abbott responds to criticism of his handling of migrants

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and New York City Mayor Eric Adams have been in a political battle over bussing migrants from Texas to New York.


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30 thoughts on “Abbott responds to criticism of his handling of migrants

  1. Thank you gov Abbott! It’s the only way for some to see bindens disastrous open border policies. All in an attempt to garner more democratic votes!

  2. POSTCARD FROM AMERICA. Homeless line the dirty American streets.

    Mexicans die in the back of trucks while pink Ukrainians get guided tours.

    Title 42: Americans infect Mexicans with Covid. US 1,062,333 Mexico 328,947.

    Pinkies stole California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Western Colorado from Mexico.

  3. LET STATES BUILD THEIR OWN BORDER WALLS! If Texas voters really care about stopping illegal immigration, GREAT! Make them, the taxpayers, bear the cost! That's what you get for living in a border state! States that don't invest in a barrier along their southern border (i.e. California and New Mexico) can serve as the new entry points for all these migrants! Let them practice what they preach! (I say this as a liberal California voter, by the way.) PROBLEM SOLVED!

  4. Keep up the good work Abbott! Continue sending them to NYC and DC to show what Texas has to deal with everyday, thanks to Brandon’s open border policies

  5. Abbott angry a million bed
    Bugs, spiders, snakes, sent to Texas to live in
    Texas hotels, homes.
    Next week it's tarantulas
    Infected pythons, and
    Rats, lots, lots of rats.
    Pick em up, trap em, mail
    To Greg asswole abbott,
    The walking billboard for
    I'm a fuken traitor. Hang me.

  6. Ha Ha, what the governor is "USING ILLEGALS for theatre ? "WHILE Joe uses HUMANS as his own PAWNS…Get the message STRAIGHT.
    Reasonable PEOPLE " realize" that if New York doesn't want them, then STATE the real reasons WHY? And GOOD, let them fill your expensive hotels since you close down the cheap ones the HOMELESS needed. GOV ABBOTT'S DOING THE ONLY THING HE "CAN" with a Fake Administration of GangsterS calling the shots!

  7. 11 of the top 12 states with the highest poverty rate are the Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas.

  8. He is doing what he accuses Biden and Eric of doing not communicating and coordinating. He wants political points from his base to avoid criticism he's getting here in Texas in an election years. The problem is real his outrage is not and he sounds like a angry child you did that so I'm going to do this ridiculous.

  9. Remember my dad started up at the fantasy that are for the ex president and especially Republicans especially that worse the governor of Texas everyone live in a fantasy it is but not moving forward to the future but I wanted to say that that everyone this is not the fantasy of a United States fantasy of America this is that United States of America the people citizens everyone and one more thing I wanted to say this very seriously about it sometimes that I died many of journalists and reporters that are not reported that are for Latinos anyway it could be like it make America divided again it's that only matter in time that this month my next month the other month of a forward and the end of the month that are on December on 2022 and by next year in 2023 what's going to happen next and I want to speak is for you need me to understand and I need to tell you the truth the governor of Texas that what is his problem is he just needed to spit it out on his mouth and say the right way it is and not to mention that other remember that of the shooting that of the school right there and what embarrassing that up from the SWAT Andy taxes officers and especially that they're bringing over Texas border patrol I mean what is that anyway now we're already lost that I over the future of a Latinas for kids and you know who's responsibility is the governor of Texas the mayor of Texas a republican especially data for the officers in Texas the SWAT team in Texas and even worse the portable Patrol of security right there they're not officers they're like a border patrol in the in a border right there but not in the streets and other different locations and sometimes that people that I want a mess they done everyone knows including that for many Latina sentences Americans and Latina Americans right here including that over there in Texas I want to say this for telling the truth about it everyone sometimes that are you forgot something and sometimes the data you forgot something that I losing a family's loved ones and children not to mention that I remember that in Texas in Walmart the shooting Latina Americans and American people lost their life

  10. I want to say this that for many of Americans that are you think that I will like migrants immigrants illegal aliens Mexicans were not we're like different kind of people that are of well you think that we have the same hair the same face the same height and not to mention that of well you don't give us about to teach or learn or even a great respect or even worse and translation but I want to say this that for all of you that English in the front and Spanish in the back or the Spanish in the fun and English in the back from receiving of a male or message and even by phone call because everyone have their names of a Latino names that's the truth anyway and especially that well others like Republicans of Governors and Mayors are now to be United working with Latinos Americans or Latino citizens that's the truth anyway but the governor of Texas is just like a fantasy like the ex-president

  11. It's not true about this Governor that a text is that he's not telling the truth because in 2017 18 19 that are more people came in that are about radical of ex-president Trump that of a he have known any backup no responsibility especially not even the governor that he's not even saying for telling the truth anyway in Texas and by the way everyone why the governor that I sent over like well people already have documents and records are ready that is on the border with Texas and why that I can bring those people that are in New York City anyway what his state that is not big enough anyway because there is more jobs that in Texas anyways and why is that that he wanted to well to make America divided that are from Americans and Latinos right now and one more thing for all of you right now the same thing right here that in New York City as well I could tell you that I'm not very happy that in New York one more thing. Is not United well bringing that up all people that they have your future no job no skills especially that not even close to learning you need to have a chance of future because family but I got an in United States of America anyway and I wanted to say this that the governor of Texas that he's just like Trump tomorrow he is and you know this that at the Trump meditation I want to keep this a secret but not reveal or even to the news journalist and reporters but however everyone I wanted to say this one more time again someone need to tell that that governor of Texas right there that are the more jobs that are of making of the fastest train ever especially the of a grow over the economy of a smaller business especially that of a more of a people need some jobs in Texas for many Latinos especially.. the people already have a Latino citizen Americans then they can work right there and those other people that got a documents and info about that they had to wait for over like a year and I wanted to say this everyone right now sometimes that are the governor of Texas that I if he wanted to bully or about a Latinos Americans and citizens and not a sentence and not Americans and not Americans you could be making of a you can make confused to you

    And PS I speak of up to language if we will of my conversation and Free Will data about a space of Spanish and English and English and Spanish and for the people in New Yorkers right now that made up Manhattan and lower my head then please do not bully and especially that please respect from many of Latino Tendencies because if you going to say that this is not Latino sentence you can make you can make confused and you can make it confusing from others into everyone especially well what's the problem that it is Latinos hairs anyway you know and I wanted to say this that Governor's got a Republicans are not with us to be United for the going to be like well make America divided again in 2024 and today right now is still divided and by next year in 2023 still divided you know and I wanted to say that everyone please what is your problem anyway because it's only speak a different language how to say this what is try to you want to pick a bully anyway and by the way I wanted to say this very seriously about it if you don't have no respect of a Latino in New Yorkers right now where are you anyway you're not ready for the future moving forward yet but it's that only matter of time that I all of you that is your choice to waste anyway hey I speak only for telling the truth especially that the governor Texas he got more jobs anyway

  12. But these are people! They don’t deserve this treatment. They want to be here for a lot of reasons, so figure them out first. Then send the rejects back. Keep the good ones, as our businesses need help. With a step up in life, their kids might be doctors, inventors. Where is your humanity? Oh, I remember now, you just want white people.

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