Court hearing today on Trump search affidavit

The Florida judge who approved the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago will decide whether to unseal the affidavit used to justify that search. ABC News’ Mona Kosar Abdi reports.


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27 thoughts on “Court hearing today on Trump search affidavit

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  2. The majority of 45's money will be
    acquired by the authorities to help
    fund all of this mess. So, yes, provide
    45 with your routing #'s red hats.

  3. dollar of his personal money and
    apply it towards the cost of this mess.
    He will not need $ while on house arrest.
    Let him eat cup o' noodles like us.

  4. "Cause significant and irreparable damage…ongoing investigation"?
    Ya got that fk'n right! It will show it to be the sham that it is!

  5. Well, enjoy the man you got in the White House. You wanted Biden, you got Biden. He just signed another tax bill for the middle class to pay, there will be another 87,000 more armed to kill IRS agents added to the largest government in the world that manufactures nothing but laws. Nothing but misinformation now out of Biden Administration and Democrats. The very rich don’t have enough wealth to pay for this government so the agents will go after the middle class. Is math and history taught in schools anymore? So enjoy your man in the White House, oh and “Hey man.”

  6. The ONLY reason the GOP Right Wing Republicans want the affidavit unsealed is so they can learn the name(s) of the informant and witnesses. Their history of calling out names and addresses of anyone who has the courage to stand up for democracy and the law is sufficient to give the judge pause in unsealing the warrant affidavit. The tweets alone of the FBI agents, their family homes, and their children is unconscionable. They have become morally corrupt and full of sin since their allegiance to Trump.

  7. If so much of the Trump Mar a Lago affidavit which formed the basis for the Mar a Logo Raid is so sensitive it can't be disclosed to the Public … How The F**k did a lowly Federal Magistrate qualify to see, much less approve, a highly sensitive warrant about Top Secret- Eyes Only matters? …

  8. CNN+ BREAKING NEWS: DOJ Unseals Trump Mar-A-Lago Raid Affidavit – Reveals Jan. 6 Committee Queen Bee Liz “my dad shot a dude in the face” Cheney Told FBI That She Heard Mark Meadows Say That A Secret Service Agent’s Friend’s Cousin’s Husbands Boy Friends Hair Stylist Once Heard That One Of Trump’s Other Aides Massage Therapist Said She Thinks She Heard Him Say He Not Only Wanted To 'Do An Insurrection', But Also Bought Melania Panties That Said “I am the BOMB!” and “My Missile Is In Your Silo!”, which could have been a secret cryptic message about nuclear secrets. “So stunning.. and brave, that Liz Cheney” stated the FBI, sources say. 📺🐑 #LGBFJBMAP+ 📺🐑🐑

  9. The whole world is set up to show Consequences for doing wrong.

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself Jesus said. And come follow Me ❤️📖nkjv 🙏😑🕊

  10. Trump supporters swear that Donald is being framed and that there is a massive conspiracy to take him down. Trump has been tied to corrupt individuals for decades. In fact, he himself has been connected to corrupt and shady practices both in his business dealings, and even throughout his Presidency. I wonder what that says about Trump as a person?

  11. I’m neither Democrat or Republican but I’m so over the Republicans and this Trump Cult! Cults are bad but this one has somehow managed to worm their way into government and are trying to terrorize 🇺🇸. The day God puts his whole foot up in them and their Allie’s is a day I’m here for! They took our mothers🇺🇸documents and they want justification hades to the No! I’m sooooo over this cult and the people who keeps shoving them and their sick feelings(We don’t care)down our throats.

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