Judge indicates portions of Mar-a-Lago search affidavit could be unsealed

News organizations argue releasing the affidavit is in the public interest.


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22 thoughts on “Judge indicates portions of Mar-a-Lago search affidavit could be unsealed

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  3. Why is this so important to unseal, the government have more secrets than you can count, do you think your government going to let you know everything they have

  4. So what if it's unprecedented? Everything was unprecedented at one point or another. To me, the important part is that whether it's unprecedented or not, crime is followed up with justice.

  5. "The lawyer signed a statement in June that all documents marked as classified and held in boxes in storage at Mar-a-Lago had been given back…"

  6. THE American people want justice and the DOJ has a job to do…I hope the judge keeps the affidavit sealed and doesn’t jeopardize the DOJ case…Trump, the media and the GOP are the ones that really really want the affidavit unsealed, I don’t think for a minute that any one of them care about justice

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  8. You talk about laws?????? Many people are wrongly indicted. THE WITNESSES(DOJ WHISTLE BLOWERS) want to set Donald Free. What if the Judge reveals all???? The investigation is totally targeted against conservatives.

    We know that affidavits concerning conservatives are revealed. The reason they want to hide the affidavit is because it incriminates the left. Just like crossfire hurricane.

    W1 W2 W3 etc. are DOJ whistle blowers. The judge can hide the affidavit, but not the 14 whistle blowers. Guess who is hiding the 14 DOJ whistle blowers.????? (Lindsey Graham) ?????? The Lord sayeth, my strength is made perfect in weakness. The deep state sayeth "my strength is made perfect when we wear out the conservatives. Really??? The vengeance is no match for the truth.

  9. “What the judge failed to mention is the portions they will ‘unseal’ will only lead to more questions than answers and will never give any single person facts about Donald Trump, only biased opinions.”

  10. The Republicans only want it released so that they can know who the whistleblowers are so they can damage them because they’re all probably at risk of being indicted they’re all probably being blackmailed by the president and they don’t want all their dirty laundry to come out they’re also probably involved in his corrupt practices worldwide and profiting from them. So yeah they want to go after whoever is trying to serve justice to them and Trump. And it’s also part of their cover their ass campaign. They don’t care one flying leap for this country or the people they don’t care about serving the people they don’t care about their oath to the Constitution.

  11. Now that's juice, defending the biggest child trafficker in our lifetime then making federal judge? Comical?

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