Judge rules pharmacies must pay $650M to Ohio counties for opioid distribution l GMA

A federal judge awarded millions in damages to two Ohio counties, stating that Walmart, CVS and Walgreens pharmacies distributed opioids to customers, causing severe harm to their communities.

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31 thoughts on “Judge rules pharmacies must pay $650M to Ohio counties for opioid distribution l GMA

  1. It is an absolute shame that people whose whole entire back is one busted disc after another will not even be able to get a pain med for this. America is a pathetic mess. First they ruled that that a woman is not able to make a decision on what to do with her body and her unborn child, now they're going to make it to where you can't even get a pain med at all, and therefore people are buying it off of the streets and dying… It doesn't take a rocket science to figure this out. They ought to be a shame of themselves.

  2. People who really need pain meds can't get prescriptions bcuz some doctors are scared to prescribe them bcuz of judges like this. Drug addicts will always find what they are looking for without the pharmacy meanwhile the honest people who are in need of pain meds will suffer bcuz this will scare doctors not to prescribe them and also scare pharmacies not to fill prescriptions.

  3. Kroger should be among these. All of these companies declare that their Pharmacists are drug experts yet hide behind the Physicians when it comes to responsibility. Boycott all of them! These are the people who have terminated all senior Registered Pharmacists and instituted a fake Doctor degree so they can bilk medicare. Destroyed thousands of senior Pharmacists lives. Caused severe harm to their communities profiting from opioids.The State Associations circle around and give each other awards because no one else will and are as useless as the profession itself.

  4. And yet Richard Sackler of Purdue pharma doesn't get even one day in jail. Every death from Oxy is on the Purdue family.!!

  5. Good luck to legitimate intractable pain sufferers whose doctors and pharmacies are cowed by the federal government to deny narcotic analgesics they desperately require for medical treatment. The trade-off is lower use of opioids, higher suicide rate. Unrelieved intractable pain can drive one to suicide – George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak is a perfect example. Severe pain can only be relieved by narcotics. Any other drugs, over-the-counter or prescription are inefficatious or toxic. Most deaths due to narcotics are from illegal users who buy their narcotics from illegal suppliers and overdose. Government should not interfere with the doctor-patient relationship and the Hippocratic Oath, some versions specifically addressing pain and suffering and the physicians' duty to provide relief of such.

  6. These pharmacies were also making money off of misery. It's not just a crisis, it is a shameful scandal on many levels. The pharmaceutical companies that knowingly pushed this poison, the doctors who saw what was happening and did noting to stop it and the pharmacies that sold it to the victims are all responsible for the lives lost and squandered, the broken families and damaged communities.
    I'm an addiction counselor and have far too many stories of how the medical system mistreats people in addiction. My clients who actually need medical intervention are treated like pariahs or criminals when they are legitimately trying to stop using. Others are being lured into addiction with the over-prescription of pain killers and mood altering drugs. Western medicine needs to include behavioral work in lieu of drugs. We can be taught to help ourselves.

  7. I broke my neck and fractured four vertebrae in my back in 2020 and I couldn't get a narcotic prescribed even though the doctors agreed I needed them. WTF?

  8. The opioid crisis really took off back in the late-80's, early-90's when pharmaceutical companies were pushing so many pills on aging Americans to the point where they got hooked, and eventually their kids got hooked. Throw on top of that the heinous ways in which healthcare is operated to swindle people, and you have yourself an epidemic.

    Yet, somehow healthcare reform is such a "touchy" subject. Meanwhile, people are trying to treat the symptom and not the cause. It'd be hilariously ironic, if so many people weren't dying.

  9. It doesn't make sense since all they do is fill presciptions. Maybe there drug problems come from dealers who bring the drugs in from out of state. Lots of drs won't even prescibe opiods anymore.

  10. This is happening all over the USA you have to have a deep stab wound to ever get any pain meds. I had a tooth pulled they used to give pain meds now they say oh take 8 motrin its B.S.

  11. But don’t they have to get the prescription? I thought a pharmacy job is to simply verify and the fill prescriptions. Crisis issues in the community should fall heavily on the governing leaders of those States, not the pharmacies.

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