Rudy Giuliani to testify before grand jury in Georgia election investigation

Giuliani has been told he is the target of an investigation into interference in Georgia in the 2020 presidential election.

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21 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani to testify before grand jury in Georgia election investigation

  1. Trump puts 'friends' between himself and the crime. But what happens if they get charged ? Do they say its all their own doing, or do they say it's Trump's doing? Do they flip on him to stay out of prison?
    Clearly there was and still is an agenda to overturn the elected government. Armed militia groups are lied to and provoked into making threats and planning violent attacks.
    Woe to Trump if those guys ever realize how badly he has used them, putting them in harms way for lies. His life won't be worth spit if the neo nazi punks ever turn on him.
    I wonder if a Florida jury would ever convict Trump or Guiliani?

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    As the Quran has it, Prophet Muhammad took a night trip to heaven aboard a trusty winged pony-horse-mule-ish creature called Buraq…

    Many other topics begin to make sense..

    It has been said that after President Carter was finally briefed on the et reality, he was deeply upset. For several weeks..

    MEANINGFUL congressional hearings, ala the Watergate hearings, including aerospace/defense contractors and others such as Bob Lazar, Andrew Basiago and Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson must be held to address a vital issue that transcends politics and we will never properly advance until it happens: The 75+yr ongoing-constitutionally illegal, EXTRATERRESTRIAL and associated TIME TRAVEL cover-ups. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

    The dog n pony shows must cease

    Rudy Giuliani cannot wait to appear in the Georgian Court with all the evidence …
    Cathrine Engelbrecht and Greg Philips used the same technology the FBI used to track all those that entered the Capital Building on Jan 6…..2000 MULES the Documentary will be shown in Court as evidence how one of the many ways the ELECTION WAS STOLEN.
    It was their Mobile Phone Pings ..In facts they had more than the FBI it was also CCTV placed in front of the Ballot Boxes .Only those Democrat Mules that stood more than 22 times in front of the Ballots Boxes were tracked down..Many Mules were tracked to their collection points were they picked up the Counterfeit Ballots ..One of the officers was STACY ABRAMS in Georgia ..Many Mules turned whistleblowers saying they received more than $45,000 each for their crimes ..All this information has been given to Chris Wray of the FBI…Rudy vs RUDY Freeman also caught redhanded with Counterfeit Ballots ..CCTV does not LIE ..This time she will be under oath there will be only one WINNER

  4. It's just a show. Everything Fabricated. The red wave is coming. This is part of the process. The Virginia win and Cheney loss is part of the process. The raid is part of the process. Donald Trump blessed Israel, GOD will bless Donald Trump. The writing is on the wall. The left will continue to shoot themselves in the foot. It never fails. They'll try anything. They have nothing to lose.

  5. Giuliani and Trump think that they are above the law. Well done the DoJ and FBI for not surrendering to pressure and pursuing these individuals. No one should be above the law whether it be a Republican, a Democrat or just an ordinary citizen.

  6. Warm up the grease.
    It’s time to fry some sleaze!
    And it really ain’t party-please.
    Wrong is wrong. And you cannot riot,
    When liars lie and people don’t buy it.
    And if you suckle a liars teat,
    Then justice crash on loser meat!

  7. Gregg Phillips n Catherine Englebreght uncovered…. THE SAME SERVERS THE CCP USES ARE USED FOR U.S. ELECTIONS!!! And the FBI knew and then tried to pin it on the people who uncovered this! 🇺🇲🪖🪓

  8. How did giuliani get there by car or bus? We know he going to take the fifth and file chapter 7, because he has to pay a 1.2 billion law suits? He would go to jail for trump.

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