Trump calls for the ‘immediate release’ of ‘unredacted affidavit’

Criminal defense attorney and former homicide prosecutor Bernarda Villalona discusses the legal aspect of the Trump investigation.


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46 thoughts on “Trump calls for the ‘immediate release’ of ‘unredacted affidavit’

  1. The FBI has always used aggressive tactics. Lie's, leaks & misinformation have been their MO. We allowed it because it was the patriotic thing to do at the time and kept our country secure . Now, when we ask questions we get vague responses or stonewalling. The past 6 years have taught us the top FBI officials have been politicized along with the DOJ. It is for this reason I feel Mr. Trump needs our country's support. Hopefully he can run in 2024 and expose the political privilege that happens every day in Washington. America first!

  2. Whether he violated the law… WHETHER HE VIOLATED THE LAW?????
    I'm not an attorney, just some old senior citizen down here in Florida. I would say. – YES HE HAS VIOLATED THE LAW, In fact he's been violating the law. Now grow some balls and arrest this treasonous pig. For God's sake.

  3. How you know President Trump is on your side…

    Globalist Oligarchy is against him.
    Bankster Cabal is against him.
    WEF is against him.
    Soros is against him.
    Gates is against him.
    CCP is against him.
    DemocRATS are against him.
    RepubliCUCKS are against him.
    Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, & Cheneys are against him.
    FBI is against him.
    CIA is against him.
    Big Pharma is against him.
    Big Tech is against him.
    CNN is against him.
    FOX is against him.
    Hollywood is against him.
    Academia is against him.
    Godless Purple Hair Nose Ring America Hating Baristas are against him.

  4. Abusive classification and redaction has corrupted justice in this country for 75 years. Step out of the shadows, revered and trusted intelligence officials. Let the American people see the d*mn facts. Show us the d*mn affidavit—we can handle it. Give us the probable cause, unmask your intentions, shed some sunlight on your your veiled statements and secret courts, your untouchable intelligence and heroic investigators. Your truths are NOT self-evident, so give the People the d*mn evidence.

  5. You know what is so funny? All of this and the Russia Russia Russia accusations.The left and their minions are so after Donald Trump and they have been since before he was elected but who is to say his son or daughter don’t run with De Santis for President 😂😂😂. All the while they are so close minded they are thinking Donald Trump Senior…Wait for the liberals heads to explode 🤯

  6. By Law the accused has the right to know what they are being accused of and who the accusers are. And if it is a made up story the accusers can be arrested for making false accusations to federal officials. So why did the FBI want the surveillance cameras at Mar Lago off and why won’t the DOJ unseal the affidavit?

  7. Praise this woman on the show she is incredible nobody has said it better we have to wait let justice do its job please media get out of your own way stop trying to be the headlines and start being news

  8. Dumb tRump wants to know who ratted him out😂😂 just lock him up! I want to see if his complexion matched his jumpsuit

  9. Absolutely. If you can’t substantiate the evidence or verify the credibility of the affidavit, you might as well bring back the witch trials.

  10. Here's why DOJ doesn't want it released. If the affidavit doesn't show probable cause, this means the search warrant is invalid and none of the evidence obtained is admissible in court. There's a high probability that the affidavit doesn't show sufficient probable cause. Why? It's because the judge they chose to sign the search warrant has a documented past of bias against Trump, with FB messages bashing him. The judge violated 28 US code 455 which says any judge shall disqualify himself if his impartiality might be reasonably questioned. This also makes the search warrant invalid. Lets just say by unlikely chance the affidavit shows probable cause, it doesn't matter, the search warrant is invalid due to the judge who signed it. It's highly suspicious that they didn't go to a level 3 judge for a case of this magnitude, and instead chose a low level magistrate judge, who is not even allowed to preside over felony cases. He can write search warrants and he hated Trump, so he met their qualifications. They knew if they went before a level 3 judge, their search warrant would have been denied and he would have told them to subpoena the documents. Biden has just created another watergate break in and there are gonna be alot of Democrats involved in this scheme. Some heads are gonna roll after November.

  11. NO!!! The Affidavit CANNOT be released publicly because it would have to acknowledge a person or persons asking for the warrant, and not only just the FBI or some agency! Even court ordered releasing of such an affidavit would redact a person's personal information, as rightly so! An Indvidual's name or their personal identity should not be publicly known when acting on behalf of a company or agencies polices or protocol. Especially in today's world, not that that matters.

    Also, taking about a Grand Jury right now, is pre- everything! At least Bernarda shared basically, and only the basic understanding of the law, and not giving just her opinion.

    Thank you ABC News for sharing this video. At least, this seems to be objective news.

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  13. Not many people could stand up to the hell these deep state people are putting Trump through? He's got more guts than 10 Joe Biden's put together,

  14. Weird SEVEN YEARS ZERO EVIDENCE now the DOJ has the opportunity to present ACTUAL physical EVIDENCE instead of opinion and hearsay and they're reluctant to share it with the PUBLIC 🤷🤦. I wonder why people have lost their TRUST

  15. Trump wants the affidavit made public because it will hurt the investigation against him, not because he thinks there’s any kind of exonerating information in it…

  16. My supporters are already going after law enforcement, I demand we give them names. What were they trying to hide by shutting down the cameras? The cameras that me and the family watched the entire raid on….windmills

  17. The FBI stole Trump's passport to prevent him from being a flight risk yet he hadn't been charged with a crime. This administration has gotten use to detaining people or incarcerating them without charging them of something.

    Remember how Trump got his base worked up about Hillary? Though Comey verified she had evidence showing she was guilty of what Trump is being accused of now, nothing happened to her, and she wasn't president. Ask yourself, when Trump did become president why didn't he request that his DOJ indict Hillary? That was a promise he made his base. I see the same for Trump, he has allies in other countries, very influential allies, Trump may have been humbled a bit but nothing is going to happen to him.

  18. Long Live Donald the Great our next president. And when we have the house and Senate we will move legislation to make him King 👑🥁🇺🇸🗽😉

  19. African Americans are jumping off the Democratic slave ship in numbers never seen before. Only Donald Trump had the courage to uplift the black communities. Can you name me any other president that commuted the long sentences of young black men and women imprisoned for small amounts of drugs. ??????

  20. Just because a document is sealed it doesn’t allow the wrong person/information or manipulation of information or improper actions to control what the law has already recorded/referenced. I don’t even have any more words to the frustration to the totality of abuse to other situations known to people.
    A choice of that factor will remove individuals from long standing jobs. Is my guess to the rest yet to be seen.
    Without calling out a specific individual. The want to be gem of the area has no shine. 🤐🙏🏻

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