FBI found classified docs from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate

The FBI searched for evidence that sources told ABC News is tied to former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents.

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Author: Rafael


42 thoughts on “FBI found classified docs from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate

  1. Sure it might be marked Classified or SFIC. Doesn't mean he didn't Declassify the documents it just means the boxes are marked. I love fake news that doesn't explain the whole story.

  2. The way i see it is even if what the fbi is saying is truthful, which in todays world is questionable, the laughable hypocrisy in the light of all the crimes that the clintons the Biden the bushes you name it in comparison this is ridiculously laughable

  3. Dear American people , Biden allowance to allow the boarder to be wide open has cause a invasion . Biden 8 trillion spending cause hyperinflation , Biden is opening door to IRS to attack us all over title 26 which is not even positive law accounting to USC the courts have failed us biden continue to accuse us all insurrection The legal tender issue alone is reason to rise but when biden comes to take our guns ???? then you see demos rats Claim war upon us over president records acts > FAKE ALL bull the cities are full of homeless yet their is over 23 million illegals we must as patriot see the truth we must take back our liberty they have attack trump again using bogus 4 th amen process , by FBI ? this is eye popping

  4. If President Trump had any docs, they can't be known to the public or any agencies unless they were all declassified. If this can happen to him, we can be next?🇺🇸

  5. This reminds me of the arrest of John Wayne Gacy and the finding of human remains in his crawlspace, and watching the parade of cadaver vehicles drive away from the property. What Trump did was even more serious because it involved the attempted killing of a country. It reminds me of all the huge graveyards full of the bodies of those that fought and died to preserve it.

  6. It's a joke. As a former president, you must know some secrets, or if you do not know, you could not be a president! I am a Chinese, I'll say It's so obvious that Nancy and Biden are playing a dirty game.

  7. Is Trump one of Putin's useful idiots ? Did Trump want to share any of these documents with Russia or his lover Kim Jong Un in North Korea ? – Remember: We still don't know what Trump discussed with Putin at the Helsinki meeting in 2018 ! Trump didn't allow any American gov official to join the meeting. Only Russians were allowed to join…

  8. After 500 previous attempts by the Democrats to accuse Trump, all of which turned out to be bullsh*t, someone would be a fool to take any further accusations seriously.

  9. DOJ and FBI are the real criminals! This shows how the dems are working with the crooked DEEPSTATE! The 2020 election was a fake too! Biden and this administration broke state laws using covid as a excuse! Now that's criminal! Vote Red in November so the real criminals get put in jail! The big guy, Hunter,Clinton's, head of fbi and doj along with Pelosi, schiff and all the rest of the SWAMP!

  10. The US has learned nothing. I’m sick in the stomach that people are still on the trump feeding frenzy and doing victory laps for terrible things like this. This is a sad day. It’s just another nail in the coffin to ensure the USA breaks even further. We all know nothing will come if this, it will be another over dramatized event to feed the trump obsessors. And my question is… Once he is vindicated again, who is going to pick up all the pieces from the fall out? Probably no one and you’ll move on the next scandal. This is just terrible and I don’t understand why American politicians want to continue to destroy the country like this. The standards are so low now, and with republicans are about to take the house… Oh my. This is not a good thing for anyone. Why do American not realise how backward society is??!! Stop this obsession with beating trump at all costs and fix the damn country – there is so many problems out there. And this isn’t one.

  11. Dingbat leftist don't understand what this is about. As a Canadian it's obvious as hell it's political but you dumb leftist fux are still butt hurt about the media lying to you about Russia gate and everything else so you're pulling at threads to serve your stupid decisions in life.

  12. Most of the pro-Trump comments on these forums are fake. The vast majority of Americans hold him responsible for the Jan 6th insurrection. Trump’s remaining supporters congregate on Telegram and other places. Few bother to watch this. So, you’re almost certainly reading a fake supporter from the Russian ‘Internet Research Agency.’ It’s a dead-end job for losers; crappy work, long hours, lousy pay. It is easy to spot their English errors, and their fake profiles. They work in teams, they comment within active threads, mostly pointless stuff like “go Brandon” because you don’t need to be fluent to copy-and-paste that stuff. It is meant to trigger us, and to give us the impression that people are disagreeing. The goal is to sow division in the US, when most Americans agree with each other on the most important issues. AV

  13. Lets get real, from the minute Donald Trump walk down the escalator indicating he was running for president we have seen nothing but efforts to destroy him regardless of all of the positive things he did for our country. Yes you can complain about if you didn't like his personality or he did this or he did that but if he was standing next to Joe Biden in a job interview who would get the job? No business could succeed under President Biden because he just destroys the positive things that are already in place and replaces them with disasters as we have all seen. 30 million dollars to investigate a fake collusion crime bearing Witness openly to false claims not only before the American people but our court system as well which is nothing less than disgusting. If a regular person Bears false witness against someone to get them convicted of a crime, their actions are clearly a crime and regardless of the findings that there was no collusion, we have seen nothing but let's move to the next potential way to destroy former president Trump. Why, because he is a huge threat to their ability to continue things within their status quo just like telling the American people that the current bills designed to lower inflation won't harm people making less than 400,000 dollars.

  14. Nobody trust the media anymore, how many times are we going to have Trump witch hunts. This is blatant, like it has been since 2016. But I love how biased and untrustworthy you've become because it's going to show this November. I was never a trump fan but if he runs again, he's got my vote because the people who hate him so much are responsible for how terrible our country is right now.

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