Kenya elections, Seoul flooding, drought: Week in Photos

A look at the week’s top photos from around the globe.

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Author: Rafael


10 thoughts on “Kenya elections, Seoul flooding, drought: Week in Photos

  1. Give me some f'ing narration! WTF IS THIS? Why the F do they invent video when all YOU do is put up still pictures with text that you have to read… so stupid!

  2. WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Joe Biden has vetoed the Inflation Reduction Act even before it could be passed by the House, explaining that there was no need for it since inflation was already at 0%.

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  3. America is ego candy and will not be swayed because of Armageddon.

    I am a middle-class doctor I live in the suburbs I have a swimming pool and hot tub in my backyard… I must be doing it right. A patient of mine is a doctor of environmental science telling me that global warming is no lie and that there are not many years left to this world. All I could do was laugh, I knew he was a Democrat and not a Republican (like myself) and there was nothing serious in what he had to say. All Democrats are doomsday Sayers, and in fact, now that I have moved to Tennessee I have given my support to making homelessness a felony. "If you don't want to be homeless get a job". I am living proof that this is the way it works and the government agrees. I go to church and give money to my preacher claiming all my deductions as I go. I even got a tax refund from the United States government including $10 million to pay my 950 employees because of the coronavirus scare. I have prescribed eating Snot as a cure for COVID-19 because of its antibacterial properties. Even this morning my preacher loaded up his brand-new Learjet with Campbell Soup, Crackers, and Snot on his way to Afghanistan to feed the homeless and asked me if I wanted to go? He told me on the way back he plans on stopping in Switzerland to check on some property he found on Ted Cruz's (America Love it or leave it website). He was telling me he hopes to buy as a summer retreat for his church. No thank you, Later I will be going to LeAnn Rimes house for a backyard barbecue. My best friend is a friend of the ex-governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam (the richest man ever in government) and got me this invitation. I read in the newspaper there is a polio resurgence coming out of New York City… My future is made and I could not be any happier knowing God is on my side. Life doesn't get any better than this, in fact the other day my secretary showed me a clipping coming out of the New York Times that said Donald Trump has a satellite link with Kim Jong-un (the leader of North Korea) after a FBI investigation at his Mar-a-Lago estate found a recording of his plans to drop a nuclear bomb if he is not elected president in 2024… I never laughed so hard in my life. I can't wait till next Sunday to tell my preacher after we finish our golf game. I have never had so much fun in my life and I even heard that Nashville is going to follow China and create smart judges (artificial intelligence) making laws and judgments against Democrats and their fake news. Everyone knows Democrats do not have souls so why can't their lives be judged by a computer, all Democrats are communists anyway aren't they?

    FYI …I got my degree at Vanderbilt University downtown Nashville. I am now living on my estate in Belle Meade as a family practitioner working for myself from my computer off the Internet excepting referrals I get coming from the Bible Belt community. Some people even think I am a psychosomatic miracle worker telling my patients if they touch their monitors and swallows some snot (giving me the thumbs up and becoming a subscriber to my blog) it will be a cure for cancer as well as Covid 19. I even make them sign a waiver saying that they believe that God can do miracles (just in case anything goes wrong they won't be able to sue me only God). I am also an elder at my church who except's tips for doing a good job passing around the collection plate. It is also my fondest wish that once my pastor signs off on my preacher's license I can start a sanctuary for teenage girls having them live in my basement. If people want to donate their time or money all they have to do is subscribe to my blog.

    Disclaimer: To whom it may concern, it is just possible although I cannot guarantee it, that I made the story up out of my imagination or it could have been gleaned coming out of the environment as an United States citizen… I guess time will tell

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