Novelist Salman Rushdie attacked on stage in New York

The writer, who hid for years after death threats from Iran, was stabbed in the neck when giving a lecture in New York.


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Author: Rafael


46 thoughts on “Novelist Salman Rushdie attacked on stage in New York

  1. Shame , Shame ,Shame on you salman rashdi….
    This is not the freedom of expresses your views about another Person's Religion ….😡
    Especially do not target Muslim Religion, because Muslims never ever targets any ones Religion ,
    Every time just talked about be Believe on and be afraid from One Almighty Allah who's the Owner of all Universe and have a Judgement Day of our good works and Bad works ….

  2. "Police have not commented on a possible motive…" But, the first minute of this report spells it out — Iran. Islamic terrorism. Revenge. Misguided religious zealots encouraged by their leaders.

  3. This man, the rusty brain, is a fool and why he did what he did is writing a useless book just to make some money and nothing more. And he can read too and he did read the last Book sent, that is the Holy Quran and he well know that this Book is not from this world for it is not written by any human being. Yet the Book described this man’s creation in his mother’s womb in 6th century precisely as the medical science knows today. But in spite of reading and knowing that the last Book has many scientific facts such as a mountain is a peg as the root of a mountain is just as deep as it’s height above the ground. So for a few bucks to make from totally misleading book, he took a big chance for which he has a big price for rest of his life. There is nothing to blame Islam for but it is the weakness of the the human nature that if you insult or hurt someone, he will come after you again and again seeking his revenge. Islam teaches forgive and let it be for God will judge and do the recompense on the Last Day.

  4. How long our freedome of expression will permiting to hurt feelings of other religions, if one dont like a religion just stop following them and leave them alone and stop hurting them , instead of hurting their feelings be more civilized to stop pushing our planet earth towards more hostility

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  6. By the way; where was FBI capturing this terrorist that’s entering one of the safest area in NY carrying a Cold weapon to a world renown writer speech???? He freely since 2021 lunched his FB acc. praising terrorist government of Iran and Hrzbolah in Lebonan??? Oh, yaaah, they were trying to pin down the President of the USA one that has done the most service to this country than any President 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍 good job Biden admin.!

  7. New inspiration from the Almighty ALLAH.

    One night I was sitting in the main room having conversation with other believers, while Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Messenger of ALLAH was in his office working on the Quran at his computer. After a while he came to the main room and said to us, “Tonight is a Historical night, I just took out those ‘Two Satanic Verses’ from the Quran”. Sure enough, the next day “Salman Rushdie” was on TV with his “The Satanic Verses” . . . That was an awesome sign from ALLAH for us. Then, the UK spying agencies provided this man with full protection 24/7. They sent him to all news media to be interweaved and sent him to many different countries fully protected by UK and US government spying agencies as well. WHY?

    All because, he was “Ridiculing ALLAH’s Arabic Quran”, that was why they wanted to promote him all over the world yet, those first world countries and their news media’s fooled people by saying that “We are promoting “Freedom of Speech and Human Rights”. Satan assigned his name on his mission: “THE SATANIC” verses and all of those countries took that open heartedly. WHY?

    Because, they wanted to promote their own made up religion which, you would never ever find it in any scriptures of ALLAH the Creator. They called it “Christianity”, then they made up a name for their messenger and called him “jesus”, or “son of god” and wrote a fake book and called it “bible” and they made up a fake story about that fake messenger and said that he was “crucified” which he never did and then they created the fake “trinity” and in USA they came up with 4500 different churches which each one of them has rituals which is different from the other ones. Satan has done his outmost. WHY?

    Because they have been pure Prejudice and Jealous of ALLAH’s Mathematical Miracles in the Arabic Quran. You must know that “E-saw” son of “Maryam” never wrote down the “Enjeal” with his hand yet, those people wrote the “bible” with their own hands and said that, “It was revealed to us”.

    Pay attention please, ALLAH sent HIS Messenger, Dr. Khalifa, with Scientifically proven fact based on Mathematics, the Exact Science on HIS Arabic Quran in order to “Ridicule” so called Muslims by showing them with more than 1000 mathematical confirmations that satan has injected Two “SATANIC VERSES” at the end of chapter “9” of the Arabic Quran, and for 1400 years SATAN has Fooled them by reading from a Distorted Quran, but, those spying agencies could not recognize that. . .

    The most stupid phrase these very famous News Anchors they have been using these couple of days about stabbing Salman Rushdie is that they say, “””” What was the MOTIVE of the stabber””???? It seems like have been sleep all these years. One Billion so called Muslims wanted to kill Salman Rushdie for 24 years and they made 3.5 million English Pounds for his head because, he ridiculed ALLAH’s Arabic Quran . . .

    Now, if you have read those last couple posts of mine you would recognize that FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Homeland Security, knew who is going to kill Messenger of ALLAH, Dr. Rashad Khalifa, what date and what time he was going to be assassinated, yet They Sat and Watched him to be KILLED and they even took a Movie from his Association from across the street and then, they did not allow their news media even talk about it. All because they studied those Irrefutable Mathematical Miracles of ALLAH and they Recognized the Authenticity of those Miracles of ALLAH. That was why they just wanted to stick to their SATANIC made up religion and follow SATAN’s Plot. ALLAH is the Best Avenger and with all of these daily Embarrassments in UK when their Prime Minister got Fired, and Embarrassment in US government day by day, and those daily Disasters which we are all witnessing every day they are all nothing compare to what is going to happen in the near future. The worst is yet to come.

  8. Jesus only did what God the Father did (John 5:19). Muhammad always obeyed Allah's inspiration (Sura 53:2-4).

    Jesus is God Himself in John chapters 1:1-3 referred to as the Word who created all things. The Word (God) became flesh (Jesus) and dwelt among us (John 1:14). John 10:30, I and the Father are one. His disciples called Jesus: My Lord and my God (John 20:28). Muhammad was an ordinary human created by Allah just like us.

    Jesus His birth and death through signs in the sky both stars, sun, angels (Matthew 2:1-2, 7-10; Luke 2:4-15; Matthew 27:45; Luke 23:44-46). Muhammad's birth and death are not marked in the sky nor does the Quran say anything.

    Jesus did not sin (Matthew 27:4, 19, 24; John 8:46; 9:16, read Surah 19:19). Muhammad prayed for the forgiveness of his sins 70 times in one day (Sura 40:55, 47:19; Bukhari vol. 8; Hadith 319 and Abu Dawud vol. 1; Hadith 1511).

    Jesus forbade and preached the message of peace throughout His life (John 13:34; Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27, 35; 1 Thessalonians 5:15). Muhammad revealed that at the beginning when he was still weak (Sura 2:256; 109:1-6; 6:107-109 ), he continued to catch up when Islam grew stronger (Sura 9:29; 2:216; 8:39; 9:5; 5:51).

    Jesus healed all sicknesses (Luke 13:11; 17:11-19; 22:50-51; John 4:46-54; John 9; Matthew 8:5-13; 15:29-31; Mark 3:1- 5:6:56, and many more). Muhammad according to the Quran, never performed miracles (Sura 13:7). Muhammad paralyzed people (Bukhari volume 8, Hadith 794; volume 9, Hadith 37 and many others).

    Jesus was able to raise the dead (John 11; Luke 7:11-17; 8:49-56; Surah 3:50; Surah 5:110). Muhammad never and was not able to raise a single one from the dead, instead causing a lot of calamity, death and destruction due to the wars that are often held in holy wars (jihad).

    Jesus ascended to heaven (Luke 24:46-53; Acts 1:1-11; Suras 3:55; 19:33). Muhammad still died in the grave.

    Jesus won through love, truth and miracles (Matthew 4:23; Matthew 22:39). Muhammad won through nets, swords, violence, threats and plunder (Sura 8:39, 41, 67; 9:5, 56-57; 2:216; 59:13 and many others).

    Jesus reigns over nature (Mark 4:35-41; John 6:1-14; 6:15-21; Matthew 14:22-36). Muhammad had no power over nature.

    Jesus cast out demons (Mark 5:1-20, Luke 4:31-37). Muhammad was visited by a jinn or demon who promised to promote Islam (Surah 46:29-31; 72:1-15); Muhammad played the fear of the devil (Sura 114:1-6).

    Jesus has the power to command the angels. No human being, including the prophet, is ready to confront God himself. On the evil day Jesus commanded his angels to gather the people and the deceivers (Matthew 13:41). Jesus said to Peter: He was able to send 12 angels to help him. Muhammad was not just afraid of him, until he became depressed and committed suicide (wanted to kill himself many times). until his wife, Khatija, comforted him.

    Jesus protects women (Matthew 26:10, John 8:1-11). Muhammad was and brought suffering to women (Suras 4:34, 4:20; 2:223; 33:52; 64:14; 2:228-230).

    Jesus forgave people's sins (Luke 5:17-26) and became their mediator (Romans 8:34; Hebrews 7:25). Muhammad did not know the fate after death nor the fate of others (Surah 46:9; Bukhari volume 5 Hadith number 266; Hadith number 398 and number 402); stone-throwing punishment for adulterers (Bukhari volume 2; Hadith 413; volume 8; Hadith 805).

    Jesus gives a sure guarantee of entering the kingdom of heaven for those who do not believe in Him (John 14:2, 6; 1 John 5:12; Luke 10:20). Muhammad guaranteed his people to go to hell for an unknown period of time (Surah 19:71-72).

    Jesus forbade fornication and violence (Matthew 26:52, 5:28). Muhammad married his adopted son's anchovies, married temporarily and ordered violence (Suras 33:37; 4:24, 74, 76, 3, 34).

    Jesus never married. Muhammad more than 20 times and even married a 9 year old daughter!

    Jesus had no slaves. Muhammad had slaves.

    Jesus sacrificed Himself willingly to die for the salvation of mankind. Muhammad saved himself many times and killed many people.

    Jesus defeated the power of death (death/hell) (2 Timothy 1:10). Muhammad was afraid and trembled at the torture of the grave and prayed for protection from the punishment of the grave (Sahih Muslim vol 1, book 4 no 1213-1215; and others).

    Jesus claimed to be the word of God, the Spirit of God and the Son of God (Suras 3:45; 4:171; 19:34; 21:91); (John 1:1; John 5:18 and others) and had been foretold by the prophets hundreds of years earlier (Daniel 3:25; Psalm 2:12; Proverbs 30:4; Luke 1:26-35; Matthew 17:5 and etc). Muhammad was never spoken of by any prophet, nor was he prophesied by any previous prophet, he never performed miracles, never ascended to heaven and killed people, but still claimed to be the most perfect example to follow (Surah 3:31-33, 132, 4:13, 59, 69, 80, 5:92, 7:167, 8:24, 46, 24:54, 26:108, 110, 126, 144, 33:36, 71, 47:33 ; 49: 14

    The life of Jesus and the life of Muhammad are in stark contrast to each other. So it is impossible to follow the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad at the same time, they are really very different. Christianity teaches its followers to curse and not curse (Romans 12:14). Meanwhile, Muhammad's own cursed uncle disagreed with Muhammad (Sura 111:1-5; 3:61; 108:1-3; Muslim volume 4; Hadith 7150, Bukhari, volume 5, Hadith no 397). Meanwhile, even though Jesus was the one who crucified and tortured Him, Jesus did not curse him, instead asking his Father to forgive him (Luke 23:34). Muhammad killed many people for insulting him (Muslim vol. 3; Hadith 4436 and more).

    Jesus taught his followers to love one another to show the world that those who love one another are disciples of Christ (John 13:35). Muhammad used violence and terror to gain victory (Sura 3:151; 8:12; 8:67-68; 3:26, Bukhari vol. 4, Hadith no 220). Jesus people won through Muhammad's compassion through catching up. At the time of seeing the life of Jesus no one could match it.

    Which religion do you choose?

    Both Jesus and Muhammad claimed to be followers of Allah, but they must believe in different Allah, so which Allah would you like to follow? Both Christianity and Islam teach that Jesus or Isa Al Masih will return to judge the living and the dead in the last days (2 Timothy 4:1; 1 Peter 4:5, John 5:22, 27 and Bukhari vols. 3, hadith no. 425). If the Quran itself states that Jesus was sinless, full of miracles and will be the judge at the end of time, then why don't you want to acknowledge Him as your Lord and savior? Is there anyone who has never fallen into sin if not God Himself?

    And the most important thing is to enjoy the salvation of your own soul, so fight hard in your worship, all these things with only one aim to get you to heaven? But what Muhammad himself admits is that he doesn't have any faith in where he will go after death. The question that you need to ponder very seriously, if Muhammad as the greatest figure in Islam but he himself has no guarantee of salvation, then what hope do his followers have?

    Very, very much and very promising sure salvation in the bible and no doubt, hopefully or depending on Allah. Trust Hopefully It's Very Terrible. Because after death we will not return to earth again.

    Jesus is in debt in Romans 10:9-10: For if you confess with your mouth the Lord and believe in the power that God raised Him from the dead, you will appreciate it. For with the heart one does not believe and is not justified, and with the mouth one confesses and appreciates.

    To confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord means you have to agree with God that:

    You are a sinner and should be sentenced to hell

    You can't save yourself from the torments of hellfire

    Lord Jesus has paid for your sins on the cross and redeemed his holy brothers

    You need as your Lord and savior

  9. The more good Muslim, the more fanatic zombie you will be.
    If you leave Islam, you will die. Its the Supreme guideline of Quran.
    I live in Bangladesh, I was a student from Islamic school. I read Quran, Hadith & Tafsirs of Islam. I found islam a dangerous Faith & ideology for Human kind. I am now ex Muslim. I Don't have freedom if speech, movement & security of life if i openly say i Don't believe in Islam.
    This Arabic barbaric ideology should be tackled. You you let darkness to spread you will submerged into it too. West should take it seriously

  10. Mainstream news in the next few days: "And lets not forget who the real victims of this latest stabbing are, The Muslim community"

  11. Imagine belonging to a religion that you have to constantly defend,and are even told to lie to deny uncomfortable truths about it.

  12. Hope this will make others like him to think twice before insulting two billions of the world population. The wrong always generates wrong.

  13. Now we are waiting for muslims all around the world to start saying that this is the act of only one person and does not define the whole religion. Basically acting like they didn't read the Quran and don't know that it promotes exactly this kind of violent behavior.

  14. As a muslim, this act is categorically wrong. Islam does not condone this foolish act. is ‘Abdallah b. ‘Amr reported God’s Messenger as saying, “If anyone kills a man who has made a covenant* he will not experience the fragrance of paradise, yet its odour can be experienced at a distance of forty years’ journey.”Bukhari transmitted it.
    * Mu'ahid. This is used of a member of protected communities, but is also used of anyone who belongs to a non-Muslim community with whom a treaty of peace has been made.

    The perpetrator will be destined Hellfire for taking an innocent life.

  15. What is happening in our World today? People being born , where did they leave feelings ? Have they forgotten about 'GOD THE FATHER, SON & HOLY GHOST. DID, TAKING PRAYER OUT OF SCHOOLS MAKING US PAY?.LORD HAVE MERCY ON US.

  16. Of course, we know the motive! Salman Rushdie has been seen as a blasphemer ever since he published "The Satanic Verses", and the fatwa placed on him as a result has never really gone away. In fact, the attacker is right now being praised in Iran for his attack on Rushdie. So, don't say there's unknown motive behind this when there clearly is. 😠

  17. If this is an assassination attempt on the Mr. Rushdie for the book he wrote, “ Satanic Verses”, I wonder why the attacker chose to carry out this act at this event, where there were a lot of witnesses.

  18. "We don't know the motive" !? Well! Wont it be amazing to find out the suspect is a Buddhist and simply didn't like Rushdie's haircut!? Maybe he just thought his last name was a suggestion, and was doing him a favor!

  19. There has to be better video. Apparently the attack lasted 20 seconds which is far too long given law enforcement was there to protect him.

  20. Religion means division in the Hebrew🤭 you are your own entity and reading and learning Gods love letter the King James Holy Bible tells you everything you need to know for the present and the future especially Eternity❣️ It's your choice as God can't make you love Him and that's all he wants is your love❣️

  21. As an Iranian Shiite Muslim, I strongly condemn the assassination of Salman Rushdie and know that assassination and murder are forbidden in Islam.

  22. This is America where religious freedom is SUPPOSED to be allowed. The attacker was well within his rights to deal with Rushdie because the author wrote a book that laid out the real meaning of the koran's verses. For Rushdie's revelation about islam, he received a death sentence. What's so hard to understand about THAT? We need to ignore the many islamic traditions that we may not understand or agree with; beheadings, stonings, cage burning / drownings, 'their special vests' they sew to allow their little children to blow up schools, markets, buses and Churches, flying large planes into buildings and such. They're really peaceful people who are just misunderstood. Just ignore their quirks, OK?

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