Rising threats against law enforcement after Mar-a-Lago search

Federal officials warned that law enforcement officers and others in government face increasing threats after searching former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

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Author: Rafael


35 thoughts on “Rising threats against law enforcement after Mar-a-Lago search

  1. ABC, good job investigating the other side of this: that the already disgraced scammers and schemers at the FBI and DNC could very well be targeting political opponents….

    Oh wait. You've NEVER done that. Somehow a journalism outlet hasn't once considered unscrupulous overreach. Amazing.

  2. Your disgraced, former, twice im🍊d, one-term, insurrectionist-leading, serial liar, and traitor pRESIDENT mumbled back in 2016:

    “With political corruption, we are going to restore honor to our government. In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. NO ONE will be above the law.”


  3. Do you people realize that former presidents still have top secret clearance!?! And that obama still has top secret documents from his presidency! Also a president has the authority to declassify these documents before they leave office! Smh

  4. Trump learned last week why criminals and mobsters plead the Fifth. It'll keep him out of jail so can can keep fighting back, but that won't work forever. At his home in Florida, his attorney said back in June that everything had been turned over. When the FBI searched his home, they found that to be very untrue. You know how Trump is. He always sets the other person up to take his fall so he can stay out of jail like he did with Michael Cohen and many others. His lies, along with many Republicans, have brought down great danger to law enforcement, the FBI, the DOJ and the judge who okayed the search of his home. Trump and his mob think that they are above any laws in the United States. I support law enforcement of any kind all the way from these right wing terrorist. Most of the Republican Party does not. They are calling for the defunding of the FBI. If you vote for Republicans later this year, you're totally against law enforcement in this country anywhere. Vote for Democracy, not Trumpocracy. There is one way of stopping the social media and You Tube threats to all law enforcement. Track them down, arrest them, convict them and and throw them in prison. That includes mob boss Trump.

  5. What amazes me is the glaring double standard. Glaring. All presidents have classified material. All of them. Jimmy Carter declassified material AFTER his presidency…. Just because a President has folders with top secret on them doesn’t mean that file wasn’t declassified already… Everyone jumping to the gotcha moment without rationally looking at this… if this was so urgent why didn’t they take the boxes after the June visit? Why tell Trump you need another lock? Why give 2 weeks to execute this warrant if it was so drastic and dire? Also why wait until Monday when you receive the warrant of Friday? When you look at this rationally this is a fishing expedition. It cannot be for anything else. All Presidents have sensitive materials and are allowed to have them. Hillary Clinton wasn’t allowed to have a private server at her house and she was Secretary of State! She corrupted the server and bashed cell phones with hammers and she didn’t get raided for “sensitive materials”… Its a glaring double standard. When faced with this truth the left just does the “here comes the Hillary comparison”… Yes, expect it because it’s the truth.

  6. This is horrible but more bias news. Supreme Court judge was almost assassinated about a month ago but barely any coverage, like it never happened.

  7. Funny how the media cheered on the violence against law enforcement during the 2020 Summer of Love. You propagandists are about the worst humanity has ever spawned.

  8. The Soviet Democrats thru their Mefia SO WANTED TO PROVOKE A VIOLENT REACTION WITH THEIR FBI RAID… but all we AMERICANS see is the LOVE we have for a President who LOVES THIS COUNTRY and none for the Party that believes “amerikkka was NEVER that great” as shouted by their de facto Party Leader back before they anointed their Manchurian Candidate. 😂😅🤣😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅


  9. Don't fall for this maralagoo ruse. It makes no sense. Trump himself could be in on it. It's very irresponsible for media to make up situations like this if they aren't genuine. Then if someone responses in indignation, they use it as a mechanism to be more controlling and abusive. Contact your congress people calming and tell them we are tired of being emotionally abused by news media because that is probably exactly what's happening.

  10. What do think about the FBI? Do you believe in the FBI? What´s the main objective by FBI? The FBI self-become partisan? All this questions today become reality, because the FBI show all us that is one federal organization that all citizens shouldn´t believe more, FBI protect left party and your followers, FBI today show all us that they are favor democratic party. The FBI should be closed and all your employeer should be fire and others should be arrest because mainly all illegal measures that they made like Russia disinformation, hidden informations about Hunter Biden laptop, falses whisblowers against former president Donald trump and others illegal decision with bad intentions for destroy Donald trump.

  11. Threats against law enforcement has been going on. Look at Portland oregan and Chicago. Nice twist trying to make it about Trump again. Media is sooo one sided and dirty brain washing those who don’t have the sense to see through it

  12. If these idiots and assholes get their Civil War, then we can finally put an end to them and get on with life. I am so sick of their stupidity.

  13. Sometimes the FBI is on the wrong side. This is not one of those times. They were doing the right thing, looking for stolen sensitive materials. Trump is a crook.

  14. Here come the Loonies with their guns and their bombs. Now we can start putting them away. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

  15. When do people realize the media channels on television are not our friends? The news people that you watch do not know you and they are complete strangers. Yet people actually just believe what they say. Do you think we have some protection against them lying? Seriously? We do not have the original Smith and Mundt Act in place. We haven’t for about a decade. Why don’t people know what that was and that it was altered quietly behind closed doors. Adding the word “modernization” does NOT mean it does what it was intended to. Clever to keep the name and add to it. You have to actually read the intentions of the original to understand how important it was and how devastating it is to not have that protection any longer.

  16. If in fact there were classified secret documents on Nuclear weapons and systems among the documents seized by the FBI, what governments did Trump intend to align himself with….Russia, China, Iran….who ?

  17. It's ridiculous just how ignorant and insane Trump's followers have become, and that they are willing to "go to prison and to be die" in support for him by attacking Federal Government law enforcement agencies just because they are doing their job.

  18. I remember a summer not too long ago when people rioted in the streets screaming “defund the police” and “all cops are bastards” and “pigs in a blanket fry em’ like bacon”.

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