Salman Rushdie is recovering after stabbing attack onstage l GMA

The novelist, 75, is off a ventilator and able to speak after suffering multiple stab wounds in an alleged attempted assassination during a speaking event in New York state on Friday.

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36 thoughts on “Salman Rushdie is recovering after stabbing attack onstage l GMA

  1. Salman Rushdie has been leading the way for decades. The dangers and risks for speaking out and exercising free speech are real–but that which we fail to exercise will ultimately shrink and disappear. The wild salmon has become a rare breed facing extinction. Do we really want to live in a world where all salmon are farmed in huge nets? Do we want to live like domesticated salmon never knowing freedom? Stopping humans from using words to express certain thoughts and ideas is like preventing fish from swimming outside the net.

    In No Rush to Die

    by Frans Kuiper

    Swimming upstream defying fate and time,

    Not all words must flow in rhythm and rhyme.

    Salmon born free to fulfil destiny,

    Being true to self is no felony.

    Life worth living born from struggle and strife,

    Death will come by net, spear or a sharp knife.

    Nothing will stop us here on a mission,

    Threats of violence will not bring submission.

    Following Science the new religion,

    Nobody may question this pathogen!

    Shut your mouth if you want to get money,

    Speak out and your life will not be funny.

    Put on a mask and receive your vaccine,

    Safe and effective with a spike protein.

    We’re in a big rush, so do as you’re told—

    Blindly obey if you wish to grow old.

    Politicians love us and never lie,

    Trust Bill Gates he's one philanthropist guy.

    Pharmaceutical companies all good,

    Safety (not profits) come first as it should.

    Do you feel like a fish out of water?

    Does each day pass with you getting smarter?

    Who will be first to jump over the dam?

    How many will pass this final exam?

  2. This young loser Islamic punk had a knife against a 75 year old man and still couldn't get the job done. The WEAKNESS mentally and physically of islamic hatred is once again revealed.

  3. well according to christianity and judaism:

    Leviticus 24:16 the punishment for blasphemy is death.
    Mark 3:28–29, “Truly I tell you, people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.”

  4. Please,I urge everyone to buy Salman Rushdies satanic verses. This should make sure that we win and the terrorists lose. The attacker must be jailed for the rest of his life.

  5. chapter 9 of Quran says to "—- the unbelievers". Even top trustworthy muslim sources like Sahih Bukhari says to hurt those who leave islam. Even other top hadith collection Sunan Abu Dawood says Muhammad allow mob violence for those who insult the prophet or Quran

  6. Wish you speedy recovery 🙏. My prayers are with you. The attacker was a coward. 75 years old without ant weapon and a young coward with a knife. Never trust.

  7. Wake up people. The America I grew up you could say what you wanted to say if it was a about religion or anything else. What are we becoming? It’s a sad day looks like it’s gonna get sadder

  8. Instead of reading Salman Rushdies book on Islam from a socially affluent perspective why don't you read Malcolm X's Autobiography which examined the affluent from an oppressed point of view.

  9. So let me get this straight… This guy writes books talking horrible things about a religion, and he is surprised someone tried to kill him?

  10. What about the US government putting a fatwa on Julian Assange? Not to mention, the US also created Islamic extremists to go after the old USSR and communists.

  11. Message for educated civilized Americans……I read in the book how to win friends and influence people that once Abraham Lincoln talked bad about a rival politician in the news paper and the angry politician in return called Abraham Lincoln for duel in Public. Somehow Abraham managed to avoid that duel but again Abraham never ever talked bad about others………………. Is there no thing which is called "emotional pain" ? Judges should first count the pain that Rushdi gave to muslims by hurting their religious sentiments. To retaliate is human nature… Both Christines and muslims together are 4.5 billions out of 6 billion population of the world and they both are waiting for the return of Prophet Jesus(peace be upon him) to create the kingdom of One God on Earth.Return of Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) is predestined so religion is not a trivial thing in this world. There should be law not to hurt sentiments of the followers of any religion. We muslims never make fun of any religion firstly because we love all the abrahamic prophets and secondly because in Quran Our Creator asks us never to make fun of any religion . We can't answer back by making fun of other's religion in return and we all know that every stress needs the outlet and if proper outlet is not provided then stress could explode the person who is experiencing stress.Stop giving stressful emotional pain to muslims by hurting their religious sentiments because all muslims are not strong enough to tolerate the pain. We all are made up of one atomic energy and we all share one soul and we all are blind followers of parent's religion and we all call Same Lord our God through different paths. Satan makes us hate each other by giving us negative hateful thoughts and more we hate each other more are the chances of bloodshed and war on earth…………………………………………………………………………….Please try to understand the situation and put religious attacks out of the bucket of freedom of speech

  12. Poor Rushdie. 😓😰😓
    Like with the case of melting Khashoggi’s dismembered body down in acid, this is not more than worthless political talk for media consumption that ends with friendly fist pump with the perpetrators.🤦‍♀️

  13. من نظرم رو اینجا میگم . خوب مگه اسلام ناب مملی عرب شتر چرون بچه باز غیر از: ترور، جنایت ، قتل عام ، دیکتاتوری، اختناق، سرکوب، خیانت ، تجاوز جنسی ، شستشو مغزئ و کلّاً مخالفت با انسانیت و تمدن و مدرنیزه شدن و پیشرفت دست آورد دیگه‌ای واسه جهان تا به امروز داشته ؟ از زمان ساخته و پرداخته شدن اسلام ناب مملی، جنایت و خونریزی وجود داشته ، در اصل ستون اصلی دین من دراوردی اسلام " نماز " نیست بلکه " خون و خونریزی " هست. روزی جهان متمدن این ایدئولوژی بربری و وحشی رو به عنوان یک آفت جهانی ریشه کن میکنه . این خط و اینم نشون.

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