Taliban celebrates ‘victory day’ 1 year after taking control of Kabul l ABCNL

ABC News looks at how Afghanistan has changed since the Taliban took over and what it means for the U.S. as well as women and girls left behind.

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30 thoughts on “Taliban celebrates ‘victory day’ 1 year after taking control of Kabul l ABCNL

  1. Democrats thought it was so important to get Trump out of office so he couldn’t do any more damage to the country and the world. I’m not sure which damage they were referring to, but I wonder if they feel that things have gotten better since Biden took office

  2. Long ago when we invaded Afghanistan, USA should of let Pakistan annex the country. Had we let Pakistan government ruled Afghanistan with USA aid, the USA would of been a lot better off.

  3. USA Ruin Afganistan 2 decades and now they worried about the situation of afganistaan and USA have the top Industry of Porn and they have worried about the Afganistan Womens. USA shoot Al jawahiri in afganistaan give reason that he is terrorist and thats why he shoot in afganistaan and show himself like a boss in front of the world. But in Reality the real unhumanitarian people like Russia, China, and North Korea they are sit in the like fucking boy because they knew one thing if he dare to touch them his ass is ruined also. So he beat the week one. How Hippocrates are they. But in Afganistan, the weak one also fucked them so hard thats why he crying in his country untill now.

  4. Celebration! The place is still in the dark ages they are frightened stiff of their women and demand they cover up and stay in the dark at the kitchen sink. Its a ha en for terrorists the people are starving and ha ve no food no homes no energy facilities they can,t even grow food as the soil is just sand. Some celebration 🤣

  5. As a proud Muslim, I support the Taliban. The Taliban are Freedom Fighters who refused to be humiliated by western Tyrants.

    American soldiers are cowards who attack defensless civilians. The Taliban taught them a lesson. 2,400 American soldiers were sent back to their pathetic country in coffins and over 4,000 American cowards perished in Iraq. We Muslims fight to protect our people and our land.

    So my advise to you Americans is: don't you dare invade our beloved Muslim lands again unless you want to your soldiers coming back in coffins. We are Muslims and we NEVER surrender.

    Long live the Taliban and long live all Muslim nations.

  6. The Taliban are Freedom Fighters. They kicked the Americans out of Afghanistan. The Taliban are the legitimate government whether you western Tyrants like it or not.

    Now Afghanistan is ruled by Afghans and not Americans. The Taliban are more than capable of rebuilding their country. Taliban are 1000 times smarter than western politicians who wear fancy suits and use fancy vocabulary to fool their people.

    The Taliban wear their traditional Shalwaar Khameez, speak their traditional language and live a simple lifestyle. Yet, they are smarter and more capable.

    Many Taliban members are fluent in multiple languages such as Pashto, Urdu, Farsi and Arabic and many of them are engineers, doctors, architects and scientists who have been educated in Turkish, Pakistani and Malaysian universities.

    Many western people have a colonial mindset and look down upon Muslims and eastern people in general. But the people of the East are much more intelligent and have thousands of years of history and culture.

    I am a proud Muslim and I support the Taliban and all those people who resisted Western Invasions.


  7. Ahhh yesssss good luck defeating the social norms and developing world ideologies of today Afghanistan …. They won’t last with their opium markets… they have to accommodate for the developing world and it’s economy if they want to succeed and that’s a bigger L than you would think because they will eventually become what they swore to destroy 😂

  8. LOL at all the lxsers in the comment section hating on the taliban, y’all just witnessed the greatest fighting force fight off two superpowers and 50+ countries within 43 years. They done shown us that anything is possible if you believe and work hard in life 😂

  9. It’s the year 2022 and it’s hard to believe these people are still living according to antiquated laws that impede quality of life for their people.

    Ignorance is bliss, but it doesn’t lead to liberation!

  10. So you blame Biden for all the equipment and weapons sent to American backed Afghanistan government to fight the taliban for the whole 20 years America and American backed Afghanistan government fought the taliban. Biden was president 6 or 7 months when he honored the treaty trump signed with terrorist group taliban, behind the American backed Afghanistan governments back. Did trump remove any equipment or weapons from Afghanistan during his 4 years in office? trump kept on sending weapons and funds to Afghanistan during that last year plus after trump and taliban signed the treaty.
    Where do you think 20 years of weapons and equipment was in Afghanistan? Do you trumpers think it all was stored in warehouses unused during the 20 years of war? The taliban started retaking control of Afghanistan during trump term. A lot of take over happened after treaty between trump and taliban was made.
    Remember abdula trump always bragging about that was so afraid of trump and respected trump so much. Well abdula and his taliban buddies took Afghanistan away from American backed Afghanistan government during trump time in office with trumps permission.

  11. OF COURSE, We Americans are no longer interested in Afghanistan!

    We HAD to abruptly CUT 'n RUN, abandoning women and children, in order to prepare for a PROXY-WAR in Ukraine.

    But, don't worry. White or not, we will eventually abandon them too. Even if no American soldiers are dying there, since

    We got the Ukraine "Mujahedeen" fighting for US. 'To The Last Ukrainian!'

    Name ONE U.S. Ally we fought with, in the last 50 years that we DIDN'T eventually abandon. YOU are NEXXT!!

    As soon as we get the delivery receipts for the ARMS-EXPORTS. . .

    Then just sit back, and enjoy watching stock-value rise for our MILITARY-CONTRACTORS…

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