Trump-endorsed Senate candidates ‘looking weaker’: Sarah Isgur | ABC News

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25 thoughts on “Trump-endorsed Senate candidates ‘looking weaker’: Sarah Isgur | ABC News

  1. Yep Donna ! It’s time to let ALL THE INVESTIGATION because now they “investigate” President Trump.
    But let’s cut all the investigations and trash police, FBI and CIA when is about
    Pelosi’s ….
    Adam Shifts every time he opens his lying mouth…
    And the rest of the mobs.

  2. You people are way too soft.. you need more powerful thinking people's.. I am the republicans most hated person.. I'm the cream of the crop for racist republicans the american races individual with 777 on my hands in veins.. they want me gone as much as any child who celebrates Christmas wants Christmas the night before.. trump's party is using a wall to hide from the american race for targeting Americans the american race mostly behind that wall protect.. do you all not know what trump was planning? His party planned on getting rid of all opposed to himself.. and removing the american race from usa. And then targeting them slowly.. to ensure they don't loose war on the american race.. the Jews will not replace us. They are calling the American race Jews.. as if Americans should not be in america.. Jews are from germany.. the american race is not jewish.. they are 500 million of this continent.. trump didn't really have a chance on his actual plans and goals.. El Salvador literally just locked away his people for defending their own people from enemy attacks.. tucker Carlson gave El Salvador on fox news the deal to betray them until trump is back in power.. their plan is over if that wall isn't there.. because they can't build it again and stop the survival of you all and my race.. when something like this is caught.. in order to be here you have to remove the advances towards their plans.. his plan had all of you his actual targets before behind that wall became targets.. meaning you want to ensure that doesn't happen again take down the wall.. really racist people will be very angry and may leave in fear like cowards.. if you take down the wall the race behind it will only defend itself if attacked and save Americans lives from white supremacists who will attempt to attack them.. it makes them mad that Americans are still alive more then africans here africans helped them against me.. you need to have ways to remove a president who is being racist also. It's a normal sign of a problem that may cause deaths.. and incite racist haters.. the american race is too great in numbers to loose anything to any other people. Americans don't fail.. especially when Europeans attack Americans strike back every one of their peoples who did attack..

  3. Sarah's bloody scrumptious! An exotic delicacy worth riotously devouring 24/7/365 days. A drop shall not be wasted as such a grievous act would be an unforgivable crime against nature.

  4. Complaining about our divisions while condemning the other side will only lead us to a widening divide. We will stumble over ourselves and lose our democracy / republic if we don't come together.

  5. 13:40 😆. Best comment. You guys can’t continue relaying on Republicans to nominate extreme candidates.

    Republicans voting 🗳 nominating extreme candidates be like ABC don’t tell us what to do.

  6. There are too many crazies in the US. So I suggest that they change the constitution to allow sane Canadians to vote in US elections.
    And since I'm on the topic of Canadians, I think the US should let the Canadian "Queen of Qanon" throw her hat into the presidential race. She is, after all, an alien from a super race of beings.
    If not for president, I'm sure a good portion of MAGA followers would cheer Romana Didulo as Trump's running mate. After all, they believed Kennedy would be resurrected to run as Trump's running mate. So why not an alien?

  7. Trump behavior is not excusable …. GOP hacks are not balance. Clinton lost and gave us this jerk … the DNC left the public down. The RNC has provided ignorance and fascism. The Gopster woman here is still arguing sports and gameshow stuff. And edging for a poltical career. The comparison is silly … nobody endorsed Clinton's security arrogance. She lost. She deserved to but not to a 3 seats on Scotus gameshow idiot.

  8. Never underestimate the power of the Dobbs decision, stripping rights from half the population, to profoundly PISS OFF non-Republican voters and bring them to the polls.

  9. If you need a place where to put Trump and his criminal buddies because you can’t put him in a normal jail – Alcatraz is available. Take some millions from his bank account and fix it a little bit up. Not too much. And if some supporters like to free him – you know where to send the drone to make an end of it. I’m sorry. If any normal person would had done all this crimes- the person would have been locked up already!

  10. Isgur is working overtime to drag Hillary back into the discussion, but the question is the other way around. If you thought Hillary's emails (only a small handful of which were classified, some after the fact) was a HUGE EFFING DEAL in 2016, then you have no business casually dismissing 45's crimes as nothing important.

    Also, Hunter Biden was never an administration official or politician, so there's zero reason to involve him in the discussion. He made his mistakes as a private citizen.

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