6 months later, what’s next in the Ukraine war? l ABC News

Analysts spoke to ABC News about a possible stalemate and the impact of more U.S. aid.​

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47 thoughts on “6 months later, what’s next in the Ukraine war? l ABC News

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  2. A decisive battle between civilization and savagery has begun. Even in the Second World War it was not like that. Because the two savages were on different sides of the front. It was an inter-German showdown: the Germano-Slavic ethnic of the Deutschs against the Germano-Celtic French and the English, and the Russian savagery was either together with the savagery of the Deutschs or against them. Now the front line has clearly been drawn between civilization and savagery. I see the philosophical law of contradiction: civilization is definitely a positive phenomenon, but it is mixed with negativity in the form of shame and cowardice: civilization has hid behind Ukraine and is waiting for something unknown. The memory of civilization's victory in this war will be tainted with the memory of shame.

  3. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? RAISE PUTIN BOUNTY & STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why hasn't Trump been charged with treason yet? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why do Americans ignore 1,066,695 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

  4. Putin will stop when his forces are removed from Ukraine. Putin may want to shell Ukraine from Russia, but Ukraine can also shell Russia from Ukraine.






    WASHINGTON, Aug 24 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden said on Wednesday the U.S. government will forgive $10,000 in student loans for millions of debt-saddled former college students, keeping a pledge he made in the 2020 campaign for the White House.

    The move could boost support for his fellow Democrats in the November congressional elections, but some economists said it may fuel inflation and some Republicans in the U.S. Congress questioned whether the president had the legal authority to cancel the debt.

  6. Happy Independence Day to Ukraine and glory!
    The reason why I support Ukraine, because I’m human and I support human rights and if Ukraine surrenders, there will be no more Ukraine and it won’t save lives. It will only end up in a brutal occupation like Bucha, irpin and Mariupol massacre. The main goal of Russia is that they want to destroy Ukraine as a nation, just like Rome destroyed Carthage. Russians don’t treat Ukrainians as people.



  9. always remember this ….you CANT operate an army without supply TRUCKS also FUEL trucks …..destroy or capture all russian trucks ….
    1. are they armored ??? no
    2. do they have heavy weapons on them ??? no
    3. is a army truck driver a high skilled soldier ??? NO
    4. puncture truck tires or damage the engines!! …..

  10. Regarding the last speaker's point about "something must be given up in order for Putin to save face". WRONG. During WW2 absolutely nobody sat around worried about Hitler saving face. We were after a decisive unconditional victory then and that's what Ukraine needs now.
    Half measures will only prolong Putler's menace to the world.

  11. Russia is incompetent and the young RU soldiers know they are wrong being there. The young soldiers do not care to kill for the wrong reasons.

  12. As a former combat planner in Vietnam, I agree with General Hodges. Putin's 'attrition' strategy is not well thought out. Firstly, they don't have the right equipment, manpower or time. Ukraine has all of that except for 'equipment' in sufficient quantities. Over time, the West's resources will help Ukraine fill that gap.

  13. Russia is being beaten at high-speed attrition warfare. It is alarming how Russia is throwing away its best lives and equipment. 💛💙 Victory to Ukraine! 👊😎🤘

  14. May there be an eternity of Independence Days for Ukraine. Love and support from Sweden with a warm welcome to the EU an NATO family. May Putin burn in hell together with Hitler and Stalin.

  15. I feel like a large scale world war is unavoidable. Russia and China are going to try and push their “new world order” and the US and our proxy countries will resist. The buildup to another world war is going to be a lot slower than the others. I believe the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War may have been the start of a long buildup of tension. It could even go back farther than the War on Terror but who fuckin knows. We all die at some point and we have no control over any of this so it’s all just speculation. I just sit back and watch

  16. Whats next in 6 months later?
    Just wait and see the results/outcomes from the battlefields. Those will be the true reality and empiric. And will eas every single of assumtions, words, and comments, even by the mouths of "expert analist".

  17. Putin needs to Nuke Ukraine already so I, a tax-paying US citizen, can stop having to foot the bill for the billions of dollars going into military aid for them.

  18. The little trickster skillfully plays his audience as he destroys Ukraine. Husbands are fighting and dying. Zelensky has taken away their freedom. Their wives and children that have fled are not going to return to their homes.

    It is not Russia. It is Zelensky. His decrees are those of a little dictator who deflects towards Russia fury directed at himself.

    Had Ukraine complied with Russia’s requests to ensure the integrity of its territory all of this bloodshed might have been averted. Life would have continued peacefully, without disruption. Cuba, Mexico and Canada, along with many other nations, may only ignore the security requirements of the USA at their peril and can expect an adverse reaction if they fail to comply.

    The little conman knows where he is coming from and knows where he is headed.

    Ukrainians do not.

    ¹³ Zelensky knew how Russia would react and brought this about. Zelensky is culpable. The blood is on his hands.

    ¹² Both Syria and Ukraine were cited prior to the Balfour Declaration. Syria to cease to exist as a nation in order to gain legitimate title in a reverse takeover. Ukraine is the promised land of milk and honey.

    ¹ Ukraine is an agricultural land with dairy farming and beekeeping major pursuits, a land of milk and honey. Ukraine is the prophetic 1000-years-Millennium breadbasket. A former world leader knew that a stretch of sand was not what was promised as a land of milk and honey and determined that Ukraine should be lebensraum for the 1000-years-Reich.

    ² Recession is averted. Nations are queuing to purchase HIMARS. Fortunes are made by reselling armaments supplied by western nations. This war is not going to end anytime soon.

    ³ Ukraine is being transformed into a nation of tenants with rent at maximum levels extorted from residents and shunted into the pockets of the chosen few by placing a halt to the use of land causing prices to skyrocket beyond reach, similar to the situation in Australia and Canada. The country will function like one gigantic enterprise with tenancies replenished from nations worldwide while its native population vanishes into oblivion.

  19. Doorgaan met vechten kost geld. Geld van andere landen. Maar geeft Ukraine land af, dan zullen er nieuwe veldslagen volgen wanneer het Russisch leger weer aangesterkt is. Wordt Ukraine Pools gebied zolang de oorlog duurt, of langer, dan valt het complete land binnen de Navo. Ukraine kan dus Polen laten winnen om massaal verdedigd te kunnen worden. Een nieuw land vormen wanneer de Russen verdreven zijn is ook een optie, maar er is ook een kans dat Rusland heel Ukraine over kan nemen. Dan wordt het lastiger voor Polen en het westen om Ukraine te helpen. Zelensky zal beslissingen moeten nemen of duidelijk aangeven bij landen die hun helpen hoe een toekomstige samenwerking praktisch gezien het meest wenselijke is. De wederopbouw met Russisch gas bekostigen? Dan loop je de kans dat Rusland op later moment weer toeslaat waardoor de schade nog veel groter is. Als het milieugevoelige afval maar al ast op tijd wordt opgeruimd zodat het puin en de grond weer zuiver wordt overal. Dan kan de landbouwproductie ook weer toenemen, hopelijk met inachtneming dat schaduw creëren praktisch en verstandig is voor de toekomst en het zoet en grondwaterbehoud. Zelfs in China staan de rivieren bijna leeg. Geen water en eten betekent vaak oorlog en hoge prijzen. China moet dit eerst in eigen land oplossen vind ik, en India ook, met hun bevolkingsgroei. De rem moet op de hoeveelheid mensen, al zou ik graag vader worden ooit dus snap ik de drang naar het hebben van kinderen samen met je partner.

  20. Well, after Biden and Pelosi have failed to provoke a war in Taiwan, US is now working to start another European front in Serbia. Evil never sleep.

  21. Y'all can keep listening to this nonsense, but, Russia will continue to DOMINATE Ukraine in this war and when it looks like they will win, despite all the MONEY and WEAPONS America have given to Ukraine, the US Congress (Democrats and Republicans) will lose their minds and vote to declare War against Russia and enter this conflict and send our men and women over there to die for a war that has nothing to do with us or our National Security Interests. This war will turn into WORLD WAR 3…mark my words…America will put boots on the ground in Ukraine…they won't let Russia just win this war…they won't accept that all that money and weapons that they provided Ukraine was for nothing…their PRIDE won't allow them to accept that and that will spell disaster for the rest of the this country and for the rest of the World. Even the Republicans who should stand against this and try to prevent this from happening, and vote against any DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST RUSSIA, will bend and STAND WITH THE PRESIDENT, because that is always considered the best political thing to do…stand with the President when he wants to go to war. Then the propaganda machine will go into full effect from the MEDIA, to justify a war that we should not involve ourselves in. If you think INFLATION is bad now…folks…in another MONTH OR TWO…the WAR RHETORIC will start…the propaganda will start…them telling us why we can't just let Russia win this war…why we can't just sit back and do nothing anymore and let them do this to Ukraine, will start…when you hear that rhetoric…you will know that the future is only going to get much, much WORSE.

  22. gth british and american media you have to understand one thing when somebody plan to enter into the long lasting war they planned everything before that so stop crying about Russian interferance in the ukraine just for the information british and america is the one who drag ukraine into this if they accept the putin terms nothing would have happen in the first place Russia and putin don,t caire what europe thinks he,ll do what he thinks is okay ukraine may be not ukraine the bloody slavery goverment of zilenski had to suffer 😡🤮

  23. Russia will slowly grind down the resistance with an emphasis on striking with artillery from distance so Russian losses would be minimal. In the meantime, Putin can sit back and enjoy watching Ukraine and EU economies collapse and governments fall like dominos from popular discontent with high prices and job losses.

  24. This war has always been pure Russian imperialism and desire to have control over the oil and gas deposits discovered in Ukraine. Russia doesn't deserve anything.

  25. "Putin/Russia should be given a face-saving out so that the war should not have been in vain". Fortunately, that wasn't the consensus when dealing with Hitler! Ukraine should give no quarter. No pity, no mercy, no clemency!

  26. Learn the #@*& lesson:
    "If Russia says something is true, then you know it is false!"🤬
    Remember the old Soviet saying, "Nothing is confirmed until the Government denies it!" 🙂
    We Fight Evil!

  27. Next is the collapse of naz1 state of ukraine, thousands more dead ukrainians and foreign mercs. Following is the punitive operation of Russia against the remaining resistance, sentencing to death any forces that may try to oppose the Russians after their victory.

  28. The sort of spineless, appeasement-centered thinking the last man exhibited is exactly the kind that encourages and emboldens tyrants. A warmongering dictator deserves no “face-saving” and must not receive any, nor can they receive any concessions.

    They must be defeated and humiliated, as they and others like them will otherwise be encouraged to attempt more such actions in the future.

    Could you imagine if we offered face-saving measures to Hitler or Japan? It’s a ridiculous notion born of impotence and fear.

  29. Expert total loss estimation Ukraine / Russia = 250,000 / 55,000; of which KIA Ukraine / Russia = 80,000 / 15,000 (Russia suffered maximum losses in the initial period) February-March) . Ukraine losses continually rise from March to now, whilst Russian losses continually reduce. Ukraine already lost the war because the loss ratio is now Ukraine / Russia = 10-30 / 1.0. In last fights in Peski it is 200 / 1 !

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