Biden announces student debt relief for millions of Americans

President Joe Biden said his plan to forgive tens of thousands of dollars for individuals earning less than $125,000 a year will help struggling Americans.


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35 thoughts on “Biden announces student debt relief for millions of Americans

  1. $300 billion is the one time cost of the loan, which will pay itself off in ~10 years due to increased revenue in sales tax. Considering over half of the country makes less than 30000 a year and has been struggling to make ends meet, I consider this a net win.

  2. Rest assured the 87k new crooks hired by the government will be targeting conservatives
    This will make the Lois Lerner IRS look like a UN peace delegation
    We do not live in the land of the free nor have we for quite some time
    We have government that is unchecked & unchallenged
    The party that was installed knows no sense of boundaries or limits
    This is straight out of Germany circa 1941
    J Stalin would be proud of this modern day Democrat party utilizing his tactics flawlessly
    The left keeps saying "Trump cant accept the results of the 2020 election" while they still cannot accept the results of the 2016 election which was 100 perc legitimate, while the results of the 2020 had a predetermined outcome the guise of an election was just a charade
    If you cannot defeat your opponents ideologically they must be silenced
    In a nation of lies,those who tell truth are the greatest threat.
    The Republicans better have their lawyers ready come this November

  3. Gotta agree with McDonnell on this one. This is a bunch of crap. I paid my loans. Why are students now more entitled than I was? You think they’re gonna vote for you? I hope this backfires on your ass.

  4. 600 billion in student debt relief that of course the tax payer ends up paying for, and of course Cripples our current inflation

  5. This is a joke. I work a blue collar job almost every day for 25 years and my wife paid for her degree. People getting handouts for votes at the cost of others. No one made people take these loans. If people are mad at the debt, then talk to the people who let you take them or didn’t explain what you were incurring, they are the reason you have a ton of debt with a worthless degree that can’t adequately pay what you borrowed. This president just bypassed Congress. He needs to be put on trial.

  6. Pathetic. Younger people won’t have any concept of personal responsibility. Totally unfair to people who did pay off their loans. Pathetic attempt to buy mid term votes as well.

  7. Americans tax payers need to start standing up to this, robbing us to pay for democats who have wasted there time taking classes that don't have anything to do with getting a good job or career!!!!

  8. I was in the Air Force and got a college tuition from the government for my service. Anyone that can't pay their loan back should join the military or volunteer for the Peace Corps until their loan is paid off. The government shouldn't dole out the money. Make them earn it.
    Since being established in 1961, over 220,000 Americans have served as Peace Corps volunteers in 140 countries. Currently, about 7,000 volunteers are working around the world in return for a nominal living wage.

  9. Total incompetence..this cost falls squarely on the working class..welcome to Biden’s communist North America…this is socialism…Wake up America…when you fill out the FAFSA for your child’s education…remember you already paid for this

  10. I'm all for helping the people who are struggling with their debts due to compound interest, which is basically usery.
    It seems like politicians are always doing the fast and simple thing, in this case forgiving a certain dollar amount, instead of doing the smarter and better approach of actually addressing the compound interest problem. It should be illegal for people to have to pay back twice the amount they borrowed. Rather than just forgiving a dollar amount, why not limit the percentage of total interest people can be legally required to pay for student loans? Then adjust the amount they still owe based on that total and the total they have already paid?
    Unfortunately with our political system, doing the smarter and better thing is always so much more difficult than doing the quick and easy thing which is inherently problematic.

  11. My wife will benefit from this but we will never vote for democrats, this policy is idiotic, and does not address the underlying issue of college affordability, and how student loans work.

  12. So if you pay your bills, you get to pat others debt now. If you don’t pay your debt, you get to rob those who do , sounds fair. The people who don’t pay their student debt, don’t worry about their other bills. The left gets to be paid for their pretend victimhood.

  13. I can’t imagine paying the debt of some some people who took the debt and never completed the major or those who graduated from bs degree (literature) and working on something else and those who took like 3 majors and still jobless

  14. Student loans are for studies and not to buy the latest Apple I-phone or an all inclusive vacation. Loan forgiveness is tax payers money down the drain. It could be used for better purposes.

  15. Another dispicable act by President Biden in a very long list of failures. This time the money you and i worked hard for to hopefully purchase votes of young people… few are aware that they are being played. QUOTE: "A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." — George Bernard Shaw (Nobel Prize Laureate)

  16. So glad I joined the military, becoming a disabled veteran, so I could pay for college without student loans, only to have student loans forgiven anyway… Unfair…

  17. I’m grateful for this! I’m 38 and still have student debt from Nursing School. A few years after I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, (type III) Cranialcervical Instability, PoTS, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and GAD. I haven’t been able to work since and am fully disabled. There’s been no way I could pay my student loan back. I’ve just had to unfortunately, ignore paying them. Now, I’ll be able to get them off my back!

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