Biden expected to announce new student loan plan

The president is expected on Wednesday to announce an executive order that would forgive $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower for millions of Americans. ABC News’ Derricke Dennis reports.


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19 thoughts on “Biden expected to announce new student loan plan

  1. This is the Fed printing money & giving it to it's cartel banks who hold all the paper on these worthless gender studies degrees… simple as. So many layers to this scam! Did you work your a** off to pay back your loans??? Ha ha suka! Now go pay some taxes… hate to see those 87,000 new IRS agents digging through your garbage can!!!

  2. This is democrats. They live beyond their means and except everyone else to pay up. This is the never accountable democrat

  3. For some getting $10,000 forgiveness would be like getting $15 an hour, interestingly people making $12 an hour will be the ones paying for it.

  4. People need to be responsible and pay their loans. If they can’t pay them they need to go to bankruptcy court just like a bank would.

  5. biden is squandering taxpayers' money to try to win votes in november
    He is destroying the American economy

  6. I worked very hard, paid my master of science debt loans, was treated very poorly by banks for paying it all off and was targeted by banks and credit agencies for saving enough to pay for everything, still over a decade later I was forced to leave the US to find advanced scientific research jobs and possibilities for work in my profession in other countries. So I'm not too keen on discussing this system especially after being exposed to its structural violence and malevolent displacement. the violence against an educated citizenry is appalling and exists no where else in the world except russia, ukraine, China, North Korea and Myanmar. The big debate I have is whether to ever return to the US because while I was investigating an ecological system and technology that remediate ocean pollution, produce energy and restore soil health I was left abandoned and in trauma after being injured in disaster relief operations and then left homeless. when people asked do I do drugs, of course not. I do salad and blueberry pie with coffee. government scientist stuf. In my case leaving the US permitted my survival because the agencies I turned to kept housing me with criminals and relapsing drug addicts and that was nuts, I'd say let's make breakfast they saw yall homeless homies I gotz me some rock to bang on up in here and you just close dat door and let the big man go bye bye for a while so after I get bank for dis rock maybe we eats some taco bell later alright… , yeah that's conducive to writing a book. sure. so while they were thinking of that I was writing that to me the advancement of science would be able someday to help these people too with analogs to addictive substances and through psychological tools that could identify the intense emotional pain they were in and that led them to addiction… I had an obligation to myself to do whatever it took to take care of myself and not be traumatized and get up and find a place that would allow me to work and let me pursue this work that benefits everyone. After some years, I realized that the US hates its own educated people to such an extreme extent that it's is depressing, And I fell into depression because no other country on each wastes the talent of it's youth to expressly hinder or degrade innovation. Researchers who generally pay their debts, and are good citizens are treated as targets in the US and I realized that if the US hates us all as a class with such severe intensity and animosity and with so very much vitriol then honestly they should just send the Amy or police to our homes to lethal injection us or shoot and kill us and then confiscate our research to sell it to their mainland Chinese corporate partners, and move those Chinese in to our abandoned houses so at least someone can continue this research work. That would also put us out of this daily suffering and misery.and allow this work to reach humanity without destroying the positive development ideas of the governments Chinese corporate partners. I'd gladly take the eternal dirt nap if the government would stop doing this to us and would let us live a normal decent life. Because for everything they say about valuing science they're so full of it, it's more heartbreaking than being harassed for student loans that are already paid off. So the sooner they come execute us, slip poisons in our drinks , hang us or lethal injection us or fentynal us the better. AI and Chinese workers are what they want. not you. never you. So everyday, I hope they show up to the door with silencers to end his misery and ship my body home.

    on days when I'm not working I sit in pain on the street with a sign that says "abandoned by family because of debt harassment, left with nothing, I'm a scientist. please kill me."

  7. How much money does our Universities receive from China CCP politicians to send their children thru our prestigious colleges. How much influence does China CCP have over our universities among other things. Chinese tourists visit Alaska while on student visa were from from prominent CCP family members.

  8. Biden is an absolutely absurd senile old buffoon. Pathetic. A LOAN is supposed to be paid back. Why would pay back anything in this banana republic now?

  9. Lets see, my taxes paid for all these wasted wars, bailing out banks, and recently the biggest cash out in unemployment benefits because of a pandemic… I’ll take my taxes back to pay for schooling thank you.

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