Car pulled from reservoir matches description of missing teen’s SUV | ABCNL

Authorities are releasing new information about their investigation into the disappearance of Kiely Rodni this afternoon. ABC’s Zohreen Shah discusses the latest developments.

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39 thoughts on “Car pulled from reservoir matches description of missing teen’s SUV | ABCNL

  1. Once again " God " let all these people down !!
    Every single YouTube video comment sections were full of people saying they was going to pray and pray and pray and pray . Same ole ending tho .
    Now everyone will start say that they hope she will rest in peace . Rest in peace , really ??
    What does that even mean ?? Honestly, what does that mean ?? What other options are there for someone who does . What else are they going to do , not rest in peace ??? Plus this girl here was crazy young. I'm sure her heart was innocent and full of love . Why would she have to die?? If there is such thing as a " God " why don't he start taking the lives of these priest that molest young children or those who murder or rape someone??
    Or better yet , start taking the lives of the piece of crap people who drink and drive and kill a car full of innocent families ???
    Thanks again " God " for not listening to any of all those prayers.

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  3. These ppl need to stop letting their minor children do whatever they want. Probably intoxicated and drove into the reservoir, children need parental supervision.

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  5. Common sense time: in a missing persons case, especially if life is thought to be in danger, you cover as much area as you can as fast as you can. Unfortunately, that means things can get missed the first time around, because the initial searches are rushed and less thorough. After it becomes a "body recovery", secondary searches are then done that are much more thorough than the initial searches. It is not uncommon in SAR for things to be found on followup searches that were missed the first time around. That is not incompetence. That is reality. And the whole point of doing followup searches.

    Authorities did the right thing by SAR standards. They maximized their resources by initially sending volunteers into unsearched areas. Had they sent SAR back into areas that were previously searched before completing an initial search, that would have been incompetent. Imagine if she was found in an area that had been left unsearched while volunteers were researching previous areas. That is not how SAR operates.

    It can be hard with hindsight and confirmation bias not to criticize law enforcement, but their handling of this case really was sound by normal standards.

  6. Go to Adventures with Purpose on YouTube and watch it there and give the guys a thumbs up for helping out. They use the profits for helping people get closer, they've found 24 or so people in the last 2 years. Thanks if you check m out.

  7. first off how do we know there really was a party ?? sammy has her necklace she has her jewlery and those kids killed her. get it together cops.. there is no way there were 300 kids there bcz there are no pictures no videos nothing. i don't believe the video you talk about was from that party.

  8. the true victims of this incident is the parents of this gal. It is going to be nightmare for them for the rest of their lives. Losing a child at this age is unbearable pain. Having said that, teens thee days are very toxic, abusing alcohol, weed and other deadly drugs and this country is decriminalizing criminal acts like selling drugs is the reason behind this tragedy.Open minded parents need to be aware of what their teenage children are upto these days. snapchat generation is doomed to fail. too many teen white gals are hanging out with thugs and gangsters and blowing weed and cocaine.

  9. Predators are everywhere. This is a crime of opportunity and these assholes are out there. I pray for her and her family and the person responsible for this should not be allowed to live.

  10. I don't know why they just don't go ahead and identify her. All they have to do is run the vehicle registration. But they refuse to announce any info that they probably already have..

  11. It amazes me, I was watching the Sheriffs dept. news conference on another channel and they actually spent more time praising themselves and "their" dive team for recovering the vehicle. The entire WORLD knows how incompetent these people have been for 2 weeks now! AWP found this car in 30 min, they already ID'd the vehicle and Kiely inside. I trust them more than the dept's involved in this circus.

  12. 20,000 man hours by the government over three weeks. Then adventure with propose finds her car with a body inside, in the reservoir right next to where she was last seen in two day. Looks like we have to help ourselves now. RIP Kiely.

  13. The sheriffs department actually told AWP not to search that area because they already did! They have been searching for three weeks and AWP found her in less than 12 hrs. Law enforcement is worthless in this country.

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