Civil rights investigation underway after violent arrest video in Arkansas goes viral

Three officers have been suspended after the video showed them holding a suspect on the ground and beating him. Authorities first claimed the suspect was violent, but witness accounts disagree.

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Author: Rafael


31 thoughts on “Civil rights investigation underway after violent arrest video in Arkansas goes viral

  1. Yes! Ty sir. There could be several charges filed on them & them being in a position of authority especially a law enforcement policeman! I feel they lost their temper because they all want worked together they never thought they would get away that crap.

  2. SEE !!!!!!!!!!!!! cops not only abuse blacks & Latinos, LGBTQ & other minorities (mostly tho!), they abuse their POWER on EVERYONE ! …… and then, THEY WONDER why so many shoot at COPS !?

  3. Would you have done it if you known I was Jackie Kennedy‘s dead baby? You sick racist sick assholes you’re going to jail for the rest of your life

  4. chief……….not to worry, same three corrupt officers are on my hand picked internal investigation team… stone will be torned over……i mean left un-turned

  5. NO EXCUSE!!!!! They Need to be Fired!! & Never be an Officer of the 'Law' EVER AGAIN, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!! The Guy didn't even try to 'Kill' Any Officer! Those Cops went ABOVE, GOING TO FAR!! & They Knew what they were doing! They Acted UNGODLY just like Any CRIMINAL ON THE STREETS!! & We have an ABUNDANCE Of EVIL CRIMINALS OUT THERE DESTROYING PEOPLE, & EVERYTHING AROUND THEM!! (BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TOO!) THEIR CHARACTERS ARE DISGUSTING!! NO EXCUSE FOR ANY CRIMINALS Out there!

  6. Id like to think Im super nice, every time i've been pulled over by a cop they are extremely mean and specifically say things to trigger people. Someone who struggles with emotion regulation will not be able to handle the things the officers say. They really need training or hire people who are willing to use assertive language and force when necessary.

  7. A human being would know that when 3 "trained" officers have a person on the ground that person is no longer a threat as you can see because if he was…they would have shot him. You can see in their pathetic expressions when cameras were rolling they changed their tune quick. Keep filming these idiots and will get them one by one. If that's what it takes. These so called officers are military rejects or highschool bullies with power trips. You condone it you're the problem too. You radicals from whatever side you're on are sad souls that need to find the decent humanity in yourselves.

  8. The one cop who was causing a concussion said he had a concussion?
    That's an amazingly quick recovery from a concussion to go on to try and give someone else a concussion.
    If you can't do your job without trying to give somebody brain damage then it's time for a new line of work.
    Or time in prison

  9. you hired them to do a job then complain about the way they handled it SO SO sad for america when you cant teach thugs a lesson for their actions everyone needs to take training on how to arrest someone when this guy was trying to hurt them plus resist arrest and fight back a long time HE MUST BE HANDCUFFED

  10. comments about the cops ,everyone complaining about the way the cops handled this thug needs to be the ones that bring such a thug into the jail or court room

  11. I could not watch this! I could not watch George Floyd either. Make sure they investigate that Oakland County, Michigan case where the police was punching a mentally ill woman who had done nothing. When you see how the cops approached her you would have been scared too and would have tried to fight remember she was mentally ill! Are these Nazi cops? Are they mad because they power is coming to an end? Are these cops involved in both cases Native Caucasian 🇺🇸or white foreigners? All cops involved in both cases in Arkansas and Oakland County, Michigan should be charged and fired😡.

  12. Here we go, riot season starts now.

    Have y'all not noticed that the police brutality videos increase 2 years before an election, all the way up to the election day and then they stop for the next 2 years? Police brutality has been on a decline for the past 10 years, but for some reason, the amount of videos we see on mainstream media increase around election time.

    Watch, over the next few months you'll see more and more of this, you'll see BLM start to come out of their caves again and start burning everything down. Watch

  13. POLICE "Revenue Bullies" have NO LAWFUL DUTY to PROTECT Our "CHILDREN" or "PEOPLE": (Police are Corporate Revenue Officers for State Profit!)
    The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled and again, in (Castlerock vs Gonzales) Police Serve and Protect the Corporate States for Profit, NOT the people of the states!
    Qualified Immunity must be abolished (Removed) from state revenue-collecting police bullies for accountability! (Police serve and protect the state, not the people!)
    – TurtleTruth

  14. "Civil rights investigation" lol that's precious since that's what they always do in a case like this regardless of race creed color. Nothing new here; but they're trying to play it up as if the family have a ghost of a chance winning a civil suit. So lame; so transparent. I hope you tools didn't waste money going to college for this job….

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