Corn Cob 2nd Test – How To Destroy An Engine With Horrendous Carburetor Tuning… RIP!!!

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Well we thought we were making progress until everything went down hill. Suddenly Corn Cob quit making any horsepower, and eventually locked up on the Dyno. That was some terrible tuning by Jackstand and I… we will stick to EFI.

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33 thoughts on “Corn Cob 2nd Test – How To Destroy An Engine With Horrendous Carburetor Tuning… RIP!!!

  1. Flat tappet cam and lifters require a break in, those aluminum Heads have warnings from the manufacturer that the stiffer spring rate could round a cam if you don't swap weaker springs in just for the break in. Prime example of do your research before tossing a motor together

  2. That sounds like you have too much timing in it. Try 10 – 14° timing and turn mixture screws in pull bowl side plugs and make sure that the bulls fuel level runs out barely with the plugs out. Put the plugs back in when you have the levels adjusted in the front and back bowls turn your mixture screws all the way in till they touch back them out two and a half turns. Then start your engine. After it starts turn your mixture screws out counterclockwise and tell it starts to flood out turn them back in half turn do the primaries first secondary second.

  3. Gentlemen are starting to wear hearing protection, that is good especially from an employer prospective. You can lose hearing in 2 ways; A) Loss of a certain frequencies, B) Lost of word comprehension (I hear you but do not understand the word). Workers compensation paid $3600 for my hearing aids and the employer is paying Workers Compensation through higher premiums annually.

  4. Just light the car on fire. It's for Roman Atwood anyway and nobody over the age of 12 will even care or likes him in the first place.

  5. I'm going to sound old school here but there is a lot to be said for a large vacuum secondary carb and an easy to tune mechanical advance mechanism like an HEI.
    As a general rule, automatic cars need a long duration accelerator pump just to get through the primary half of the carb. This is done by changing the pump cam, not the squirters. If you maintain intake velocity through the primarys, the secondarys will follow seamlessly behind offering a smooth delivery of tire smoking torque.
    I always had an exhaust gas analyzer and engine analyzer (o-scope) at the dyno. This made me much smarter … Guessing sucks.

  6. Fly me down I'll get her on the chip for ya. And tbh fellas carb is not the way to go on a burnout car. Same reason they suck offroad. They poor fuel out the venturies and other ports. Lower your fuel bowl level. Or quick amd easy sniper efi.

  7. There's no point even trying to start it when there's fuel burning in the throat of the carby. You're not getting any oxygen to ignite fuel INSIDE the engine because it's being consumed by the fire there! Put the live flames out FIRST!

  8. Yeah.. you probably want like 72-74's in the front and 78's in the rear at your elevation. It also sounded like you had it too advanced which is why it was struggling to turn over. You guys need to build a Prius drag car.

  9. Sounds like the Power value went bad that explains every time you shut it off and start bk up and runs different and have to Rejust rejust the carb each time

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