President Zelenskyy promises victory over Russia on Ukrainian Independence Day

ABC News national security and defense analyst Mick Mulroy and former senior Cia field operative and ABC News contributor Darrell Blocker join to discuss the $2.98 billion aid package for Ukraine.

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25 thoughts on “President Zelenskyy promises victory over Russia on Ukrainian Independence Day

  1. Pardon me, but not unlike many of you, I'm just here 4:29 because I adore looking at the indefatigable and effervescent George Stephanopoulos in his immaculate and yet unassuming chocolate-brown suit. It's wonderful to check him out at the end of virtually thousands upon thousands of ABC News stories, because whether Ukraine or Russia prevail in this awful war, rest assured that George will be there, at the conclusion of each and every video, hawking his venerable news channel in that eloquent, elegant way that makes each and every one of us so glad to be alive, if only to hear and revel in his wisdom. We salute you, Mr. George Stephanopoulos, and we unashamedly look forward to both hearing and seeing you again and again, hundreds and hundreds of times, pontificating in that ancient video clip of you that was taken long, long ago, during what was no doubt a more peaceful, and perhaps more gentle era. – j q t –

  2. What the world seems unconscious of, because of the fake propaganda coverage smothering the world right now, is that 'Victory over Russia' for Kiev means 'Victory over Ukraine'.
    Because the DPR and the LPR are Ukrainians!
    And Zelensky wants victory over THEM !
    Yes. Exiled Ukrainians. He wouldn't let them into the fold once they became 'breakaway' States. So they stayed 'breakaway' and became, if you like, exiles. Exiled.
    BUT ZELENSKY claims they are UKRAINIAN. The Donbas and all the Donbas people are Ukrainian to Zelensky.
    AND he wants them all ! It is what it is all about. ALL about.
    Zelensky and Kiev were interrupted in their plan to invade and conquer DPR and LPR and drive out all traces of anything Russian. From a people half of whom to this day have relatives in Russia.
    THAT'S how 'Ukrainian' they are. Zelensky insists upon it.
    And his 'victory over Russia' means Victory over DPR, LPR and ( most recently and most stridently, Crimea ).
    The CIA and Zelensky and various other parties profiting from this would like you to think it is Ukraine v Russia but it is not.
    The better half of Ukraine ( i.e the non extremist and the hardest working though only 5 million as against 40 million ) is with Russia.
    It is Kiev against them.
    It is not Ukraine here at all.
    It is KIEV. And the CIA, of course.
    We should spread the word.
    And to the Kiev Ukraine soldiers, too. Many of them I think haven't really considered what they're doing: helping the CIA and Kiev subjugate their own brothers in Donbas and to no benefit to themselves at all. None. Nothing they can get out of it but suffering and death.

  3. I wonder if Russia is purposely dragging this out to cause more suffering to the west economically and they aren’t actually struggling. Maybe Russia is pretending to struggle to drain the US of all its money and in reality could win instantly or maybe zelinski and Purim are secret Allies that mutually benefit from this, Ukraine gets billions and Russia weakens the west economically

  4. No Boris, we (the tax paying public) in the UK need to sort out our own economic crisis first before giving multiple millions away to a war that will not be won by the Ukraine. And the fuel increase are not due to Russia but sanction’s imposed upon Russia by the UK and USA and why are we buying USA compressed gas at twice the price when this can be reduced by the US and Biden the idiotic president (why are we even dealing with the US). Plus, Putin doesnt not want to expand his attack, he just wants to stop the USA (NATO) encroaching on Russia…

    Lets get the facts right here*

  5. the solution is going to come through prolonged bloody attrition or rudimentary agreement that will encompass or remove the regionally compromised components. the us has already committed to some key conventional variables and costs and washington needs to simply let the most immediate interests call the shots. the lying leftist press have done a horrendous job trying to influence and outrage public opinion. they have behaved as literal imbeciles applying their selective censorship and misinformation reports declaring victory and victimhood every day. the corporate media positions exclusively compromise national security and international stability.

  6. Please Russia , American taxpayers beg you to stop our suffering. Finish this thing before Biden gives any more of our deflated dollars away .

  7. Does everyone think ‘Zelensky’ is still happy being Ukraine’s president? Or do you think he would prefer to get back in to the Hollywood acting Spotlight?

  8. Brandon approves that message Zelensky, Biden says thanks for the Ukrainians dying for the Proxy war. Keep fighting until the last fighter is buried Zelensky.

  9. From a New Zealand perspective: Regards to what is happening in Ukraine, Including the Nuclear power station under attack by Ukraine, people need to look at the chronology of how we got to where we are today in order to see a solution. At the end of WW2 soon after Russia had cleansed Ukraine of Nazi forces is the start line. Consider facts provided by worthy global experts and history books, rather than Ukraine war news Zelenskyy has hugely propagandized theatrically, including this website….

    At the end of WW2 some American government agencies recruited Nazis out of Europe for staff. Since WW2, American government agencies and the UK have embarked on decades-long interference in other countries (including Eastern Europe) politics. They are behaving like global gangsters and colonialists which continues to this day in the name of acting in the best financial interests of America and its corporations. The foreign policy blob and American war-monger politicians are out of control from a President who has dementia. This includes stealing other countries resources, like in Iraq, Libya and South America etc etc to name some of many. NATO is working hard to justify its existence by war-mongering.

    Amongst this, from what I understand, Kennedy and Khrushchev came to an agreement to end the Cuban missile crisis that being that Russia would exit Cuba, and America in the name of NATO would remove its Nukes from Italy and Turkey.

    In 2014, Russia could no longer turn a blind eye to American and NATO’s political interference in Ukraine and eastern Europe. This included genocide of Russians in Ukraine, and a growing Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine hell-bent on achieving Hitler’s dream of a world war between America and Russia. In 2022, after America, UK, NATO and UN continuing to refuse to listen to Russia’s complaints in this regard, Russia invaded Ukraine to flush out the Neo-Nazi’s (including Azov Battalion), America, UK and NATO interests who had crossed the red line. God bless Russia and the Russian people who are once again fighting the evil Nazi’s as they did in WW2.

    In the mean-time, Russia has been becoming increasingly Westernised anyway. Ukraine could have chosen not to fight the Russian’s instead let them just roll over them with no loss of life and let Russia cleanse them of their Neo-Nazi regime, America, UK and NATO, and let Ukraine people-power prevail in the longer term and conserve their sovereignty. Instead, Ukraine’s Actors and politicians remain defiant upon the ego, naivety, and ambitions of their Neo-Nazi regime and Ukraine being sold an unachievable goal by America, UK, UN and the NATO war-mongers. The unnecessary loss of human life and infrastructure is tragic and does not benefit Ukraine at all. Only the global arms manufacturers will win this war.

    Its easy, all America, UK and NATO has to do is withdraw from Ukraine to stop all the killing. America has become distracted with Ukraine and lost a worthy ally in the form of Russia, and the growing global threat, Asia, is laughing all the way to unfettered world dominance!

    The American public needs to wake up and act more logically and strategically in its choice of leaders. Perhaps a change of the corrupt heads and foreign policy analysts blob on capital hill is the only way to bring positive change and remove the nuclear threat from humanity (Power stations and missiles). We also need to focus on global starvation and global warming issues before this planet becomes uninhabitable.

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