Primary showdowns in Florida and New York

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discusses upcoming primaries in New York and Florida, where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is already looking toward the general election.


Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Primary showdowns in Florida and New York

  1. Voters choosing different “progressive” democrats is seeking improvement by changing seats on the Titanic.

    The evidence is CLEAR democrat politicians are enabling the thug life revolving door!

    I can’t vote democrat for this reason alone. Innocent hard working people are being preyed upon by thugs!

    A wise man said “everyone deserves a second chance, however never a third”.

  2. I'm not sure why you're talking about Desantis when he's not even on the primary ballot today because he's running unopposed. Wait, I do know why.

    And Liz Chaney already lost her primary. Maybe talk about the Florida and NY primaries like you said you were going to?

  3. I miss getting information without anyone's bias. Every channel puts their affiliation above all else. It's pretty sad when the guest is more measured than the host.

  4. ALERT – Ultra, R-wing oligarch, Koch scheme to turn CNN into FOX. CNN owners Warner Bros Discovery 'secretly' gets funding from Koch through their music and movie divisions. Koch connected to Warner Bros Discovery music & movie divisions through Trump's Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Rat-Pac Entertainment (2013). Forty-four known Koch henchmen were in the Trump Administration. In July 2022 Koch connected, Ifrah Law, PLLC sued CNN in Florida for saying that Trump lies. In August 2022 they got rid of Brian Stelter "Reliable Sources". Stop the Koch media monopoly. Call, write your Senators and Representative.

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  6. Majority of extreme Trump supporters always vote and many Americans don't bother to vote.

    This is why America is in turmoil now. If we don't vote, things are going to be much worse.

    If you think that voting doesn't matter or concern you, you're wrong.

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  8. Wouldn’t it be great if Liz wipes trumps ass in the presidential election….DeSantis is another morally bankrupted man that should be exorcised from holding any political office….

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  10. It's definitely a free country but remember Republicans didn't vote for the pact act Money for Climate change Build back america bill the democrats have done awesome the Republicans are fake I said what I said and I'm not Sorry it's the Truth

  11. Republicanism will destroy the United States of America.
    Boycott the entire republican party in the upcoming midterm elections. Help put a stop to domestic terrorism.

  12. DeSantis is smart, but not "sane". The man is combative and evil and very underhanded. He must not continue to gain momentum. It isn't good for Florida and he sure as hell isn't good for the country.

  13. He has no teacher. No respect for other people. Not like him. Doesn't care for working poor and housing. Black or brown people. He doesn't support latio in anyway. Ask Puerto Rican people.

  14. Congratulations Ron, on your apprehending of people who voted under the assumption that they had gotten that right back. Way to keep them in the dark until it's time for you to pounce! Win for democracy! Oh wait, just kidding. You're a piece of sh*t and you should be likewise flushed down the toilet.

  15. when muller charge manafort for things nothing to do with russia hack but let podesta go for same reason =blackmail dc to support blame russia to cover up fact 2 party system failed since mccain-hillary all did united fruit company scandal 2.0

    recall fbi never look at physical evidence just crowdstrike/hillary words, cia break glass 2017 inauguration with media claim russia stolen election 1oo

    george bush 14y ago said add ukraine to nato foreshadow nuland f eu coup 2014 support =


    2001 pentagon memo kill occupy iraq to syria

    current ukraine gov is proxy since obama drew red line just like did in syria earlier arming rebels telling russia not to interfere while zelensky ethnic cleanse donbass region 7y=



    aware USA can give everyone medicare+lower inflation so wages regain value but need to punish all those whom want to stay in Syria like Schiff/pelosi? they constant print money to occupy iraq-syria oil gold

    force city to lower inflation to prove daca worth it since for years dc never lower living cost only print dollars to do more refugee crisis

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