Ukraine marks Independence Day under war l GMA

In an address to the country, President Zelenskyy warned the holiday could bring “hideous provocations and brutal strikes.”

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32 thoughts on “Ukraine marks Independence Day under war l GMA

  1. Love and blessings to all of Ukraine, on your independence day. UKRAINE, will be great, again. God bless you all. Glory and victory to Ukraine.

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  4. No Boris, we (the tax paying public) in the UK need to sort out our own economic crisis first before giving multiple millions away to a war that will not be won by the Ukraine. And the fuel increase are not due to Russia but sanction’s imposed upon Russia by the UK and USA and why are we buying USA compressed gas at twice the price when this can be reduced by the US and Biden the idiotic president (why are we even dealing with the US). Plus, Putin doesnt not want to expand his attack, he just wants to stop the USA (NATO) encroaching on Russia…

    Lets get the facts right here*

  5. ukraine need long range artillery now!!!!! USA need to supplies these!!! moscow need to be taugh lesson. time to start shelling artillery on russia capitial to see how Russia like it

  6. Ukraine is composed of little Russians. At the end of the special military operation, the good little Russians will be brought back into the fold with Mother Russia.

    The naughty little Russians in Kiev cannot escape their fortunes of war: SUBMISSION.

    All little Russians ALREADY know the lyrics:

  7. ❤️🇵🇸🇦🇫🇸🇾🇮🇶❤️What about these countries who are suffering from long time? Just this for them. If you don't care about this country, I don't care about Ukraine love from Pakistan, 🇵🇰🇵🇰❤️

  8. Is anyone not talking about how Ukraine bombed there own citizens, very Racist, and had the worse corrupt government in the EU. It's like as soon Russia invade it's like Ukraine very very recent dark past went into thin air

  9. Putin silence is the scariest after suicide attack on alley daughter.. by Ukrainian..very sure retaliation will be unprecedented , deadly and systematic until l whole of Ukraine is completely annihilated…Russia holding war in Venezuela at showing the USA and world at large ..Russia is fighting war with one hand and one leg handicap???Exhausted Russia or wining at all cost Russia to put USA at enormous pressure and peril"???..1000.000 more north Korea will start the next wave of attack after training and assimilating to Ukraine war zone … As day go by without Eu war fatigue support and declining .public support ..Ukraine will resort to becoming a terrorist organization …just like several decade ago..when USA CIA funded these middle eastern country to contain soviet union…"daughter of Putin ally"..Crimea and Europe largest Nuclear plant" a desperate attempt by Ukrainian""

    Ukraine without the support of EU on weaponry since July with winter season coming into is clearly war fatigue or ether they survive or parish together with Ukraine .Ukraine can only fight a lose lose guerrilla terrorist tactic warfare with only support from USA that "Why Russian accusing USA of dragging the out the war in Ukraine "and "USA is fanning tension every where in Asia and AUKUS with Australia ,UK into NATO" to contain China?? In the west with CIA support for Ukraine…Let's concede. NATO rules the world, or is that so?Who is stronger, NATO or Russia or China?

    NATO without USA is headless and Disorganized Attachment institution – It can be oblivious even put China higher as China proving to surpass USA in many aspect? Beidou navigation satellite system using two way quantum communication technology vs decade old one way GPS system ,superior Fighter plane J20 stealth vs F35 The J-20 is seen to pose by far the greatest challenge to American air superiority of any fighter in the world, and has seen its capabilities improve rapidly since first delivered to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force in 2016. The latest variants introduced Upgrade gained a super-cruise capability which the F-35 notably lacks.China vast array of Hyper-sonic Missile system vs conventional missile system..but with 27 country NATO (with UK and USA) could be more be formidable than China???. NATO (with USA) is the real global badass!!

    Just look at one parameter.And we know the obscene budget by USA on weaponry and Eu stupidly of following USA whereby putting great risk to it own economy and the fact they are at USA always at war 93% since independent,and most see NATO as essentially USA in a camouflage flak jacket, and a perfect excuse for the USA to control the business and destiny of a Europe in decline. The make-the-number members comes for the hunt once a while or when bored, notably the Anglo Saxon cousin who would even go across the world to the SCS just for a chance to show the Union Jack and to again prove its royal faithfulness to its once ex-colony.

    Please stay west and settle your Ukraine issue or Syria or Libya or Iraq or Palestine or where ever .Yes, NATO could be more nasty and stronger, but do stay 8000 km away. If there must be war, then it’s not strength alone but the will of the nation and its people. For this at least, It is reckon China and Russia could be stronger than NATO, even with the mighty USA included.A recent stimulation done if USA and China ,US lose 18 to 0 in favor of China!!!

    After all, we just saw what US and NATO boys did with Syria and Kabul, and again with Kyiv. How would everyone or anyone interpret this? That’s your prerogative.Even if the military strength is of the same league, it’s the political fortitude, the will of the nation, the perceived right and the resilience of the people that matter more. Those make up the potent combination that determines the real strength, which is perhaps the key that will sustain China as a great civilization of the past, and still the oldest continuous civilization marching into the future, and not by the strength of its steely blade alone.There will always be China and Russia, and only One, protecting of west from NATO gaining full dominance another China taking care and protecting of the east with time as its everlasting ally.

  10. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? RAISE PUTIN BOUNTY & STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why hasn't Trump been charged with treason yet? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why do Americans ignore 1,066,695 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

  11. Lots of russian bots on here, brought to you by the russian bot farm, if you spot them, flag 'em! Glory to Ukraine!

  12. Glory to Ukraine! The world stands with you, wish and pray for your children to finally live in peace and free from russia's terrorism

  13. Surrender US aided Ukraine.
    Ukraine, It's cursed. Ukrainians in Ukraine are losers and Losers cannot be choosers. EU Contact UN and force Ukraine to stop war and force Ukrainian's to stop all fighting. Declare Russians Victorious and Ukrainians defeated.
    Declare war over.
    Convey ukrainian's defeat to Russia to UN, NATO, EU and others.
    Declare and go past, No man's land borders and vacate land.
    Who knows what everybody's lives have store for them. Sorry, you aren'ty right. Life is priority.
    You and zelensky, go to EU madam. Land is baggage, leave. Land is stage trap, love is not. Loved ones can be free,relocate elsewhere and live happily. Don't show us your food scare, scat off. War aid is jealousy, killing oneself. No do not fight. Sorry, you aren't right.
    Ukrainians leave Ukraine and go to other countries.
    Now you focus on evacuations and refugees.
    Reduce your Ukraine size in your head and on ground.
    This is THE Ukraine problemb.
    Get out of Ukraine, dumb Zelensky! You can forget all, Evacuate and change citizenship, relocate. Your lives can be of other uses.
    Let all Ukrainian's invaded, become happy refugees forever to save own lives first and never go back to Ukraine, what are you tourists? Get out and don't go back to Ukraine ever again.
    Come, you want war? Reduce your Ukraine size in your head and on ground. No don't fight.
    This is THE problem.
    Get out of Ukraine, dumb war inciter Zelensky!
    Do not dramatize comments here and reverse comment.

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