Ukrainians celebrate Independence Day, reflect on 6 months of the war

Kira Rudik, a member of Ukraine’s parliament and leader of the Golos political party, joins to reflect on the war and discuss how the U.S. is helping and what still needs to happen for Ukraine.


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37 thoughts on “Ukrainians celebrate Independence Day, reflect on 6 months of the war

  1. Sadly Ukraine must fight for every bit of their land because Putin`s `special operation` is to destroy the state of Ukraine once and for all. They are fighting for their very survival

  2. May God of the most High continue to bless those brave Ukrainian men and women who are sacrificing there lives to insure that Putins delusional aspirations of grandeur are crush, along with those who are guilty of committing these atrocities against innocent women children and the elderly. "VICTORY TO UKRAINE 🇺🇦"

  3. billion dollars???? Didn't we just send them 86 billion at the beginning of the proxy war that they new they could not win?? Didn't they just sell the weapons we sent them on the black market??? Why are we in bed with the most corrupt country in Europe? Also you out to dig a little deeper to find out how Zaminsky got into power. This just all didn't happen overnight this is decades of planning

  4. I love her I think that she’s gonna be President in a future she something else she’s a strong woman I like her may God bring peace soon and the weapon won’t be necessary for the good of a humanity no one need to be dying🇺🇦🇺🇸🇩🇴❤️☮️🙏

  5. In my opinion the Ukraine people are in hell with this war !!!!! The war crimes against the people is unbelievable, killing children, women, men , though there believes, I wish Nato would just fast check them in with the other nations and stop this additiveness from one person , Ukraine people stand tall !!! God bless your country!!!

  6. United States needs to send them billions more……Tanks and Airplanes……U.S. is bombing Seria today. They should send billions to those people too.

  7. Happy Independence Day. Ukraine is made up of thieves. Lots. Of natzi. And Ukraine will steel that aid and pocket it. And they play victim. In my opinion.
    That terror state can keep fighting till the last Ukrainian. In my opinion.
    I must say thank you. For doing the world a favor.

  8. They are gonna have a hell of a celebration with all of the money the US is sending them, while the people in the US cannot afford to feed their kids. Awesome.

  9. President Biden please accelerate weapons delivery to Ukraine. They are fighting the battle for the rest of the world (excluding maybe China and North Korea).

  10. Every person that has a position of power should take notes on how Zelensky & Kira leads. They are everything & more of what a Leader should be. I am so proud of them & all the people of Ukraine. Yes, you have inspired us & yes we are with you!! 💙💛

  11. i am so very glad t know that MP Kira Rudik is healthy and well i have often worried for her a safety and prayer for her protection. Kira is a shining light to her country she is such an amazing force that resounds with Liberty and Justice for her country may God continue to place a special hand of protection upon her for she will go far in her efforts in politics. May God bless her in all her ways and cause her to have abundance and overflow for the blessing she is to her Country. And may the Ukraine the country with unmatched tenacity and bravery , be the Gideon Nation of our time!!!! The whole world resounds with amazement and wonder , I know that they are a country after God's own heart for he has heard their cry's for help in this horrific time in their Nations life. They will go down in history as Heroes of Independence like no other!!!! May you celebrate your freedom and victory even now because you place your faith in God and doing this will give you this Freedom and Independence Anointing to win the Battle. Happy Independence day I know you will celebrate this years Independence day with such fierce gratitude. And i just cannot but weep for those of all stations from soldier to infant who mercilessly lost their lives how can one not just weep at the atrocity!!!! God will bring you justice!!!! Their lives will not be lost in vain!!! I pray for a divine turn around not just for the war but for your land and resources.

  12. …and WHY is Zelensky using schools …hospitals ..and residential areas to throw missiles to the Russian army…Does Zelensky NEED innocent casualties to claim Russia is killing…Oh the poor innocent civilians oughta bring in some sympathetic US coverage….and MONEY $$$$

  13. MAYBE ABC can explain why Zelensky is imprisoning, and having his political opponents killed…car bombing..imprisoning Ukrainians…and WHY he doesn't want Russia to televise "world-wide" the TRIALS of the NEO-NAZI Ukrainian MILITIA they've captured to SNITCH on Zelensky–> and Biden on how they helped "The U.S." and Zelensky (and his cronies) into power.. We thought the Democrats didn't like Nazi's… (The Biden Adm/Zelensky proxy war)…

  14. Thank you for the gift. no… It is a loan that your country Ukraine has to pay after the war. Do you really think that the US is giving away free weapons?

  15. I don't care about Ukraine, the propaganda but I do care about the billions being wasted by the US on a proxy war that's already lost. I detest that weasel zelensky.

  16. The Ukostanis are sucking up to the Americans to strike a chord with them over this 'independence' stuff… America will pay them to fight Russia to the last Ukostani Fascist. She even drops words like 'tyrant' to link to the American revolution. The US is being played…

  17. Russia ruble bussin rn! American dollar going in the toilet! 😂 even the Frances currency fell! While the ruble rises! 🤣 evil is finally on the losing side!

  18. Democrat media is showing more love for ukrainian independence day. Then they do for America's independence day. Happy birthday! My ass. Nothing's free Ukraine.

  19. Ahh, yes… because it's not at all out of touch to celebrate your country's independence while another nation is forcefully invading it.

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